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go and get your sketchbook out

Posted on: Saturday, July 31, 2010

picture found here.
Dave said the other day he would love to design the engagement ring for his
one-day fiancee himself. He is a designer, so that would probably end up in a pretty fantastic piece of jewelry.
I saw that a lot of jewellery designers offer a bespoke service, which is really
cool if you have this stunning idea in your head and another plus is:
A ring like that will really be one of a kind.

Some girls do not think diamonds are their best friends. We are generally those sorts of girls. We don’t dismiss the humble rocks, we just think that jewelry can be pushed further than the boundaries of a single solitaire perched on a band. We’re very smart, you see. Ah, but see how smart we are when you swing this ring slowly in our line of vision. We drool, we covet, we get wobbly in the knees. Quote from Catbird NYC

Here are some awesome designers that could help you realise your ideas:
ORIA in London works with ethical sourced gold, silver and diamonds.
BITTERSWEETS in New York do rad custom designs as well.
Thomas Bartussek in Berlin is always open for new ideas!

And now: Go and get your sketchbook out!

For great inspiration go and check out the COOLEST selection of wedding and engagement rings in the whole world at Catbird NYC,
that East Side Bride introduced me to.

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