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Crazy like a Coconut – Comparing Skinbooster & Multitasker Coconut Oil

Posted on: Friday, July 26, 2013

GTG Part 3 Final
How to shop for the right quality Coconut Oil:
I really love a no nonsense approach to skin care, having worked in the beauty industry for years I came past quite some seasonal miracle creams, most of which fail to deliver what they promise.
Are you a bit of a beauty geek and always want to know that little bit more about skincare & skin health? Well I certainly fit into that category. Have you tried Coconut oil on your skin before? Chances are you have read about it already as it’s a traditional and wonderfully effective remedy!
I have lately experimented a little further on how to use it correctly and learned how important it is to get the best quality. How wonderful Coconut oil is for your skin was briefly mentioned before in my Get The Glow Series.
In it’s natural raw state it’s full of enzymes and nutrients but it’s also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti fungal. It’s great for all skin types and contains antioxidant s to protect your skin too. Some peole even swear by it as a deodorant.
I like to remove waterproof eye-makeup with it, knowing that it conditions my lashes at the same time. Being great for sensitive skin and a 100% natural product it has quickly become a beauty favorite of women all over the world. Using the average coconut oil from the supermarket, unfortunately doesn’t always cut it. Even buying organic doesn’t insure that you get the right oil for your skin. Cheap refined or under heat produced oils can clog your pores or simply just sit on the skin without getting absorbed properly or even worse can be full of toxins and chemicals. You can go for the best coconut oil hunt online or at your health food store, or even buy one in fancy packing from some skincare brands like RMS, if you like a nice pot in your bathroom. As you my gorgeous readers are all based in different countries around the world I rather give you a shopping checklist than a recommendation for a certain brand, so you can find an equivalent product where ever you are! The quality of a product depends on how it’s made.

Your Checklist:

~The best quality is made from only fresh, not dried coconuts!
~No refining, bleaching, or deodorizing chemicals!
~No heat!…should be involved in the process!
~Centrifuge based extraction is the information you are looking out for!
~Stay away from any inferior oil which also often sells in a health food stores!
~Make sure you use only the best, purest and freshest oil for your skin!

And now: Have fun experimenting!

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