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The reason I moved to Australia…

Posted on: Friday, June 13, 2014


Approximately three times a week I get asked why I relocated to Australia.
I don’t know if there can ever be one simple clear answer to such a complex big decision.
To sum it up, because it felt right, because I had a dream, a vision an inner voice that told me to come here.
But then I hear myself say: Because of the coffee, the weather & the beach.
And that is also true.
While being big on health food and nutrition I do love one controversial drink: Coffee.
I really enjoy it, it agrees with my body and makes me work well.
I know there are many health benefits while others claim the risks.
Everyone will know best for themselves it agrees with your body or not.

So to cut a long story short:
When I heard about The Humble Bean comparing my favourite skincare ingredient Coconut Oil, with my favourite drink
to create an all natural heavenly smelling and skin transforming body scrub, I couldn’t wait to try it.
Please check out here why I love Coconut Oil so much!
And let me tell you…it reason enough to move across the globe or simply order it online, where ever you are!
Fun Fact: Research has shown that just smelling coffee makes you less stressed.
It’s seriously good. I know how I will start my days from now on, morning showers have just gotten even better.


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