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c’mon lets celebrate_weddings in eastern europe

Posted on: Friday, May 8, 2009

<small class="tooltip"><em>black cat white cat <span class="low">by</span> Emir Kusturica</em></small>

…I am crazy about movies!!!
Movies are definitely my main inspiration and my treat after a
never-ending week of work…they recharge my batteries and give me new Glitter to move on with my projects…
So here it comes another all time favorite:
Black Cat, White Cat directed by Emir Kusturica
My vision of a perfect wedding has always been to have this massive party :
Celebrate the love of your life! cheers! yeeeehaah!

Wedding traditions in eastern Europe are indeed like that:
Drinking, singing and Dancing are in fact the most important things at an east European wedding.
In Poland they celebrate with lively polka music and dancing.
If a Polish bride can drink from her glass of wine, and not spill a drop, she is considered lucky. Cheers!
A funny hat will be placed on the polish groom’s head, representing the wish that the marriage will be full of happiness and laughter.
In bulgaria a bride as to be asked 3 times to marry her signifcant other, and even in ancient times, it was her own decision! I am impressed!
The Violin is still the favorite instrument at a wedding in Hungaria, for traditonal folk music and gypsy style songs! Cheers to that!
Greek brides wore traditional wedding veils of yellow or red, which represented fire. Really hot!
Consider mixing and matching international customs to your wedding…
Make your own tradition!

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