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A week in Fiji…Hooray for desitination weddings

Posted on: Monday, March 17, 2014



…or how to get the destination wedding tan on before getting on the plane!
While it’s beautifully sunny over here in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we are all sometimes a little too busy to spend the day by the beach.
Help is on the way the local Bondi based self tan label Sunescape creates wonderful products that help you look like you spend a week in Fiji (medium tan)
a weekend in Bondi (light tan) or even a month in Maui (deep tan). All products are Australian made too packed with natural oils, antioxidants and skin pampering goodness!
I have recenty booked my flights to upcoming destination weddings, and since many brides are after a very natural looking tan for their special day,
it is good timing to tell you about my current favourite Sunescape tan! I love the smell of the products, summer, beach, coconuts and holiday come to my my mind immediately when I opened the bottles.
The shower gel and body butter are sending me away to exotic beaches every time I have a shower, that’s quite something. Like an instant holiday.
And the tan makes me look like I have been on holiday too! I am hooked.
The actual self tan comes as a hydrating mousse, which works best with the Sunescapes Tanning Mitt.
Very easy and super quick to apply it goes on evenly and without creating mess in your bathroom.
My tan came out very even and natural.
My skin loves the products and feels moisturized and glowing after the application.
No wonder the Hydrating Shower Gel is super gentle and suitable for sensitive skin as it’s Sulfate and soap free and packed with natural hydrating oils and antioxidants.
And so is the hydrating body butter, which feels really luxurious.
It’s pampering your skin while helping to make your tan last longer.
I am impressed! And I am in the mood for my upcoming destination weddings and I won’t go without my new favourite body products.

Thanks to the lovely Team at Sunescape for providing your products for a review.

Beautiful people lately

Posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014


photos by Rachael Muller
Some weddings are just good for the soul! The kind where you can feel the love and everyone involved is beautiful inside and out.
The one’s that make me laugh while getting ready and cry once they are ready to go.

This one was one of them.
Congratulations to Jonno & Susie! It was great to be part of your amazing wedding day!
I love my job!!!

Hint Of Tint Jane Iredale Dreamtint Review

Posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

With the hottest Spring on record here in Australia and sunny days all year around, I am always wearing a tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF.
Jane Iredale‘s natural cosmetics have fascinated me for a while so I was super excited to try her new
Dream Tint formulas. She just launched a few new shades promoted as cc creams!
First the whole BB hype now CC? I think it’s not just the next hyped beauty trend, as professional makeup artist I have used
colour correcting primers for years. And a CC cream is essentially just that: A primer or tinted moisturizer that balances skin tones redness or patchy skin.
As I don’t have any redness or concerns with my skin I choose the Warm Bronze shade just warm my skin up a little.
It was actually much later than I expected just exactly matching my medium skin tone without warming it, which was a surprise.
It goes on very matte, and has a slightly waxy texture. It feels different to the average silicon heavy smooth tinted moisturizers.
The texture is very sheer and light, it can be used alone or under makeup as a primer.
Although it has a more velvet finish it still makes the skin look radiant as opposed to powdery matte.
It surprised me again, I found this formula is very long wearing and during a hot & humid day doesn’t move at all.
The packaging says it’s even water resistant! For me it’s the perfect summer product! A fuss free all in one product that is long wearing and doesn’t make me look shiny either.
It actually went straight into my little daily cosmetic bag, where I got to mention another plus, the small sleek bottle!
My staples for this spring are the Dream Tint, the Forever Pink Lip and Cheek Stain, which goes on the lips as a moisturizing sheer balm and then transforms into a bright summery pink shade, very long-wearing and smudge resistant.

On my desk I have sitting a bottle of Hydrating Water Spritz, I love the Antioxidant Balance Hydration Spray, which is perfect for my combination skin. Although I don’t totally love the smell, (a little too zesty for my liking) the feel on the skin is lovely and the aromatherapy qualities recharge me instantly. And in the evening I pop on my new favourite red lipstick.
Makeup with skincare benefits, is the best!
Have you tried Jane Iredale products before?

Loving Tan!

Posted on: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LIV_DAVE Saplunara_15
As Spring is hopefully just around the corner here in Sydney it’s time to prep!
I haven’t used any self tan in a while mainly because of the maintenance, that I don’t want to commit to in my already busy schedule.
And its never a good idea to apply self tan when in a hurry.
Now that I have received a whole bag of tanning goodies from a new self tan brand Loving Tan, I might change my mind!


Not only is their product in my favourite form, it also comes with a whole set of cute and super useful tools to make the process easy instead of messy.
I have always been a fan of tanning mousse! Unlike sprays that just mess up your whole bathroom, mousse just gets directly where you want it: On your skin!
Loving Tan claims to be the first professional strength self tan that you can buy and use at home and it comes in 3 different shades: Medium, Dark & Extra Dark.
I think it’s always best to stay as close to your natural colouring as possible, and I personally prefer only a very light tan.
That’s why I don’t really care for the professional strength part.
I got send the Dark shade, which scared me bit so I decided to use it on my legs first, the indicator colour comes our really dark, so I wouldn’t personally wear it as a instant tan.
Using the provided Mitt, which looks really nice in it’s all black embroidered design. The product went all very easily, i was seriously impressed with the texture.
I applied it in the evening and left it on for the throughout the rest of the night, washing it off before bed, as I didn’t want the tan to be too dark.
I left it on for 6hours instead of the recommended 8h, just because I used the dark colour, although I would have preferred medium.
And I have to say it looks VERY natural, a nice olive tone. As my skin is naturally a little dry I will need to moisturize with an oil free moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated.
The colour of this is exceptionally natural.
My legs are spring ready!

loving tan

What I love about this product:

It comes with great instructions, tips & tricks
Loving Tan has useful tools & accessories like a mitt, a back applicator and an tan removing glove, all of which were super helpful!
The texture, feel & smell of the product are great
The colour is natural
It has Aloe Vera and other lovely naturally soothing and hydrating ingredients

What is worth thinking about:

Not everyone looks better tanned! Also be aware of tanning before your wedding day, as a tan can look less classic and not always nice against the white dress, unless it’s your natural skin colour.
You might regret this in your photos later!
When tanning your face also be aware it doesn’t always photograph well.
Stay close to your natural colour
Embrace your natural skin tone, the fairest skin is just as beautiful as the darkest skin
Always make sure you have enough time (about 15min) to apply your tan carefully, if you rush you might regret it later, when looking patchy!
Start with a lighter colour if you are new to tanning as little mistakes will be more forgiving.
Definitely use a mitt, to avoid staining your hands.

Will I use this again? Definitely on my legs and possibly once the first hot days are coming!
Does it have a self tan smell? The product itself smells really nice and fairly neutral. Unlike the cookie smell of many other brands.
If a self tanning product works though the reaction will always create that self tan smell on the skin, no matter what the brand says!
I have tried every single one of them, some are better some worse of course and I find that all the premium brands are definitely much less offensive.
I found the key is to use it on a day off in the evening, when you don’t need to leave house, wear your oldest pyjamas and wash it off before bed.
That way you won’t be left with that smell. Too Easy!

I hope you found this review helpful.
All information is my honest opinion about the product.
I was provided a sample for the review.

Sydney Instameetup

Posted on: Monday, July 29, 2013

Sydney Instagram Meet Up: West Elm Bondi Junction from Extra Mile Pictures on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.44.21 AM

Are you on Instagram? I really love it, it’s so much fun. I am way better and more active on it than on most of my other social media accounts.
(I am probably the worst on Twitter….never really got into it..just do the odd tweet update, sorry ppl, I somehow can’t really work it out!)
Instagram on the other hand, well…I could spent all my free time on.
I really met some great people through it, and there is such a talented creative community down here.
The great mind behind Blog Society Jaclyn Carlson invited me to join in and come to a Instagram Meetup she organized last week.
She is so full of great ideas and is constantly planning the next exciting event. I got some plans to collaborate with her real soon and will keep you in the loop of what’s happening. Have you ever been to an Instagram Meetup in your city?
This was my first time and it was a really great night!
Meeting followers and people that I have been following face to face, chatting while snacking on cheese platters & sipping delicious cocktails…amazing!!!
The brand new Sydney West Elm store, full of beautiful things, was the perfect location, I paced myself though and only brought home a new candle, some stationary and plenty of ideas for our new home, although I could easily just bought half the store.
(In our current one we are actually still living pretty much without furniture! As the couch & armchair we DID buy never arrived so we had to request a refund after waiting for ages!)
Hope you enjoyed the little video above! Did you spot me at 1:22? I am the one taking the picture!
I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing your images on Instagram mine is @liv_lundelius!

My can’t live without wedding makeup products…

Posted on: Friday, July 19, 2013

4 Can't live without

I got asked to let White Magazine readers know about my favourite makeup products in my kit for a feature in their current print issue.
I listed: Make Up Forever HD Foundation, Avene Thermal Water Spray, Tata Harper Aromatherapy treatments, Hourglass Veil primer (be careful on dark skin and in flash photography with this one!) and Laura Mercier Powder Unviseral!
There are definitely more, like my fav concealer, which is By Terry Touche Veloutee and there are so many great products out there, that this small feature couldn’t list them all!
Please get in touch if you have any questions in regards to the products!
I am happy to answer all of them.
This is NOT a sponsored or promotional post, all recommendations represent my own opinion

Do you have staple products that you are loving so much, you feel you will use them forever?
Or do you keep changing your products around, always on the hunt for the lastest beauty trends?

Lace a wonderful shoot for Polka Dot Bride

Posted on: Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Sometimes you just get to work with the loveliest people.
Like with the dream team for this lace inspired wedding photo shoot.
The wonderfully talented artist and stylist Alice Richards, who wrapped trees in Lace , the genius behind the camera Lisa Diederich and the loved up couple Deborah & Myles,
I had a wonderful time. How gorgeous is Deb’s red hair? It was such a pleasure styling it and doing her bridal makeup.
Check out Polka Dot Bride for the full feature and credits!
I really made some new friends on this shoot! Thanks everyone for being so awesome.

Brand New FB Page

Posted on: Monday, April 29, 2013

First of all:
Thanks to everyone for their amazing support!
I have FINALLY created a Facebook page for my makeup artistry (that is no longer called “Blushless” like my former fashion label, Fb doesn’t allow to change the name of a page, so I had to create a new one from scratch)
From now on please find me over here!
I am looking forward to seeing you over at my new page.
Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist.
Thanks again for your support.

Grooming and Gentlemen

Posted on: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I have lately collaborated with Gentlemen Take Pictures for a couple of shoots, with some great results.
It was a great change to be able to some professional male grooming and male hairstyling work in between
all the gorgeous brides and bridesmaids in the peek of the wedding season over the last months.
These studio shoots were great fun and those aspiring male supermodels were a dream to work with.
Check out more of my male editorial work on my website here.

Hello, Sydney Brides To Be!

Posted on: Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 started with a bang, January is one busy month, I am working with many beautiful brides, doing exciting photo-shoots and also and very importantly I am preparing myself and my stand for the amazing little wedding fair One Fine Day here in Sydney. I didn’t even yet manage to update my website with all the latest work I have done over the last months.
Come and say: “Hi!”, Meet me for a chat, some makeup tips and tricks and get loads of good ideas for your wedding day.
See you there- Check out the website here.
Hope you all had a fantastic start into the new year: Happy 2013!

My wonderful Christmas Boots

Posted on: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Image via BBC Good Food

I am celebrating Christmas in Summer this year. It is my first time.
I am beyond excited about reinventing all new traditions and I have written about it here
on my personal lifestyle blog Liv+Dave=
I am dreaming about a homemade Pavlova and some cool Champagne.
We are doing a little Secret Santa as well, and I am really looking forward to buying and wrapping gifts.

My Mum just sent me those wonderful new shoes by Betty London, red ankle boots that look so festive in red with little golden zip.
I really want to wear them for Christmas.
Thanks for sending Mum, I love them, it’s just…uhm…Christmas here in Sydney might be a little bit warmer than where you are in Germany.
But I am sure I will get to wear them a lot, regardless.
And now I am looking for a recipe to make the perfect Pavlova!
Happy Christmas time everyone!

Moccasins & White Blankets

Posted on: Friday, November 9, 2012

Doesn’t the bride above look amazing? I found the image via the fantastic photographers Lukas and Suzy.
It’s always been fun to look into all the different cultural world wedding traditions.
I am always impressed by the fashions of Native American tribes. The colours and materials are so inspiring.
Here are some traditional native wedding customs and fashions.

The Blanket Ceremony is one of the oldest and most endearing wedding traditions among some Native American tribes. This ritual entails using two blue blankets to represent the couple’s past lives. The couple are wrapped in blue blankets and led to a sacred circle of fire. The officiant or spiritual leader blesses the union and the couple shed the blue blankets and enveloped by relatives in a single white blanket which represents their new life. Under the white blanket, it’s customary that the couples embrace and kiss. The white blanket is usually kept and displayed in the couple’s home.

The Native American bride may wear a white dress or a beautiful long leather dress with beading and traditional colors woven into the fabric. The traditional colors of Native Americans include White for east, Blue for south, Yellow for west, and Black for north. These four colors represent the four points of the earth. Native American brides may also wear moccasins and a wreath made of maize which symbolizes fertility.

Moccasins for a wedding? YES, please, I think they would make super comfy and cool wedding shoes.
I love the low smart shoes in the picture above who are by Le Temps De Cerise and are the cutest I have seen this season.


Posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey today we are having a special Giveaway over at Liv+Dave=
Check it out. Good Luck!
I am planning upcoming photo shoots, and am really excited about all the creative make up artistry involved.
Have a great weekend, everyone!

about supernatural nails and japanese food

Posted on: Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It’s the little things in life that are making me very happy, like coffee in the sunshine,
or a new nail polish.
Nails are huge at the moment. Which makes me happy, since I have always loved nail colours a lot.
I am still staying away from nail art and sticking with simple uni colourings.
The other day I met the girls behind the hip nail polish brand Rococo Nail Apparel, Ange and Vernice Walker.
The talented sisters have worked as nail designers and celebrity manicurists with all the big names and started their own successful little family business.
At the same time they are also 2 very humble and extremely kind sisters. No wonder they came so far. Real team work.
And not only where this two interesting to chat to and told me about their passion for everything Japanese, including a slight very healthy obsession with Japanese food, they also offered to paint my nails and chose the coolest colour, which I now own as well (it’s LabNude 6.0).
A mannequin nude, somehow vintagey, somehow clean but edgy at the same time. Or in Rococo’s words: Supernatural.
Thanks ladies! So very nice to meet you, you have made my day.

who needs an engagement ring?

Posted on: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

image via le love

This week I actually happened to have a conversation about engagement rings and the question was, if I’d even want an engagement ring.
My initial reaction was: OF COURSE! Then I had to defend my point of view a little, which made me feel like a silly cow that is obsessed with diamonds. Hello?
I started realizing that in my hippie-esque family an engagement ring is fairly uncommon, my mum only wears a wedding band.
In Germany we don’t have such a big fuss about weddings in general.
Everything is more practical than fashionable.
Maybe that’s why I like it. For me it’s exotic and special.
When I did research on this topic in the web I was surprised how many people even questioned that an engagement without a ring isn’t an engagement at all. Of course it is.
Remember the engagement guitar, here?
If I want to marry someone, a ring is obviously the least important thing.
But it is pretty. That’s all.

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