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Retro Bridesmaid dresses- A guest post

Posted on: Sunday, February 17, 2013

We have a guest post today from London based retro fashion label Fever, telling us about how to choose a retro bridesmaid dress:

If you don’t fancy paying through the roof for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses then there are a few options.

Vintage is one option. There are so many vintage and retro stores which have popped up, left right and centre since vintage became super trendy a few years back what with Mad Men creating a style boom. For those who are not too fussy about second hand vintage stores there is another option for cheap and timelessly well-tailored dresses.

Vintage can sometimes mean long days spent doing some high and low searching, as many stores as there are, it can still take some quality sifting to find a genuine beautiful article of clothing behind numerous rows of dusty smelling clothes, this of course sometimes being the major appeal for vintage shoppers!

If you don’t fancy sifting through second hand clothes then you can always go for the option of new vintage style dresses. Many benefits come with this option, returns being one of them, plus a less challenging search. Although in saying that there are many “retro” / “vintage” stores which don’t really adhere to the true retro rules. Retro dresses should be well tailored, with an elegant fit and often strong visual patterns. The quality in new retro dresses isn’t always the same.

Fever are a London based retro clothes store which focuses on new retro clothes, sourcing inspiration from around the world via searching high and low throughout vintage and retro clothing stores for retro patterns, styles and fabrics.

They actually have a whole collection specifically designed for weddings, including bridal and bridesmaid dresses so have kindly done most of the legwork regarding searching for that perfect retro wedding dress.

Whether you decide on old or new dress let retro be the style definer! There is so much effortless choice in this particular era of clothing and with that will never go out of fashion. Treat the bridesmaids to a dress that can be worn time upon time again.


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