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Snacks in my job

Posted on: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Those of you that have met me before or know me, know that I love healthy fresh food.
In my job a makeup artist with a very irregular schedule it’s not always easy.
Some photo shoots have fantastic catering with fresh fruits & salads, while sometimes there is hardly any food at all or other times just junk food and pizza.
I have written before on the importance of healthy diet for a good skin over here.

I need my breakfast in the morning to function properly but with starts that require me to get up as early as 3am sometimes (ouch!)
it’s impossible. Who can eat a full breakkie in the middle of the night? Exactly.

I usually bring some nuts and apples or prepare a fresh smoothie for on the go.
That’s why got super excited when I got send a care package of healthy snacks that are designed you fill you up not out.
Slim Secrets is a new Australian brand of snack bars and other little snacks perfect to carry around with me in my handbag.
While I think it’s super important to remember that fresh unprocessed food is always the best option, these bars are obvsly so much better than your average chocolate bar,
while tasting like the real thing (if I even remember what a real one tastes like…I haven’t had one for many many years)
I cut most sugar out of my diet, while I eat natural fruit and natural sweeteners which is enough for me and makes me feel healthier.
To get an extra energy boost throughout the day I really liked having these little bars with me though.


My fav flavours among the bars were: Night Time Binge Buster & Mintabolism Boost. But I kinda liked them all!
They also do cookies, Fit Balls and chips if you prefer savoury snacks!
I don’t do diets, I know there is no shortcut or “secret” to staying healthy and fit but moderate exercise and healthy fresh food.
So these snacks are no secret trick to stay slim, just a healthy-ish snack alternative to regular chips or chocolate.

If you are on the road a lot, def try these little treats.

What I liked about this snacks:
They are high in fibre,
low or free of sugar
full of goodies like seeds, and antioxidants
easy to bring on the go
Just the right size for a snack
There are some for breakfast early times, some for night time,
some for afternoon caravings

What to think about:
They are a good alternative to unhealthy conventional snacks
They should not replace meals or fresh snacks
They taste so good that I am tempted to eat more than one bar in one go ;)

Note: I have received free samples, however all my opinions are truly my own and in no way biased and I was not paid to write a review.


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