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Create a Beauty Ritual

Posted on: Monday, May 18, 2015


liv lundelius natural beauty expert makeup artist bloom skincare organic luxury beauty
photo taken inside my bathroom cabinet by Liv

Do you have a beauty ritual?
Do you look forward to your daily skincare routine? Do you absolutely love how your products smell and feel on your skin?
If you do you are much more likely to keep up and you get to relax and have fun in the process.
I believe that the pleasure of using products and to create a little self-care ritual around your routine is actually very beneficial to your skin
and most importantly to the way you feel.
I am so grateful I have recently connected with a fellow skincare lover and expert, the lovely Misty who is the inspiring woman behind the skincare line BLOOM.
We send long long emails back and and forth chatting away about skin & health, I feel we connected in such a great way that I just made a new friend on the other side of the world.
Created by a holistic nutritionist with a deep understanding of whole body health, this line truly felt different to all other natural skincare lines I have ever used.
You can tell that it’s not just another skincare line but rather one carefully researched and crafted with a holistic approach.
Can you tell, that I am a bit of a fan?
Within one week of using the products exclusively morning and night and having so much fun with the ritual in the meantime, my skin has transformed.
The few blemishes I had healed quickly without leaving scarring or redness, my skin is smooth and even toned and very well hydrated.
It glows, so that I even completely skipped wearing any foundation for a few days.
I received my products after one really long and exhausting day a few weeks ago and I fell in love immediately, from the moment I received the products which came in the prettiest colourful wrapping.

I am of course a little picky when it comes to skincare, as I receive so many samples and constantly get to work with new
and different products in my job, and I have to say: These products are different to anything I had ever tried before.

I took the skin type test on the website as all three steps in this skincare routine are uniquely created for a specific skin type.
The test decided that I would fit best into the Combination Skin Type.
I think the combination skin choice was spot on, as my skin is taking really well to the new routine.
The smell of my Nourish Serum is very relaxing and grounding and I can feel all the muscles in my face relax immediately.

Step 1: GLOW and POLISH

Glow is a wonderful botanical oil blend, that you can use as eye-makeup remover. Within the beauty ritual you then mix it with Polish to create a wonderful deeply purifying facial cleanser.
Polish is a powdery consistency, it buffes away impurities but isn’t not harsh like other scrubs. It also contains natural lactic acid to brighten and soften, from organic whole milk powder.
You can use turn your cleanse into a weekly face mask by leaving it on for 10 minutes before rinsing. And it feels incredibly nice!
Spritz your face liberally with HYDRATE and you will want to use it all day long! It’s a lovely hydrating spritz packed with essential nutrients that will allow your next step to really lock in that extra moisture.
Then you follow with a few drops of Nourish. I really love massaging the Nourish serum into my skin and personally love the smell so much that I inhale a few times to get the most out of the aromatherapy effects.
If you are feeling dry, apply NOURISH directly to your skin after using POLISH.
Apply a small amount of RESTORE to the area around the eyes and elsewhere on the face, as needed. The area between the eye brows and the “laugh lines” next to the mouth are especially nice.
It’s a very concentrated potent little balm that my skin loves.

All products are 100% Natural, Crueltyfree, All BLOOM formulas are vegetarian or vegan, gluten free and preservative + toxin free and only contain with the freshest, safest, most luxurious ingredients for your skin type. The line does not use any fillers (including water) and as such a little goes a very long way.

I am hooked on my luxurious beauty ritual!
Please check out the BLOOM website which now offers a generous $20.00 shipping flat rate to Australia.

Top 5 Summer Skin Favourites

Posted on: Friday, February 27, 2015

As the hot days are in full swing and we have a few more weeks of Summer left over here in Australia, although, I am pretty optimistic.
Officially Summer will end this week. I am sure the warm weather will continue for a while though, and of course in Europe and many parts of the world,
you will be just preparing yourself for the warm season.
I wanted to share this seasons favourite products with you:

1. After a beach day or day where I have been working on fashion editorial makeup outdoors on location in the sun, nothing repairs and soothes my skin
like Zk’in Hydrating mist, I have even used it on light sunburns on the body. It feels amazing, cools the skin and targets UV-damage, it makes my skin glow instantly.

2. Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodarant, my better half Dave actually got me on to this one, a true unisex product and I am impressed it works throughout the humid days,
without Aluminium, which I have been trying to avoid.

3. La Mav Organic BB Creme, yes I have mentioned this one before. See here for a full review. It’s just been my go-to everyday product.

5. Zk’in Rebalancing Lotion with it’s Matte Effect Active a true saviour on hot days underneath my makeup. Still hydrating enough to keep my skin supple,
it feels light and balancing. (P.S: If this was a top 6 I would totally nominate the Z’kin Brightening & Hydrating Mask an all-rounder mask, that works wonders.
It looks like chocolate and smells like licorice!)

One Fine Day Sydney 2015 Campaign Liv Lundelius Makeup

Posted on: Tuesday, January 13, 2015



And here is to more time by the pool!
I am really looking forward to the next One Fine Day, I have been attending the boutique fair since the very first year they started it all here in Sydney.
For the latest advertising campaign I created the makeup & hair designs.
The brief and inspiration for this season was “Palm Springs” I am a big fan of retro-mid century architecture as well as the resort summer colours
and swimming pool is my favourite word, so it’s no surprise that we had a lot of fun on this shoot.

All images produced by and for One Fine Day.
Makeup & Hair Liv Lundelius
Makeup Assistant Chrissy Davies

If you love wedding inspiration or are on the hunt for some excellent boutique vendors check out the next Sydney fair in February,
and get your tickets now over here.
Or try winning a double pass in my current Instagram competition.
I am looking forward to see you there!

A fresh start – body products that wake me up

Posted on: Friday, November 7, 2014

Lamav02We have recently moved house and while our new space is sun drenched with morning light warming our bed room,
in the midst of a busy season and the general moving chaos I have found it a little harder than usual to get out of bed in the morning.
Do you know those days?
Good thing La Mav, sent over their new body products…the perfect timing.

The Australian line of Organic skincare, is another favourite of mine within the truly natural, cruelty free and organic skin care ranges.
They also carry one of my favourite eye creams: Bio A7 Firming Eye Lotion.

The coffee body scrub, really wakes me up in the morning, the body lotion with the soothing smell of Rose Geranium melts the stress away and the fresh scent of the hand cream
keeps me alert during the day, I feel it’s a little aromatherapy trio that worked wonders for me.

To tell you a little bit more about the products:

The Coffee Bean Body Scrub has a base of coconut oil and feels very hydrating, my skin is immediately smooth and supple after using in the shower, and I love the smell, I wish I could use it every morning,
but I feel once to twice a week is enough exfoliation. If you haven’t used this before be careful not to use too much product, a little goes a long way and it’s a very loose texture
not really a paste. The first time around I lost quite a bit of this lovely product down the drain, so please be careful. The mess you create in the shower is worth it and it does not leave any residue behind.
Your skin will glow and feel super soft afterwards. Hooray for coffee scrubs.

The Noruish Hannd Creme is perfect for the desk, it comes in a clever packaging with a pump too and is easily absorbed, no sticky mess when typing.
It contains Coenzyme Q10 and Shea Butter to provide long-lasting protection from dryness. A true skin care product for your hands, keeping them young and supple.
It has quite a strong fresh citrus smell, I pick out the lemon myrtle oil contained here, so be warned if that’s not your thing.
Lemon myrtle has many health benefits and a lovely fragrance, however I prefer my day to day hand cream to be unscented and a little more neutral.
Right now I am enjoying the scent though.

The Nourish Body Moisturiser comes in a pump bottle and has a lovely rich texture which melts into the skin and absorbing fully without leaving any residue behind, perfect for Summer, but still very nourishing and definitely suitable for dry skin. I am really looking forward to using it each day. It will sure become a bathroom staple.

My sensitive skin liked all the products and I am hoping they will release a body wash as well. Maybe one that smells of coffee as well?

werk werk werk

Posted on: Friday, November 7, 2014


liv lundelius





This year seems very powerful to me, fast paced and dynamic and never a dull moment,
I hope everyone will finish this year strong and positive.
Let’s all hang in there a little longer.

This week was filled with images releases of work that I have done a little while ago,
always a great moment to see work published and being able to share the work.

This was my latest fashion editorial for HUF magazine.

Credits (Instagrams)
Photographer: Levon Baird (@levonbaird)
Stylist: Blake Sutherland (@blakeislively)
Hair/Makeup: Liv Lundelius (@liv_lundelius)
Model: Ruby Lee (@ruubylee)
Agency: EMG Models (@emg_models)
Magazine: HUF Magazine (@hufmagazine)

Giveaway: Say thank you in style with pen and paper

Posted on: Wednesday, September 24, 2014



The last week was just the best week ever.
All my clients and brides were bombarding me with sweet thank you letters, cards and emails, the sun was shining all week
and we got back into a great fitness routine to keep healthy and balanced when at the end of the week my wonderful man proposed to me.
Read the whole story here.
But back to the topic, receiving that handwritten card in the post, totally made my day! It’s such a sweet thing to do.

I just realized what a great gesture it is to say thank you in style and write a personal thank you note.
In the digital age it truly makes all difference.

Inspired by my wonderful clients, I took pen and paper and wrote my Grandma a lovely card.
And stocked up my desk with quite a few cute designs, so I am prepared to write more.

Really there is nothing like a handwritten note.
If you really want to thank someone, go and get a card now.
To make it really easy for you I am hosting a little giveaway from the lovely 3D Cards!
They are very well made pretty little cards in lovely designs.

Prize: A lovely package with a selection of beautifully designed pop up cards by 3D Cards will be sent to the lucky winner!
To Enter: Simply comment below before the 30th of October 2014, telling me who you want to thank, or what you are grateful for today.
The winner will be chosen at random on the 30th of October 2014, and announced here on the blog.
Good Luck!

Artifact Editorial for Elegant Magazine

Posted on: Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo by Levon Baird Hair & Makeup by Liv Lundelius, Styling by Elise Tansley

Recently I had the chance to work with an especially inspiring model for an fashion editorial shoot.
It just got published in Elegant Magazine, so I can finally share the images.
Have a look at my professional makeup artist website here.
I love the rich jewel tones, so autumn/winter! So I better share this before spring arrives ; )

eva & violet ~ cruelty free beauty

Posted on: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I recently had the chance to meet the amazing Lady behind cruelty free beauty online shop
Eva & Violet Cruelty Free Beauty. Both animal lovers we had a lot to chat about, including our fluffy pooches and our favourite products.
I love her selection of highest quality luxury cosmetics that are all cruelty free.
Toni herself spend a good time testing all this amazing products on herself and handpicked a selection
of her favourites which are now for sale on her website.

I just had the chance to try the incredible O&M hair products, which were just what my dried out winter hair needed.
As well as a wonderful firming eye cream by La Mav.
I just say: Long gone are the times were natural, organic and animal friendly products were the 2nd best option.
These product work, have fantastic textures and smell divine.
Have you tried O&M products yet? My nose and hair are impressed. And La Mav Skincare is a new favourite of mine, with highly potent plant complexes, the products feel good and keep my skin young looking and glowing.
And they even look super pretty in the bathroom.
Win-win-win-win-win-win situation.

Ophelia Editorial for Hooray!

Posted on: Thursday, July 10, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.18.26 pm

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.19.09 pm

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.19.31 pm

Sometimes you just get lucky to work with an incredible team of creatives!

Photography: Lara Hotz Photography
Stylist: Stefanie Ingram
Floral Styling: Jardine Botanic Floral Styling
Hair and Make up: Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist
Model: The Agency Models

Behind the scenes video documented by Light Noise Films
Styling + Floral Assistant: Alex Carlyle + Gina Lasker

Bespoque Beauty

Posted on: Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Sometimes it seems that although there is an overwhelmingly large number of cosmetics on the market already,
there is nothing that really works for your skin.
I am sure we have all been there.
Moments where we might need to seek professional help of a dermatologist or try to customize our routine with the help from all sorts of different brands of
cleansers, serums, oils, day- and night creams etc.

I always tell everyone I work with that everyone’s skin is different.
Each persons skin agrees with different ingredients and textures.
While grouping the skin into skin types helps, it can only be a very rough guide of what your skin needs on an individual basis.

That’s why I have such a huge variety of products in my makeup kit and constantly lug two very heavy suitcases with potions, lotions and makeup around.
You never know what you will need prior to working with a new private client, bride or model on a photo shoot.

I working with such a variety of people, that I really learned to understand each persons different needs, when it comes to skincare.
That’s why I got very curious about a new product that just launched on the Australian market.
A truly bespoke moisturizer that is available at the Chemist for an affordable price.
Bespoque skincare is an Australian brand, with a unique concept.
About half a million combinations can be created by the customers themselves using a simple touch screen interface to design their personal cream.


Now that sounds fun right? I immediately made an appointment with the brand to try this out for myself, and I am really impressed.
Already in love with the idea, the actual process was quick and easy, the packaging is sleek and luxurious and the label colours can be customized as well.
You can even name your product and it will have the name printed on the label, very cute!
Entering all my skin concerns, and personal details like age group choosing the texture and skin concerns as well as a choice of different fragrances (I opted for no fragrance!), I quickly realized I am a bit of a high maintenance customer.
My “day dream” moisturizer that I created contained the maximum level of active ingredients. Sounds like my skin needs some help ;)
If you are unsure about the final product ingredients will be explained and you are able to review the final ingredients before sending your order off.
While you wait your personal moisturizer will be mixed together in the pharmacy and you can take it home straight away.

The level and choice of active ingredients, was impressive and I am sure this moisturizer was created with real results in mind.
I would put the product in the same category then other high-tech skincare brands, while providing really good value.
It’s not an all natural nor organic product, but rather one built on extensive research and proven results.

My day dream cream should be pretty close to a miracle, given that I chose all the complexes that my skin needs.
It feels luxurious and has a very lovely texture that also sits well underneath makeup.
This moisturizer has a mineral oil base just like the well known luxury skin care line Creme De La Mer or to the cult pro makeup artist favourite Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè,
great for sensitive skins, and with the same luxurious texture.
The active ingredients are highest quality and the texture is wonderful. I am definitely happy with my product.

Would you design your own Bespoque Moisturizer?

The reason I moved to Australia…

Posted on: Friday, June 13, 2014


Approximately three times a week I get asked why I relocated to Australia.
I don’t know if there can ever be one simple clear answer to such a complex big decision.
To sum it up, because it felt right, because I had a dream, a vision an inner voice that told me to come here.
But then I hear myself say: Because of the coffee, the weather & the beach.
And that is also true.
While being big on health food and nutrition I do love one controversial drink: Coffee.
I really enjoy it, it agrees with my body and makes me work well.
I know there are many health benefits while others claim the risks.
Everyone will know best for themselves it agrees with your body or not.

So to cut a long story short:
When I heard about The Humble Bean comparing my favourite skincare ingredient Coconut Oil, with my favourite drink
to create an all natural heavenly smelling and skin transforming body scrub, I couldn’t wait to try it.
Please check out here why I love Coconut Oil so much!
And let me tell you…it reason enough to move across the globe or simply order it online, where ever you are!
Fun Fact: Research has shown that just smelling coffee makes you less stressed.
It’s seriously good. I know how I will start my days from now on, morning showers have just gotten even better.

Saveing Skin- The natural way!

Posted on: Thursday, June 12, 2014

pplforplants01photo copy

As the seasons change Skin always does too.
Be it more sensitive while adjusting to the change in , more dehydrated, dry, patchy or congested.
A gentle natural support is often the best.

My current fav organic and all natural choice is People For Plants, a local Australian brand, which is really great value for quality ingredients.
I have just discovered the range and pretty impressed. I love discovering new skin care & beauty ranges, and especially if they are reasonably priced too.
The hydrating Mist Toner is super powerful for dehydrated skin, great for inflight too.
My pro tip is to soak a tissue mask in the solution, which instantly plumps and soothes the skin.
You will see the difference in 5 min, it’s a little amazing.
At night time I sleep in the Face Oil a highly potent cocktail of antioxidants which really replenishes the skin, while during the day I have protecting my skin with the Sensitive Moisture.

That’s the hydrating all sorted.
My biggest ever recommendation for cleansing your face is the Clearisonic, it is worth every cent! If you don’t have one already and you want to improve your skin:
Order one right now!
Any gentle foaming cleanser works well with this, I am currently using the Foaming Cleansing Gel from People For Plants which is very lovely and sulphate free, but you can use any gentle cleanser with it
that works for you.

And now keep up your good nutrition and your skin will thank you and glow!

Bright Whites, Wedding Makeup Trends feature for The Lane

Posted on: Wednesday, May 7, 2014

thelane.com:the-guide:beauty:bright-whites copy

“Enchanting, ethereal and evocative, we are in love with the angelic and serene makeup trend that is bright white eyes!
From a sweep of white liner to flashes of bright white applied to the inner corners the eyes for an enhancing effect, this trend is the epitome of fresh and youthful and translates beautifully for an ethereal bride! (…)”

Read the whole beauty feature and interview with me over at The Lane.
I hope you enjoy!

Time for the important things…

Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014




photos by the talented Photography By Nadean

I do love being busy and I am always so full of new ideas and passion about my work that it’s hard for me to sit still. However there are things that I miss in these crazy times, most of all:
Sleep! 2nd: The time to make healthy food, sit down to eat and eat well, 3rd: Time for cuddles and hanging out with my two fav boys in the world and at last, number 4: Reading!

So I made some things priority no matter how busy everything felt, I bought some fresh flowers, and yummy groceries and cooked at home a few days in a row! Cuddles on the couch followed and also some earlier bed times.
All this was inspired by a brand new amazing healthy food cook book named “my darling, lemon, thyme…” which I found in my goodie bag at a wonderful evening that was all about a completely different book “Sapphire Skies” by Belinda Alexandra.
Who was just the loveliest person and a true animal lover, so we instantly had something in common.
Through my job I got the last minute opportunity to attend a truly magical night at the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel hosted by the wonderful Nat from the Eat Read Love blog.
I guess that was really the theme over the last weeks Eat, Read and LOVE.
It was a book launch dinner party, where the author was present and all tables were filled with Sydney’s finest creative talents, from photographers, bloggers, stylist, artists, editors, writers, entrepreneurs in many many fields ….

This night really inspired me on so many levels, and also showed me once again how important it is to make room to get together with great people.
While I haven’t actually had the chance yet to start the book, (I will save it for times of travel and holiday!) I made time for some other important things and returned full of energy back to work with my wonderful clients.

If you are interested in finding out more and seeing more pictures check out the original post over at Eat Read Love

Smile Brilliant! Teeth whitening DIY style

Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Smile and you will always look lovely! I truly believe in this.
While enjoying coffee quite a bit I found myself in need for some teeth whitening help.
My teeth are ok to start of with, but there is a slight discoloration.
How about turning my admin and writing days in the home office into a tooth whitening session? DIY Style.

Most of my brides get their teeth whitened before their weddings and I do think that it makes a big difference in your appearance.
Its important not to go overboard though, as completely bleeched super white teeth do look fake and unnatural and aren’t really a good look at all,
while healthy looking pearl white teeth look amazing.

While I was at first thinking that getting your teeth whitened at a professional dentist might be a better and safer option,
my research showed that they will use the same products to achieve the result.
Of course at home it’s down to your won judgement of the strength and time and you will need to make your own custom trays too.
At a fraction of the cost I decided to give it a go and was hoping not to damage my healthy happy teeth in the process,
however I have recently talked to a few clients who happily did the process at home without any problems.

A little bit wary if it will work and be safe I agreed to test smile brilliant teeth whitening pen with
the LED lights for a home treatment.

I started a week ago with my treatments and while it’s not the most comfortable experience, I did notice a difference.
It’s super easy to use the clicky pen, the gel can directly be applied with a little brush straight of the pen.
The smell of the product was really pleasant of peppermint and I was able to hold the LED light with my lips, so I could actually work while
whitening my teeth, it was much easier then I thought. I did 4 sessions starting with 30min and then increasing the time to an hour.
I am really happy with the result as my teeth are still natural looking but definitely brighter than before.
It was really easy enough to do by myself.

My teeth are a little sensitive in general so I would like to try their desensitizing gel
I might review this at a later time and will let you know if it makes any difference.

Did you ever try to bleach your teeth at home or did you go to a dentist?

The set was provided to me by PR for consideration without charge, however this does not affect my personal opinion.

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