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What does growing up mean to you?

Posted on: Monday, October 17, 2011

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Not long ago, I felt really far from being a grown-up.
27 has always been my idea of a grown up age.
Don’t ask me why. I turned 27 in January.
But was does it actually mean being a grown-up. Growing.
Our body stops growing in height when we are around 18 years.
Our mind will hopefully never stop growing.
Growing up to means to not cry over a lolly in the supermarket.
Literally. To me it means to start sharing what you have learned.
To keep up without complaining. To accept, without giving up.
To teach, beside sill learning.
To take yourself less seriously but to treat yourself and others with more respect.
My goals in life have lately drastically changed. So have my values.
Not that I am no longer full of silly ideas, and still a hopeless romantic, doing 100 different creative projects at a time…all that is hopefully never going to change. I am still learning, always.
But something is different.More Relaxed. Less drama.
Something happened within the last year. I feel more grown-up.
What does growing up mean to you?


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