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Bespoque Beauty

Posted on: Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Sometimes it seems that although there is an overwhelmingly large number of cosmetics on the market already,
there is nothing that really works for your skin.
I am sure we have all been there.
Moments where we might need to seek professional help of a dermatologist or try to customize our routine with the help from all sorts of different brands of
cleansers, serums, oils, day- and night creams etc.

I always tell everyone I work with that everyone’s skin is different.
Each persons skin agrees with different ingredients and textures.
While grouping the skin into skin types helps, it can only be a very rough guide of what your skin needs on an individual basis.

That’s why I have such a huge variety of products in my makeup kit and constantly lug two very heavy suitcases with potions, lotions and makeup around.
You never know what you will need prior to working with a new private client, bride or model on a photo shoot.

I working with such a variety of people, that I really learned to understand each persons different needs, when it comes to skincare.
That’s why I got very curious about a new product that just launched on the Australian market.
A truly bespoke moisturizer that is available at the Chemist for an affordable price.
Bespoque skincare is an Australian brand, with a unique concept.
About half a million combinations can be created by the customers themselves using a simple touch screen interface to design their personal cream.


Now that sounds fun right? I immediately made an appointment with the brand to try this out for myself, and I am really impressed.
Already in love with the idea, the actual process was quick and easy, the packaging is sleek and luxurious and the label colours can be customized as well.
You can even name your product and it will have the name printed on the label, very cute!
Entering all my skin concerns, and personal details like age group choosing the texture and skin concerns as well as a choice of different fragrances (I opted for no fragrance!), I quickly realized I am a bit of a high maintenance customer.
My “day dream” moisturizer that I created contained the maximum level of active ingredients. Sounds like my skin needs some help ;)
If you are unsure about the final product ingredients will be explained and you are able to review the final ingredients before sending your order off.
While you wait your personal moisturizer will be mixed together in the pharmacy and you can take it home straight away.

The level and choice of active ingredients, was impressive and I am sure this moisturizer was created with real results in mind.
I would put the product in the same category then other high-tech skincare brands, while providing really good value.
It’s not an all natural nor organic product, but rather one built on extensive research and proven results.

My day dream cream should be pretty close to a miracle, given that I chose all the complexes that my skin needs.
It feels luxurious and has a very lovely texture that also sits well underneath makeup.
This moisturizer has a mineral oil base just like the well known luxury skin care line Creme De La Mer or to the cult pro makeup artist favourite Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè,
great for sensitive skins, and with the same luxurious texture.
The active ingredients are highest quality and the texture is wonderful. I am definitely happy with my product.

Would you design your own Bespoque Moisturizer?


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