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Time for the important things…

Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014




photos by the talented Photography By Nadean

I do love being busy and I am always so full of new ideas and passion about my work that it’s hard for me to sit still. However there are things that I miss in these crazy times, most of all:
Sleep! 2nd: The time to make healthy food, sit down to eat and eat well, 3rd: Time for cuddles and hanging out with my two fav boys in the world and at last, number 4: Reading!

So I made some things priority no matter how busy everything felt, I bought some fresh flowers, and yummy groceries and cooked at home a few days in a row! Cuddles on the couch followed and also some earlier bed times.
All this was inspired by a brand new amazing healthy food cook book named “my darling, lemon, thyme…” which I found in my goodie bag at a wonderful evening that was all about a completely different book “Sapphire Skies” by Belinda Alexandra.
Who was just the loveliest person and a true animal lover, so we instantly had something in common.
Through my job I got the last minute opportunity to attend a truly magical night at the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel hosted by the wonderful Nat from the Eat Read Love blog.
I guess that was really the theme over the last weeks Eat, Read and LOVE.
It was a book launch dinner party, where the author was present and all tables were filled with Sydney’s finest creative talents, from photographers, bloggers, stylist, artists, editors, writers, entrepreneurs in many many fields ….

This night really inspired me on so many levels, and also showed me once again how important it is to make room to get together with great people.
While I haven’t actually had the chance yet to start the book, (I will save it for times of travel and holiday!) I made time for some other important things and returned full of energy back to work with my wonderful clients.

If you are interested in finding out more and seeing more pictures check out the original post over at Eat Read Love

Smile Brilliant! Teeth whitening DIY style

Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Smile and you will always look lovely! I truly believe in this.
While enjoying coffee quite a bit I found myself in need for some teeth whitening help.
My teeth are ok to start of with, but there is a slight discoloration.
How about turning my admin and writing days in the home office into a tooth whitening session? DIY Style.

Most of my brides get their teeth whitened before their weddings and I do think that it makes a big difference in your appearance.
Its important not to go overboard though, as completely bleeched super white teeth do look fake and unnatural and aren’t really a good look at all,
while healthy looking pearl white teeth look amazing.

While I was at first thinking that getting your teeth whitened at a professional dentist might be a better and safer option,
my research showed that they will use the same products to achieve the result.
Of course at home it’s down to your won judgement of the strength and time and you will need to make your own custom trays too.
At a fraction of the cost I decided to give it a go and was hoping not to damage my healthy happy teeth in the process,
however I have recently talked to a few clients who happily did the process at home without any problems.

A little bit wary if it will work and be safe I agreed to test smile brilliant teeth whitening pen with
the LED lights for a home treatment.

I started a week ago with my treatments and while it’s not the most comfortable experience, I did notice a difference.
It’s super easy to use the clicky pen, the gel can directly be applied with a little brush straight of the pen.
The smell of the product was really pleasant of peppermint and I was able to hold the LED light with my lips, so I could actually work while
whitening my teeth, it was much easier then I thought. I did 4 sessions starting with 30min and then increasing the time to an hour.
I am really happy with the result as my teeth are still natural looking but definitely brighter than before.
It was really easy enough to do by myself.

My teeth are a little sensitive in general so I would like to try their desensitizing gel
I might review this at a later time and will let you know if it makes any difference.

Did you ever try to bleach your teeth at home or did you go to a dentist?

The set was provided to me by PR for consideration without charge, however this does not affect my personal opinion.

Dress hunting inspiration- The different bridal POP UP shop

Posted on: Friday, March 28, 2014


A little while ago I have received an email from the genius behind a totally new bridal store concept from San Francisco I was smitten by her enthusiasm about independent, up and coming designers from around the world and her style. This is my kinda shop…only that I am not in the USA nor am I in need of a wedding dress right now. Otherwise I would possibly hop in the next plane.
While I can’t be there in person I felt I really wanted to share the LOVE and hopefully inspire some of you lovely readers.
In case any of you are around California, I had to share her Pop Up Invitation with you and hope you can make it.
Otherwise do check out her website and stay tuned for updates! I am sure it will be worth it and I would love to see this for myself.
This looks like fun and totally different to the conventional dusty and sometimes intimidating bridal stores out there.

Good luck with your dress hunt!

Luxury Line Your Eyes!

Posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Luxury line? Yep, Eyeliner has just gone one step up! It is already a constant on all high fashion catwalks as much as in most of our staple makeup bag,
to sum it up: Eyeliner is amazing!!!

My favourite product form are Gel Liners. They are easy peasy to apply and they last and last and …. yes. You got it. Last.
They can mimic a defined line like a liquid liner or the smudge soft edges of a pencil, they can even be used in the inner rim.

Eyeliner suits any eye shape and colour and transform any look.

In my professional kit I use them A LOT. So I was super excited to hear that Jane Iredale just released a very luxurious version:
The Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner. As usual the ingredients go far beyond makeup, they contain skincare! As they combine new technologies they pair natural coconut oil with silicones.
If you aren’t a beauty geek, never mind, you will love this regardless even if you can’t be impressed with new ingredient combinations and high tech formulas,
in the end what you will notice is a smooth easy application and lasting result.
I was instantly in love with the pretty little glass jar with the golden lid.
It is water resistant which makes it great for humid weather and weddings, or for the movie theater, when you watch one of those films…you know?

PRO TIP: If you always struggle to get a smooth line with your eyeliner, try using an angled brush! It will do the work for you as you just stamp along your lashline! No more excuses :)

A week in Fiji…Hooray for desitination weddings

Posted on: Monday, March 17, 2014



…or how to get the destination wedding tan on before getting on the plane!
While it’s beautifully sunny over here in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we are all sometimes a little too busy to spend the day by the beach.
Help is on the way the local Bondi based self tan label Sunescape creates wonderful products that help you look like you spend a week in Fiji (medium tan)
a weekend in Bondi (light tan) or even a month in Maui (deep tan). All products are Australian made too packed with natural oils, antioxidants and skin pampering goodness!
I have recenty booked my flights to upcoming destination weddings, and since many brides are after a very natural looking tan for their special day,
it is good timing to tell you about my current favourite Sunescape tan! I love the smell of the products, summer, beach, coconuts and holiday come to my my mind immediately when I opened the bottles.
The shower gel and body butter are sending me away to exotic beaches every time I have a shower, that’s quite something. Like an instant holiday.
And the tan makes me look like I have been on holiday too! I am hooked.
The actual self tan comes as a hydrating mousse, which works best with the Sunescapes Tanning Mitt.
Very easy and super quick to apply it goes on evenly and without creating mess in your bathroom.
My tan came out very even and natural.
My skin loves the products and feels moisturized and glowing after the application.
No wonder the Hydrating Shower Gel is super gentle and suitable for sensitive skin as it’s Sulfate and soap free and packed with natural hydrating oils and antioxidants.
And so is the hydrating body butter, which feels really luxurious.
It’s pampering your skin while helping to make your tan last longer.
I am impressed! And I am in the mood for my upcoming destination weddings and I won’t go without my new favourite body products.

Thanks to the lovely Team at Sunescape for providing your products for a review.

Summer Glow for Sensitive Skins

Posted on: Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Lately I had clients with extremely sensitive skin, not just the usual sensitive skin, that most Ladies like to claim for themselves, but the kind that actually has severe allergies, redness, dryness, eczema, dermatitis…you name it!
It always a challenge to find products that work for those skin types and while every skin is different and no one (not even a dermatologist) knows what works and what doesn’t it’s a real trial and error for those people.
Generally it’s a good idea to stay away from heavily fragranced products, strong essential oils (although all natural they are usually too potent for sensitive skin) and most very active ingredients.

A lifesaver a thermal water sprays and really basic products. One I have been counting on a lot is the Mineral Primer by Youngblood, which works a treat in nourishing, protecting and preparing the skin for makeup application.
A simple great quality product. As a staple in my kit, I was curious about trying more from this range and to see how these cruelty free, vegan and mineral products are holding up against the other Luxury and professional makeup brands, I usually use.
As a professional makeup artist, I never stick to a single brand, but rather choose and pick the best products of each luxury or professional brands.
Every brand has their strengths and weaknesses and so my kit included a huge variety of great international products from Chanel, over Nars, Hourglass, Laura Mercier, YSL, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, Chantecaille, By Terry, Shu Uemura, to all natural cosmetics like Jane Irdale and Youngblood to suit all clients different needs and preferences that suit their skin and the occasion.

I created a wearable look for this time of year, when most girls have gotten a nice tan over the Summer months, but the wardrobe will change soon to deeper colours and evening looks will make their come back.
Late Summer is my favourite time of year, and I wish it would last forever. At least this makeup look will last and last and last, while being gentle and kind to your skin.
In fact the makeup products are pretty much perfect for humid weather and hot temperatures.



All products used were supplied by Youngblood and here is how to achieve the look:

Prime with Mineral Primer! Use a lightweight tinted moisturizer or just concealer were needed you want the skin to look as natural as possible
Highlighting bronzer in Mineral Radiance in “SUNDANCE” on the highest points of your face, apply with a big fluffy brush for natural finish
CHEEK: Add cream blush to Cheeks works best with fingers and gently pressed into the skin I used Luminous Creme Blush in Pink Cashmere.
EYES: Use rosegold, as base colour, pale pink as highlight and chocolate to define the eye all in the gorgeous quad “ETERNITY”, super easy to blend.
To add an unexpected edge to all the warm colours use a cool grey liquid liner from the inner corner starting fine and flicking outwards to, which lasts and lasts and lasts, all summer night long!
It’s softer than black yest gives definition and shape while being more natural looking than the usual black vintage flick.
Lips: Cranberry coloured creamy gorgeousness is the lipstick Kranberry which goes on like a lip balm but has lots of pigment for a real red lip look which transforms this summery beachy look into a cocktail time summer night style!
Finish the face for a flawless and lasting look with “Hi-Definition” Hydrating Mineral Powder, which has a cooling effect and is really perfect for hot summer evenings.

My skin loved all this products and didn’t make me break out or cause any reactions. However everyone is different, if you are sensitive Try Before You Buy.
I found the quality and texture of the products outstanding, they feel truly good on the skin and I would recommend them as natural addition to your makeup bag,
you can achieve professional results! Perfect for your day to day makeup.

Be my Valentine…Loving Mauve Glow

Posted on: Monday, February 10, 2014

Elisabeth Olsen via

After a full on weekend with 2 weddings, 2 day of One Fine Day Wedding Fair and only 2 hours of sleep,
there were 2 little helpers getting me through it with a glow and big smile:
Jane Iredale Pommisst (mentioned here already, I know I know, it’s just tooooo goood!) and a little cream blusher called “In Touch” in “Chemistry“, a mauve that works great on my lips and as radiant contour cheek colour!
Small enough to fit in any clutch or bag, carry it with you it will need to be reapplied, as it’s sheer colour will disappear over time.
It only takes seconds and can be used with fingertips or a foundation brush.
I love the mauve look of Elizabeth Olsen in the above picture, which could be easily achieved with this colour product.
I wore the look the whole weekend and thought it’s perfect for Valentine’s! Don’t you think?
P.S: It smells of Chocolate and is all natural! YUM.


I though I share this as a mini post, as Valentines day is coming up and this is just the perfect duo to get the glow on.
There is an ever growing demand for natural products in my makeup kit, as clients request it and I love these as they have
a luxurious feel and advanced skincare ingredients. Pommisst is now a staple in my pro kit!

Thanks to Jane Iredale Australia, for sending me these products to try.

Fruity Days, Peachy Nights & Pomegranate Mists

Posted on: Sunday, February 2, 2014

peachy makeup
Makeup look for White Magazine by Liv Lundelius photo by Stephanie Alcaino.

I love seasonal fruit, and at the moment, the markets are overflowing with peaches, apricots and nectarines.
All of which have the most delicious looking colours.

My own summer makeup is currently inspired my peach tones.
And in the heat I like to keep it simple!
Peach cheeks and lips and even a wash of a fruity tone on the eyes.
And a hydrating face mist in the bag and I am ready to go!

My current favourite is Pommisst by Jane Iredale! It is an organic facial spritz with the added benefit of pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant.
And it feels and smells soooo good! And I love the pretty red bottle.

An Oldie But Goldie staple in my makeup kit is Stila Convertible in Gladiola for lips&cheeks & Nars Barbarella a sheer peach lipstick! What are your summer colour staples?

Beautiful people lately

Posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014


photos by Rachael Muller
Some weddings are just good for the soul! The kind where you can feel the love and everyone involved is beautiful inside and out.
The one’s that make me laugh while getting ready and cry once they are ready to go.

This one was one of them.
Congratulations to Jonno & Susie! It was great to be part of your amazing wedding day!
I love my job!!!

Another wonderful One Fine Day is coming up!

Posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014

OFD_SydFeb2014_Vendors_v4Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.21.39 pm
The next One Fine Day is coming up in a week already.
Check out my posts about the previous fairs, here and here!

The lovely Ladies behind the event just published a little fun interview with me, which I thought you might enjoy reading below.
Please find the original post including photos on the OFD page here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

As a young girl Liv Lundelius often recalls giving fashion styling and makeup advice to her mum and friends who, living in the German country side needed that little bit of extra help and confidence. She has since worked a number of events worldwide such as NYC, Berlin and London Fashion Weeks (pretty impressive!).

Liv has a unique passion for working with brides and enhancing their individual beauty, with subtle natural makeup. It is your day to shine so head over to Liv Lundelius website to view more of her amazing bridal make up.

Most memorable moment / idea/ experience that you have seen at a wedding you have worked on?
It’s beautiful each and every time to see family, friends and a happy couple all coming together to celebrate love. That in itself is the best idea ever.

Please share your best tip for a couple on their big day.
Be happy & and enjoy every moment of your day. Don’t worry about anything beyond your control, all that matters is that you are getting married to one another.

Just quickly complete the following sentences:

On a Sunday I like to:
Have a wedding booking ;) and otherwise sleep in and go for a nice long breakfast, a walk and some exploring with the camera and my little family.

A secret no- one knows about me:
I have never been homesick.

The one song guaranteed to get me on the dance floor:
Ha, there are so many. A better question would be if there is one song guaranteed to get me OFF the dancefloor ;-)

What can couples expect to see from me at One Fine Day:

Plenty of images of my previous work, a big smile and hopefully some great inspiration for their wedding day.

Come and meet me in person at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair!

The perfect cleanse for the new year!

Posted on: Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Happy (a little belated) New Year everyone!
It’s been a great and very busy start for me.
If you want to have a peek at how we spent our NYE have a look here.
We also got an addition to the family as you can see and I am currently booked with 3 weddings per week, plus trials, photoshoots and admin.

But back to the beauty of this little space:
I have written about the importance of exfoliation here before and today wanted to share my favorite hero products,
that have become staples in my professional makeup kit to prep a clients/models skin and get immediate radiance and a perfect canvas for the makeup!
I am known for my natural makeup looks, and while I love bold and creative makeup I also truly enjoy very minimal makeup with enhancing the unique beauty
of the person, something that highlights rather than masks the personality and face.

To apply flawless and natural makeup the first and very important step is the right skincare and skin prep.
I like to pamper my clients a little as well and therefore sometimes include a little mini facial in the makeup application, if there is the need for it and when time allows.
To transform dull skin instantly I like to use 1 product on any skin type: The Clearisonic!!!
You just have to try it, if you haven’t already. ( This is NOT a sponsored post but my own opinion and recommendation!!!)
Another great tool, for oily, blemish prone skin, or in humid weather for a super quick exfoliation and pore deep cleanse are the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads.
They work wonders and smell of Bellini. Absolutely fab product!

Now I let you in into some makeup artist pro secrets…try it now and thank me later ;)

un petit french wedding

Posted on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.43.11 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.39.06 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.40.55 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.19.48 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.19.39 PM

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to once more being part of a wedding with the incredible Tim Coulson as photographer.
I adore his work, it’s simply beautiful and has a certain honesty about it, he manages to capture people in a very different and beautiful way.
This wedding was really special in many ways. The bride & groom were from France, and had a small number of family & friends coming over from Europe to celebrate with them.
Somehow french always manage to keep everything especially tasteful, and while Eve the beautiful bride was pregnant and had a gorgeous little bump, she looked effortless and fashionable in her chic and sleek dress,
and only a french woman could carry of those big ruffles and still look elegant and timeless. Congratulations Eve & Guillaume!
Thanks Tim for sharing the pictures with me!

Brigitte Bardot Shoot in the Hunter Valley

Posted on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini dress-6

{I am Brigitte} from Simon Phinith on Vimeo.

October was Hunter Valley month, I went up there for weddings every single week and then one week even twice,
as we had a beautiful collaboration happening up there. The shoot was brought together by the talented Headpiece designer Yummii & I,
being inspired by Brigitte Bardot. Showcasing her work and the stunning Hunter Valley Weddign Venues: Roberts Circa 1876 and The Convent,
this shoot was pure fun to work on and we also had the most wonderful luxury accomodation and yummiest catering, a dream job! Thanks again to everyone involved.

Credits of an amazing Team: Red wine-1

Model: Carolyn Armistead
Photographer: Anna Wareham
Make-up: Liv Lundelius
Hair Stylist: Melissa Cauchi Hairdressing
Fashion Stylist: Karlie May Cowley
Set Styling: Styled by Linda
Headpieces: Yummii & I
Location: The Convent Hunter Valley and Roberts Circa 1876

Catching up , Christmas prep & Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Posted on: Monday, December 16, 2013

Super fun “nerd” wedding of the creative couple Sarah&Damien photo by Thomas Stewart Photography

On the upside, I have been completely booked out with wonderful weddings & photoshoots!
On he downside I didn’t get the chance to keep this space up to date at the same time…
now that I am slowing down my week appointments coming up to Christmas while still being fully booked on the weekends for weddings,
I reserved some time today to catch up with everything on here.

So much has happened:
We got a fur baby; Dalston our little Havanese puppy came home 1.5 weeks ago, and we are loving him to bits.
Weddings have been plenty and one more beautiful and more fun than the next one.
Private clients have been booking the week days with makeup for Christmas parties.
We had a super fun Christmas party with everyone from the One Fine Day at the Watson’s Bay Hotel.
We are planning to redecorate and refurnish our place, and are excited to find a new place at some time in the New Year.
We are happily staying here in Double Bay, for at least the next 6 months, enjoying the Summer by the beach.
I am loving my job more than ever and am so incredibly grateful how great my first year in Sydney was career wise and want thank every single client, bride & booking, thanks to everyone that referred me to their friends, colleagues and family members:
It means the world to me!

I will continue to update with lot’s of new pictures of current work, beauty writing etc. during this week.
I hope you will all enjoy and are prepping yourself for the new year and a wonderful Christmas time.

Minutia Editorial Work for HELLO MAY

Posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It’s always so exciting to see my work in print, it makes my heart jump a little!
My latest work for the wonderful Hello May Magazine will be published tomorrow, so I thought I will show you a little sneak peek.

Here is how the superwoman Sophie, behind Hello May announced the next issue:

“First up we must send a virtual high five out to the crew behind our ‘Minutia’ shoot. A fashion editorial that celebrates the lace embellishments and delicate handiwork that goes into creating a bridal gown, like this one above from our friends at Rue De Seine.
Every frame taken by our pal and fashion photographer Jason Ierace hit the nail on the metaphorical head. We actually lost sleep trying to decide on which images to put in the magazine, so thought we’d share a few of our faves we were unable to include here on the blog!
Model Phoebe’s look was created by hair stylist Vanessa Henwood and make up artist Liv Lundelius, two extremely talented ladies based out of Sydney. You can check out more of Liv’s gorgeous work here on the Hello May directory.
Big thanks to the amazing Alexandra Thompson from The Edit for styling this gorgeous shoot and the ever so talented Poppies & Amber for the gorgeous floral creations. If you are a bride looking for bouquets, crowns or boutonnieres for your wedding day, be sure to check out more from Poppies & Amber here on the Hello May directory.
Issue three hits the newsstands tomorrow, Thursday the 7th of November, so get ready to storm your local newsagent with gusto folks and flip to page 96 for a plethora of gorgeous bridal gowns of the lace and detail variety!”

CREDITS Photos Jason Ierace // Stylist Alexandra Thompson // Hair Vanessa Henwood // Make up Liv Lundelius // Flowers Poppies & Amber // Model Phoebe, Chic Management // Location Sun Studios // Bridal gown Rue De Seine.

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