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who needs an engagement ring?

Posted on: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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This week I actually happened to have a conversation about engagement rings and the question was, if I’d even want an engagement ring.
My initial reaction was: OF COURSE! Then I had to defend my point of view a little, which made me feel like a silly cow that is obsessed with diamonds. Hello?
I started realizing that in my hippie-esque family an engagement ring is fairly uncommon, my mum only wears a wedding band.
In Germany we don’t have such a big fuss about weddings in general.
Everything is more practical than fashionable.
Maybe that’s why I like it. For me it’s exotic and special.
When I did research on this topic in the web I was surprised how many people even questioned that an engagement without a ring isn’t an engagement at all. Of course it is.
Remember the engagement guitar, here?
If I want to marry someone, a ring is obviously the least important thing.
But it is pretty. That’s all.


  • Adriana

    I couldn’t agree more with not needing a ring… but I think there’s a more ancient reason why we are used to the whole image of giving an engagement ring! Probably something to do with symbolism and the fact that a circle is a perfect figure and represents bondage or something like that… It would be nice to know!!

  • Liv

    That is right. The circle/ring stands for infinity.
    And they believed that there is a vein from the ring finger directly to the heart.
    That’s why it’s been worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

  • mina

    The only reason I wanted a ring is because I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and I thought it would be nice to have one proper piece that wasn’t made of plastic! Obviously, I have my opinions about weddings which is why we chose to get married the way we did. Since I wanted something very particular, I made Alex let me pay for half of it. His band cost next to nothing compared to mine, so, since everything else in our relationship is equal, it seemed unfair to expect him to pay for it even though he happily would have. I thought it was a nice way around all of the traditional bullshit.

    P.S. I’m glad I inspired your Moroccan meal!

  • Liv

    @mina: that’s a nice idea!
    I personally really love jewelry and would love to have a special ring.
    It’s important to be reasonable though and that the decision is the right for both.

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