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My creative tools as make-up artist:

Posted on: Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today I am honored to share my favorite creative tools with everyone, over at
Promise Tangeman’s blog.
She is a great inspiration and I love the idea behind her creative toolbox post.
Check out her blog and great work as graphic designer and artist.
I made a personal list of little things that keep my creativity as make-up artist going.
Thank you Promise for having me!

The coolest wedding invite OR how to end the war

Posted on: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

…Or how to see things differently. This speech inspired me a lot!
How see things in a different way, how to question things in a creative way and how to do the most amazing wedding invite EVER as well as how to end the war. This girl does it all.

L’amour Fou & Happy Christmas

Posted on: Thursday, December 23, 2010

image via moviepostershop.com
It’s Christmas time. Time for big love stories. Time for movies.
Time for fashion inspiration.
The documentary about Yves Saint Laurent tells the story about
the love of his life Pierre Bergé.
It’s always good to have a creative partner in crime.
They have been a couple for 50 (!) years building their business,
sharing their creativity and supporting each other with love.
A documentary I am really looking forward to watching.
May you all have a wonderful Christmas time!
And here comes the trailer:

how to overcome hibernation mode

Posted on: Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer is over. My body starts to get into hibernation mood.
When I get up in the morning it’s still really dark outside.
But there is always coffee…
The other good news are that there is an exciting new blog project coming up.
The ladies of Artschoolvets, a cool Berlin based group of artists, designers, musicians etc. are about to launch “this is Jane Wayne” the female counterpart of the main website.
I am more than happy to follow their invitation and join the cool ladies behind it.
I will keep you up to date about the launching date.
I have to push my self now to get out of hibernation mode, to get the print look books done and preparing for sales and production. Get started with the new blog….and finding myself some cozy winter clothes.
I hope to work with lots of great brides this season and I am already really looking forward to create fantastic styles for them!

Blushless 2011 Transformation_ The Video

Posted on: Saturday, September 25, 2010

The new Blushless collection takes its inspiration from the spirit of transformation.
Fascinated by the dynamic nature of supernovae and the composed and structured form of butterflies, I have fallen in love with the idea of giving the Blushless bride wings.
The new collection is able to portray these ideas through the use of dynamic silhouettes, transformable lengths and aspiring shapes that change seamlessly when viewed from different angles.

Three pieces have been created to each represent the three states of time:
The Past, The Present, and The Future.

“Life is only what is lived, moment to moment and place to place and space to space and time to time
because you are always you.” Yogi Bhajan

marriage is the highest yoga

Posted on: Saturday, July 31, 2010

photos of Marina Abramovic and Ulays art project Rest Energy (1980)
found here and here


there is no greater risk than matrimony.
but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.*

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Its the greatest challenge one can face, the highest risk... But that is what keeps it interesting right? If you need more reasons check out ESB’s guest post with
10 reasons why being married is just better.

This best answer for sceptical persons EVER I’ve found at
A Practical Wedding:
Me: D. and I got engaged! Yayyyyy!!!
Her: Oh. That’s nice. I don’t believe in marriage.
Me: ……….
Me: Um. It’s not fairies. You don’t have to DO it, but it does exist.

Great tipps to stay happy you can find at the guest post series Secrets To A Happy Marriage

* quote by benjamin disraeli, 1870 in a letter to queen victoria’s daughter louise,congratulating her on her engagement.

portrait gallery and sex candles

Posted on: Friday, May 7, 2010

image via colette

The last weekend has been an incredibly cold and rainy one.
I finally made it to the National Portrait Gallery, which is highly recommended!
Afterwards we had amazing dinner at a friends house and Liv realised that she really has to get some candles for her new room in London.
While visiting colette I came across this SEX candles with Terry Richardson pictures: HOT!
Wouldn’t they make a great (bridalshower-) gift?

Liv is Gentle Women

Posted on: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

images via fantasticman.com
Fantastic Man just found his significant other!!!
The makers of the best mens magazin in the world: FANTASTIC MAN, published a womens mag as well.
I am sure you will find more rad (wedding-)fashion inspiration in there than in most bridal mags ; )

Liv is gentlewoman. What about you? What are your favorite magazines?
I can’t wait to be done with all moving hassle and find time for magazines and books.

how to create your very own happy ending

Posted on: Saturday, March 27, 2010


…or about happy endings part II
Things could be so easy.
Just follow the three steps as shown above.
My dear friend and great artist Kinga Dunikowska created the work
“Happy End” for the Museum of Gelsenkirchen/Germany.

Apparently things are not that easy. But I guess that is
what makes life interesting and beautiful.

drama, baby! drama!

Posted on: Thursday, February 25, 2010


all images courtesy of Staatsoper Berlin

The dress above is one of many great costumes by Christian Lacroix for the Agrippina Opera currently shown at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin

What a stunning dramatic wedding dress this piece would make!?

I haven’t seen this opera live but I am in love with the photos and I really feel
like going to the theater soon.(it has been a while)
This one will be a great fashion inspiration. So: If you are planning a Berlin trip soon: GO!

I feel you

Posted on: Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Jenny Holzer a striking women and artist.
I was talking about her art with a dear friend of mine today.
Liv loves her work and I spent some time to have a look at
the stunning city projections she did.
Strong words as usual. And some really got me.
You might know her quote: PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT
“I feel you” is maybe one of the more positive ones matching
this wedding themed blog best ; )


“I breathe” something you should always have in mind,
when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.
Deep breathes are helping me to move on right now
and getting the exciting 2nd Blushless collection done!
Stay focused ; )

head over feet

Posted on: Monday, February 1, 2010


All photographs by Aya&Ned
This year started pretty wild.
But I just heard the news: February is the new January ; )
Even if January was running with a million miles an hour, I will now find time to focus on the new years goals.

Today Liv wants to share the intense work of the NYC based artist couple
Ned & Aya.
Aya Rosen recently contacted me through a fashion/art networking site.
She requested my dresses for a new photographing project, she wants to do together with her husband.
I liked their artworks and projects as well as their personal story.
They met online and lived in different parts of the world, before she decided to left her old life behind and turned her online relationship into a “real” offline one. It worked out, obviously.
Don’t you think its really interesting if couples are doing art together?
Liv loves it.

They have different websites: Louchelab.com seems to be their main site, which gives a great overview and links to all different projects as well as their blogs. The Aya&Ned site is for their photography and they have done an erotic site as well.

jazz for the groom

Posted on: Monday, January 4, 2010

via osborn design studios

How rad are all those jazz shoes and hightops?
They come in mens and womens sizes and are designed in New York.
Carla Venticinque-Osborn & Aaron Osborn are not only designing shoes, check out their other projects and artworks.
I am always fascinated by artist- and creative couples who are working together.

Maybe that will become one topic for this blog!?

the glasshouse

Posted on: Sunday, December 13, 2009

Livs lastest interior/apartment crush that I can’t stop thinking about
is the GLASSHOUSE a project from an artist couple in Tel Aviv.
The idea behind it is
Art should be presented in a place that allows staying

I met Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry a few months ago here in Berlin after an exhibition at a dinner party.
Thats when they told me about their amazing project.
Their whole house is not only their living space its at the same time
an art project, where they are inviting artists from all over the world
to live and work with them or alone on a project.
They offer it as a residency.
Its called Glasshouse because there is almost no room for intimitacy,
except for the door to the bathroom, the place is really open.
During the opening hours you can find on their website its open to public like a gallery space.

What is most inspiring for Liv is that they just decorated the place with found and old things almost randomly picked together and in the sum of its parts it became a really stylish and beautiful environment.
I really want to have a place like this one day! An inspiring place to live and work.
Can’t wait to see it for real. Hopefully Ill manage to visit them next year.

P.S: Love the white painted floor it’s like here in my studio!

can we? shall we?

Posted on: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artwork by Rob Ryan.

These papercut works are amazing.
They would also be a great inspiration for a wedding invitation.
If you are in London check out his shop:
126 Columbia Road
London E2 7RG

We are already familiar with his work from here, he designed all the packages of the great natural skincare brand Snowberry.
He’s even designed a DRESS for Vogue U.K. Have a look here.
London tonite, yay! Hooray.

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