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Entries from July 31st, 2009

if you’ve overspent on your outfits…

Posted on: Friday, July 31, 2009


image via Jeremy Lawson Photography.

…you can save money on the seating…
Aren’t these stunning? So so so freakin beautiful!
I recommend buying great fashion when it comes to your wedding dress, and the grooms suit and most definitely on stunning new (!) shoes for your wedding but you can save money on things like decorations that you can easily do simply but beautifully.
Even if I were a millionaire, I would always go for these rad old chairs.

Get excited…next week I will post a give-away….more soon.

New York I love you…

Posted on: Tuesday, July 28, 2009




images via Green Wedding Shoes

New York I love you…
…but you bringing me down. A quote from LCD Soundsystem
I miss NYC so bad, especially seeing
nice pictures like these, it only makes it worse!
New York I love you, I really really do…
I had to repost these.

Now that’s a green wedding.The bikes are awesome.
The hip groom looks great in his light grey suit, and
they just make an amazing looking couple.
Congrats to Kortney&Jason!

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Happy Ever After

Posted on: Monday, July 27, 2009

image “see love differently” via Brot und Spiele Galerie

Liv attended a Love Tour today. And learned LOVE CONQUERS ALL.
I was reminded to believe in Happy Ends through this stunning art experience. Exactly when I needed it the most.
Liv has been a horrible girlfriend this week.
Kind of a moody mess, cause I was just stressed out
with my business and missing Lav on top, was too much.
Especially in a LDR it’s hard. I guess a hug would already
help in such situations…
The exhibition tonight was just magical, bringing me back into
childhood, just being silly and creative.
This art was healing.
Realising I am so very happy to have Lav in my life.
Even if we can’t live in the same place right now.
In the end LOVE is the most important thing.
Just saying.

This July, Nomad (DE) and Abner Preis (USA) will take you into a love story, which takes place on the street and braves all the bizarre scents, scenarios and encounters of a city as Berlin becomes both lover and location in their tale. The story begins at the gallery, where the pair will exhibit work created in the process of making the story they will tell. After viewing the work, guests are invited to follow them as they make their way through Berlin and take the story and audience on an intimate tour. In this telling, the story is never stagnant and always takes place right now, mixing media and emotion, embracing the forgotten with the abandoned and speaking of love by unfolding various shades of fiction. »These are two of the artists I’ve enjoyed watching, knowing and spending time with most in the last decade. It is the art of living and each is committed enough to take this work seriously. The focus appears as almost militant sincerity/spontaneity in an age of seduction/ calculation.«
H. Levey, Editor in Chief Modart Magazine

The party afterwards wasn’t bad either. ; )

Oh How Fashionable Is Wonderland

Posted on: Saturday, July 25, 2009

image via ecorazzi
I am sick of Disney Princesses, but when I saw pictures from Tim Burtons
ALICE IN WONDERLAND (with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, by the way…)
I changed my mind a little bit.
Doesn’t this look like a high fashion campaign?
And she is wearing an amazing “bridal” outfit.
I can’t wait to see the movie, the whole setting, the colors and costumes look pretty cool. We have to wait until spring next year though.
You can find the trailer here. Have a magical weekend!

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black cake- rum rum hooray!

Posted on: Thursday, July 23, 2009

rum_thStill dreaming about sunshine and beaches Liv did a little reserch on
Caribbean wedding traditions and found something delicious.
An Island wedding cake is unique to all the world.

Tradition calls for a BLACK CAKE, with the recipe handed down from mother to daughter and improved upon by each succeeding generation.
Isn’t this great? I am totally into this kind of traditions that includes the magic of a secret, even if its just a cake recipe!

The basic ingredients of an Island wedding cake include a pound of flour, a pound of brown sugar, a pound of butter, and a pound of glazed cherries, raisins, prunes, currants, and a dozen fresh eggs.
The cake is traditionally served with a HARD RUM SAUCE and all of the dried fruits are soaked in rum in a crock pot for anywhere from two weeks to one year.

That sounds delicoius.
I am addicted to many black food & drinks like coffee, licorice and cola light (yeah I know its discusting!)
After the reception the new couple often spend a week in seclusion in a home provided by the groom, or they may travel to a nearby island and spend a glorious week together before returning to their home to start their new life together.

Island weddings are known as very up-beat celebrations. Who can listen to the melodious and haunting sound of the steel drum without the romance of the tropics washing over their soul?

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image via Die Runde Ecke

NOT JUST A LABEL: blushless!

Posted on: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

image via stylealchemy
Exciting news for August:
Amanda Lepore, the amazing muse of David LaChapelle,
(one of my fav photograhers ever, by the way)
just picked the Wild At Heart mini dress,
LOOK01 theLIVLAVone for the Not Just A Label Shop.
I shipped it today. Will be available from August….
Of course I will let you know when its online.

There was also a great photoshoot for a Berlin shop opening,
(will tell you more soon) and another one tomorrow.
As soon as the pictures will be ready I will post them.
The studio is in summer mood, since the cutest interns
arrived and we are working while listening to good music,
having drinks, coffee and lots of fruit.
A little reward for the little sleep I get in my job.

Update: theLIVLAVone in the NJAL shop here, curated by Amanda Lepore!

bow wow wow!

Posted on: Friday, July 17, 2009

image Abbey for Dazed Magazine via alix rose
Ive never really been sure how i feel about bow ties on men.
It depends on the man, and whole outfit I guess.
But I know that a lot of men, are really hating traditional bow ties.
(I remember my desperate Lav getting ready for the
Drapers awards night, frustrated that he had to wear a full
tuxedo…and finally, after getting angry, feeling hilarious, and getting
rebellious he left looking great, but minus the bow tie)
But…Iv seen some great ones in the latest menswear shows.
And on women they can look hot.
image via refinery29
But in the end there is no doubt: dogs look better wearing bow ties than long ties…Opening Ceremony had bulldogs to model Alexander Olch‘s fun line of bow ties!

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Sunglasses: Just make Liv happy!

Posted on: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

thats Liv: happy! image by Lav. Sunnies by I wood

Love them on children, on old people (makes me always smile), on dogs, on brides on grooms(oh yeah),
on wedding guests,at night, in the morning, round ones, oval ones, heart-shaped ones, squared ones, pink ones,
black ones, white ones, metallic ones AND THOSE MADE OF WOOD
Made of wood? Yes!!! The amazing accessorie/jewelry label I wood designs cutting edge wood sunnies!!! (and a lot of other rad stuff) for guys and gals!!!

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From bad to rad Porcelain…

Posted on: Monday, July 13, 2009

…or: a little journey into the weird world of weddings.
Liv is having a great time in London. We went to stunning exhibitions
This one is highly recommended!!! and concerts.
Since our favorite independent shops were closed on Sunday,
we ended up in a huge traditional department store and discovered
I started to feel sick, when I saw arrangements of the most horrible porcelain plates, next to little horse and couple sculptures next to gross silver picture frames, next to wedding dresses with butterfly embroidery, and decorative flowers on the chest…
It all came together to the most dated and tasteless arrangement I have ever seen. We tried to make jokes pretending we were one of those couples…but in the end its just NOT funny.

Please tell me you feel the same and understand what I am talking about.
You are not this kind of girl, right?
Your wedding wouldn’t be that kind of party, would it?
You will marry in a revolutionary cool way.
Still feel a bit sick from that experience.
If you feel like traditional porcelain on your wedding:
I found these rad jewelry pieces, creations of a traditional porcelain house Lladró the collection is called magical forest and wouldn’t it be incredible for a forest wedding?
You can find handmade porcelain rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, broaches, hairpins and even cuff links…
And now I really need a glass of whiskey!

Henna and the prince on the white horse…

Posted on: Saturday, July 11, 2009

image via smitten
Indians celebrate colorful. The groom might arrive on a white horse
and the bride is decorated with tradtional henna painting.
Traditional Indian brides wear pink and red saris on their wedding day, adorning themselves extravagantly with as much jewelry as possible. VERY GOOD IDEA. Liv loves jewelry.
Henna staining, a customary art form, is still practiced by Indian brides to be. On the eve of her wedding vows, following a traditional ceremonial cleansing, the bride-to-be will have her hands and feet painted with henna, in beautiful paisley or medallion patterns. LOVE THE HENNA ON THE FEET, maybe my next tatoo inspiration!?
Instead of a ring a special wedding gift is given to the bride, a necklace signifying her married status.

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if you worried about the weather…

its about time…

Posted on: Thursday, July 9, 2009

image via vivre

…for Liv to visit Lav in London again.
Tonight! Timing is everything…
Especially in fashion,
so Liv thinks clockwork cufflinks are a great idea.
Im really looking forward to London:
Will be great to suck in some new Inspiration.
Theres been so much to catch up on after fashion week.
It was really great though, met some very nice people,
shared some great ideas.
Studio is a mess. I am a bad bad housekeeper.
Was nice to be at Hotel Adlon last week.
But: Great Projects are coming.
Im currently planning an exciting photoshoot.
Then some interesting collaborations are on their way…
And more more more…
Dreamsequins just posted a nice interview about Blushless.
I was wearing a black dress during fashion week.
It was my own design and it got people asking: when will Blushless
present a second line thats not exclusively bridal?
answer: well, I am thinking about it, ok?
And you, my dearest coolest blog readers will be the first
who will be informed :)

royal photoshoot…

Posted on: Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I had to take the images for this post down on request by the photographer in December 2012

But this preganancy photoshoot was
so awesome…
I love the whole setting. And now Im even more
excited for the LivLav Weekend in London.
The Model is the owner of a stunning fashion shop,
I will check it out this week.
No doubt, she will definitely be a cool mum, raising cool

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unchain my heart… (or why liv loves jewelry)

Posted on: Sunday, July 5, 2009

all images via sidvintage
Unchain My Heart is the name of my favortite jewelry collection by sidvintage.
This looks really wild! Wanna have it all! Wear it naked…ok, got side tracked….
Nancy Bennett has a solid background in the arts, worked as production designer for video and commercials, and is now handcrafting amazing
jewelry inspired by remnants, histories and old stories.

Liv loves jewelry…and most of the time I am wearing loads!
When I was little my mum was a jewelry designer, and so
Liv was the only kid in primary school that had rings on all fingers, a nose piercing (my mum had to try it on someone)
and tons of jewelry.
I got so used to it, that today I feel naked without,
and most of the time even wear it during nighttime.
That’s the reality.

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