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if you worried about the weather…

Posted on: Monday, June 8, 2009

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…then you picked the wrong place to stay!
this is a quote from another favorite musician of Liv:
Lcd Soundsystem
Stuck between London and Berlin the weather could be definitely better.
I have been freezing for one week now and its constantly raining.
Its so very cold in bed without Lav. (4more cold sleeps!)
I really like it hot! But you know what?
The English consider rain on a wedding day a sign of good fortune! Smart people the British.
It was in England that many of our most enduring Western European wedding traditions got their beginning.
Most of us know the ancient nursery rhyme about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It became an important part of most Western European weddings, even though many brides and grooms no longer know the significance of the rhyme:
Something old is symbolic of continuity. The old item was often a piece of lace or a grandmother’s scarf or an old piece of jewelry. Something new signifies hope for the future, and can be anything from a piece of clothing to the wedding band itself. Something borrowed is symbolic of future happiness and is often provided by a happily married friend of the bride. And finally, something blue. In ancient times blue was the color of purity and often both the bride and the groom wore a band of blue cloth around the bottom of their wedding attire.

If you are still worried about the weather just leave for a six month honeymoon to sunny countries!
Oh damn! I really feel like traveling… or listening to the great northamerican dance-punk of lcd soundsystem-
Life is too short to worry about the weather!

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