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More More More Spring Wedding Inspiration

Posted on: Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love flowers!!!! All kinds, the more the better, the wilder, the bolder, the brighter even better!
I have recently had the chance to work with a very talented and artistic Florist Yvette from the
Piccadilly Flower Company and with Kelsey Genna,
who’s beautiful wedding dress designs are all inspired by flowers.
So we all worked together with this gorgeous Bride Lina and Luisa Brimble who I have mentioned to you before here, doing her camera magic and snapping in The Chinese Garden in Sydney.

See more photos of this series over here on Magnolia Rouge

Gloss Is Back~ Peachy Keen Lips

Posted on: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gloss is back and while I love matte lip colours nothing get’s me more into Spring mood than a peachy shiny lip.
I just created a peachy keen lip look for The Lane!
Check out my favorite product pick’s and tips on how to achieve the look.
I can’t wait for Spring to arrive in Sydney and am feeling the busy season ahead already.

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding the look or the products.

Win A Double Pass For OFD Sydney

Posted on: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Fine Day 2013 Recap from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

I told you already how excited I am about the upcoming ONE FINE DAY
To celebrate the launch of their brand new website, they are giving away tickets to the next Sydney event!
I thought I share the video of the last event in Sydney, to get you in the mood!
If you are bride to be and looking for some amazing inspiration and a fun weekend go over here to my facebook page and enter!


3 Liv’s & Plenty Of Lipstick

Posted on: Friday, July 26, 2013

white vid pic

Behind the scenes – White Magazine shoot from Nicholas Sim on Vimeo.

I just discovered that White Magazine released the little makeing off video of our previous shoot “Sweet Moments”.
Can you spot the little sweet & cheeky flowergirl? Her name was Liv as well, so we had a lot of name confusion fun , as we had 3 Liv’s on this shoot.
Makeup Liv, aka me, Little Liv aka Flowergirl and big Liv, who was our gorgeous model for the day.
Little Liv loved my lip glosses, and the only way we could make her collaborate was to constantly top up her lips with some sparkle… and a pink brush, obvsly.
It really made my day to see this. Hope you enjoy too!

Credits: Location Mindaribba House Photography Ben Adams Hair Toni & Guy Makeup Liv Lundelius Florals Oh Fleur Models Olivia Bourillian, Amy Cooper, Olivia Henry Gown Lisa Brown

One Fine Day in Sydney

Posted on: Sunday, July 21, 2013


Are you keen on meeting some of the most creative, fun & talented wedding vendors from down under?
I met up with the great minds behind the One Fine Day fair: Nadean, Jess and Marissa to help create the images for the latest OFD campaign.
It was so much fun creating the makeup for this very elaborate evening themed wedding shoot, I am so in love with that huge flower headpiece and the sequins dress…
I chose a warm deep wine colour for the lips and a warm peach with bronzer & contour on the cheek for this dramatic but radiant look.
The eyes I kept classic and smokey with plenty of mascara. It’s important to keep the skin light and radiant as a balance.
While I most of the time love a more natural look for brides, with all the extravaganza & red carpet styling in this shoot I feel that this makeup just ties in and works with the dim lighting.
What do you think? Would you go for a bold lip or smokey eye for your wedding?

Don’t miss out on the next ONE FINE DAY fair in Sydney which is coming up in September.
The last One Fine Day Fair in February was so much fun! Check out my little post about it here.
I met the most wonderful people and can’t wait for the next one.
Come by and say hello, I am looking forward to seeing you there!

I love my job- thoughts on being a makeup artist

Posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2013


Have I lately told you how much I love my job?

Well, in case I haven’t : I love my job a lot. And even more.
Everything about it. And I am striving to keep learning and building on my skills.
Being a make up artist, is such a rewarding job.
Not two days are ever the same, I am constantly meeting new people and that inspires me.
Connecting with people and creating something beautiful.
I feel so grateful that I am able to do what I love.
It’s definitely one of those job’s where you never stop learning, which is perfect for my curious self.

Fashion VS Weddings

I love every little bit about it.
Making the decision to become a freelance makeup artist was one of the best I have ever made.
As many of you know I do two different kinds of work, makeup for brides/private clients AND fashion/editorial work.
The two are very different from each other and I truly love them both.
Working weddings and being able to make the brides look their best is such a fabulous job, however also very challenging.

There is a common myth in the makeup artist world, coming from artists, that do weddings, although they don’t enjoy them, doing it “just for the money” or as their “bread and butter”, referring to their brides as if they would be the worst task on their to do list.
Even to the point that some artist think that no good makeup artist would do weddings. I work for the love of it. Life is tooooooo short to do anything that you don’t truly enjoy.
I feel I am wasting my time if I spent it with things that I don’t really care about, and I can only do a good job if I am enjoying and loving my work and bringing all passion and focus to it.
And yes, I dearly love the fashion work as well, the creative, quirky side of my job, meeting new people, listening to vibes & trends and finding a way to mirror whats happening on the catwalks and on the street.

The Best Of Both Worlds
So here is the truth: Many of the worlds best and most famous makeup artists are working on weddings!
I love weddings full stop. I even used to design wedding dresses and am just totally in love with LOVE.
A hopeless romantic that can’t get enough of real love stories, it’s the right environment for me.
I have not worked on any tacky weddings or with any bridezillas ever.
I have only ever worked with beautiful people inside and out.
And I don’t take on every client either, if I find they have a completely different style and philosophy about beauty, I do turn clients down from time to time too.
Another thing that really surprises me is that fashion and weddings are still seen as too almost opposite industries by many.
It’s time to wake up and see the signs!
There are so many fabulous fashion designers creating wedding dresses today, there are magazines like Vogue Brides who are highly editorial and so many wonderful online magazines like The Lane and countless blogs that show that fashion and weddings belong together!
Recently Refinery 29 features regular wedding posts as well, and I think the trend is for fashion and weddings to go hand in hand.
There is so much more room for creativity and opportunity to splurge on great design or simply loose yourself in your best ever DIY projects.
Not that every wedding has to be a fashion spectacle nor an over the top event.
But where else can you wear couture gowns, big head pieces or get a professional hair and makeup artist?
I love the big and the small weddings, the simple and the extravagant ones.

And I find it’s time for fashion&weddings to grow together!
I will try and find a nice balance here on the blog in the future.

I am looking forward to all the coming years and where my career will take me.
Thanks for taking the time to read through this LONG post!
What do you love about your job?

Liv At The Lane

Posted on: Friday, July 5, 2013

Do you know The Lane?
If you somehow managed to miss THE most stylish and coolest website for wedding inspiration, check it out NOW.
I have always really loved browsing through their dreamy and cool editorials and was over the moon when I got invited to join their
Directory of hand picked strictly edited vendors.
I am so so happy and grateful to be listed in this amazing directory.
They also wrote up this little feature about me. Reading it really made my day.
Read it here.
And might actually celebrate a little tonight…

Love Sparkle?

Posted on: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Glitter inspiration wedding photo shoot was featured over at the great Polka Dot Bride.

Dream team with Allie from The Wedding Weaver, who styled and planned the whole shoot, Photographer Jo Bartholomew & Makeup Artist Liv Lundelius. Floral Headpiece by Liv Lundelius. Compliment the shoot was an incredible floral hairpiece from The Sisters at Engadine Florist.

Check it out for more images! I love my job.

I am freshly in love…

Posted on: Friday, May 17, 2013

photo taken by the fabulous Lisa Diederich

…with our life over here in Australia and with my job.
With the change of seasons and the crisp cool days. With Sydney and the colours.
I love being a makeup artist, I am in love with teaching people about skin care, I am passionate about nutrition and I rediscovered my love for writing.
I am in love with weddings and everyone I get to work with.

Lately I had the chance to collaborate with the wonderful White Magazine and I am writing a series of guest posts for them as Beauty Expert. Read the first part of my Get The Glow Series here and try my favourite smoothie recipes.
I will share my insider tips on how to achieve a healthy radiant skin step by step.
Thanks White Team, for inviting me as a guest!

The coolest bride of this season…

Posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

…goes to…drumroll…
No! I am not actually awarding anyone. All weddings I work on are different and beautiful and I love working with every single bride.
This one stood out for her style though and I really wanted to share a few of their gorgeous photos with you.
What a stunner!
Wearing a vintage mini lace dress, nude heals and just rocking a minimal styling for a Coogee Beach wedding on the most beautiful sunny day.
Congrats again to Alice&Xavier! Staying true to their style on their wedding, having the best time and treating everyone involved like a friend!
A truly great couple and a wonderful wedding.
I feel incredibly grateful that I had the chance to become part of their special day doing their wedding makeup.
I love my job. Soooo much.

A laid back garden wedding

Posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It was such a pleasure being part of this super cool couples wedding.
Vicky & Warren and their cheeky pup Pancho the dachshound had a super laid back wedding
in the park round the corner from their house. They were just the kind of people you want to hang out with!
Plenty of DIY, fun games and a artsy vibe made this wedding really stand out.
The gorgeous photos were taken by the uber-talented Jo Bartholomew
The bride was after a super natural no-makeup makeup look, as she usually doesn’t wear makeup, she just wanted
her skin to look even and nice in the photographs and a simple loose side bun for the hair.
And so we did! In these photos you don’t even notice any makeup at all, exactly what she was after.
Can you spot me in the first photo?
Congratulations to this gorgeous couple. And check out even more photos of this wedding at Jo’s blog you will see all the super fun shots over there!

Hello Autumn,Hello May,Hello White!

Posted on: Thursday, March 7, 2013

It’s just the beginning of March, which is the beginning of Autumn here in Australia!
So why Hello May? Hello May is a lovely new wedding Magazine based in Sydney!
Definitely check them out you will find some very different unique inspiration.
They have just featured my latest work over there as well. I was lucky enough to to the makeup for the gorgeous bride to be Amelia and her Fiance John.
The photos were taken by the talented Gentlemen Take Pictures.
So go and have a look here for some more photos.
I have been living and breathing weddings lately and am so loving my work here in Sydney. I have worked with so many wonderful brides and feel incredibly blessed for my job. Autumn still seems busy and it’s great to see so many people getting hitched.

Another favorite Magazine of mine, full of incredible writing, inspiration and wedding gorgeousness is WHITE magazine based in Newcastle.
They just updated their website too and it’s looking fantastic!
Click over here to see more. You can thank me later ;)
I am so loved up with their work! And feeling delighted and excited about upcoming projects with them.

And…Kiss! Stained Lips that stay put.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One of the challenges with Bridal makeup is how to find a cute lipstick that is kiss proof and doesn’t budge throughout the day.
I am not a fan of most long wearing lipsticks for a good reason: They do stay, but they don’t last nicely.
Instead they dry the lips and flake off over time. A pretty scary thought for your wedding day.
Most of the lovely hydrating creamy lipsticks that so look gorgeous however wear off rather quickly.
Which is fine, if you are happy to top up your lipstick. Topping up is better then flaky lips!

A perfect solution however is to use a Lip Stain! They stain the skin of your lips for the day without changing the texture. You see natural stained lips a lot on the catwalks lately and I love their contemporary feel. If you prefer a sheen, you can easily wear your favourite gloss over the top, just a dot in the center of your lips, will give you the volume and shine you love without turning everything into a sticky mess. As a professional makeup artist I love using Becca Beach Tint, Stila Crush Lip and ans Cheek stain, and Benefit Tints they all do great stains in a wide colour range.

How to master the stained lip:
1.Exfoliate your lips first, to make sure you remove all dry skin.
2. Moisturize your lips with a hydrating lipbalm.
3. Remove excess lipbalm by pressing lips onto a tissue.
4. Apply lipstain- let it set for a few seconds. Layer lipgloss over the top if you like.
5. KISS!

images via 1 Imaxtree/ look for Roland Mouret, 2The Goddess Guide

Proudly listed

Posted on: Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey, I got some exciting news!
I am now proudly listed on the HELLO MAY Directory!
Along with some very cool creative Australian vendors of all kinds.
Check it out!

Two Fine Days!

Posted on: Thursday, February 28, 2013

See more photos of my day here

It’s been busy!
Last weekend we were part of One Fine Day, the amazing boutique wedding fair in Sydney.
It was the most beautiful little event and I am so happy we were involved.
I don’t know if all of you know what I do for work, but I am a Makeup Artist.
I work in wedding makeup as well as fashion editorials. The weekend started early by preparing the models for the show in the morning.
Managing our little stall all day long for two days was so much fun and also a lot of work.
We met the loveliest people and so many of the other vendors, which you can check out in One Fine Days Directory on their website.
I hope to collaborate with a lot of them soon! Everyone we met was so inspiring and welcoming. It was the best start I could have ever hoped for.
The whole week beforehand we were busy putting everything together, organizing photos, printing postcards and promo material, and putting together little goodies for the brides and designing the stand itself.
With every booking we gave away little samples of my favorite and highly recommended organic herbal tea,
Cleansing Brew” from Tea Medica, which is really purifying and nourishing for the skin.
I had quite some cups, during the stressful preparations. I love that it’s such a small independent company and everything is locally grown and organic.
For the fair I filled the tea into little glass test tubes, which looked to pretty with the colourful tea, full of red rose petals, yellow calendula flowers and green herbs.
The response from the fair has been great, and it took me all week, to reply to the enquiries and bookings. We met so many lovely brides to be and their friends & families, and it makes me very happy to contribute to such an important and beautiful day in their lives.
Thanks to everyone who booked their makeup with me, I am really looking forward to working with all of you.
Dave has been my super hero, helping me out all weekend at the stand, getting coffees for my makeup artist and hairstyling colleagues and preparing the stand. He designed fantastic forms and
print material and all that at night time after he came home from work.
Yes, I am incredibly grateful for this man.
And now I am having one day off, before I start my next six day week. We might go to the beach.
We might catch up on some sleep, for a long time.
Hope you all had a great week!?

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