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Spot Treatment Revolution

Posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dream Dots Review Liv Lundelius Beauty Blog

A question I get asked a lot is what to do when you get a spot/breakout/massive pimple before an important event, or just in general.
We all know the usual advice it to keep our dirty little fingers away from it and don’t pop it, to reduce the risk of infecting it and leaving a scar behind.
The best thing to do, if it’s a red hot inflamed and painfully swollen spot is to ice it, to take away pain and inflammation.
That’s as far as I would recommend to self medicate. Of course there also many useful topical spot treatments.
The best ones usually have Salicylic Acid in it and work pretty well.

I just got to try out Dream Dots. They are little stick on dots, completely clear and almost invisible that will heal of a spot in record time.
You use them overnight and trust me it’s super easy. The great thing is as well, that once you covered the spot you won’t be tempted to pick at it.
Of course I was trying to investigate the ingredients of the product and also if it was tested on animals.
As the product is certified as a medical device, there is no ingredient list , like it would be the case for a cosmetic product.
So I have no idea what actually is in the patented gel formula, and can vouch for it’s safety, but I know it works and if it’s used as a treatment only, I decided to use it.
Dream Dots claims the formular to be drug free, paraben free, latex free and containing no harsh ingredients.
The company was able to insure me however that the product has not been tested on animals, that’s why I decided to review it.

I found the little dots worked really well and to my surprise they don’t dry out the skin either. They just take any redness and swelling down and when you remove them the spot is barely there. YOur skin won’t be damaged. It is really clever. The clear gel swells up a little and turns white overnight. You will then remove the dot in the morning. The spot will heal in half time and you won’t damage your skin.
Quite impressive! I do highly recommend this. I will keep these dots handy in my bathroom cabinet now.

Do you have any tips or tricks on handling blemishes? Have you tried Dream Dots yet?


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