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5 affordable summer make up tips

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make Up by Liv Lundelius, Photography by Luru Wei

Just being back from our holiday to Croatia and finally having the good weather in London too,
I wanted to share a few summer make up tips:

Like fashion, it’s a good idea to adapt your cosmetics routine for the summer.
What looks good in the midst of winter isn’t necessarily the look you should be going for on the beach!
To help make up your summer look, I’ve compiled a list of 5 top summer cosmetics tips!

1) Vibrant Colours
Just as the flowers bloom, you’ll probably be more inclined to wear a brighter top or a flowery dress. You should also add a touch of colour to your face, especially if you normally stick with neutral colours. Colourful eye shadow to match your outfit looks great, as does a blusher with a hint of pink or coral.
2) Waterproof Mascara
Purely from a practical viewpoint, waterproof mascara is essential. Whether you’re hitting the beach, pool or even if you’re just going to be out and about in the heat, waterproof mascara is ideal for preventing unsightly running of mascara.
3) Replace Richness for Sheer
Switching to sheer versions of your lip and eye makeup colours is highly recommended to give you that fresher, more subtle look for summer. Whilst rich, deep looks look great at other times of the year, they often look heavy and unflattering during the summer.
4) Tint
Replace thick lip sticks with tinted lip balms this summer to keep your look fresh. The same applies for foundation, opting for tinted moisturisers will look fresher and won’t get clammy if the temperature rises.
5) Glow, Don’t Shine
Contrary to what many adverts may tell you, shining isn’t a great look. Shining can look a little sweaty and even clammy in the summer, to prevent this make sure you glow instead by using oil-blotting papers followed by using pressed powders.

Have a browse over at Cosmetics 4 Less for cheap cosmetics this summer to keep you looking the freshest you can this summer.

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