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new love

Posted on: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I mentioned already that I am starting a new career as make up artist,
at This Is Jane Wayne, I am blogging for a cool young German online magazine about my way to start something new and about beauty, have a look if you are interested.
As soon as I have decided to commit and to go through the door that just opened things keep falling in place.
A friend told me about a make up artistry competition that just came up at the right time, I practiced and worked hard on my entry and: I won.
The prize is, and that’s why it’s so exciting: A full time professional make up artist course at the well known Jemma Kidd Academy plus a full kit of make up with everything I will need incl. professional brushes.
IT IS INCREDIBLE! This new career just started with a BANG!
And I am more than excited to start.
I feel very very thankful and all warm and fuzzy inside.
You can see more pictures of my work here.
Thanks to the people who supported me in my decision!

The wedding without a dress

Posted on: Saturday, October 30, 2010

photo via Green Wedding Shoes

One of my good friends from Berlin just got engaged.
The best news of the week.
When she told me I was smiling all day long.
I met up with them a week ago and it was soooo good so see them.
Since I moved to London I hardly had contact with my friends over there.
Just a email, here and there, facebook messages…
But to meet friends in real life feels so good. They were super happy (obvsly) and I loved hearing their whole messed up proposal story

I got a bit excited to create a dress for her and was slightly disappointed but also impressed by her decision to marry without a wedding dress.
Yes that’s right. She said she never had this princess vision of herself as a bride anyway,they don’t have the budget to buy a real cool designers dress and would love to spent more on the event, and good food, so all their friends will have a good time. Fair enough.
The plan:
Her fiancés is from London with a Spanish background.
They tried to find a location that combines the German, English and Spanish culture:MALLORCA!
So they are planning to rent a finca over there and are going to have a beach and pool wedding.
The bride will wear a white one-piece swim with a beachy little something on top.

P.S: I didn’t ask about the groom outfit.
PPS: Maybe I should finally move somewhere sunny and design swimwear!?

how to overcome hibernation mode

Posted on: Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer is over. My body starts to get into hibernation mood.
When I get up in the morning it’s still really dark outside.
But there is always coffee…
The other good news are that there is an exciting new blog project coming up.
The ladies of Artschoolvets, a cool Berlin based group of artists, designers, musicians etc. are about to launch “this is Jane Wayne” the female counterpart of the main website.
I am more than happy to follow their invitation and join the cool ladies behind it.
I will keep you up to date about the launching date.
I have to push my self now to get out of hibernation mode, to get the print look books done and preparing for sales and production. Get started with the new blog….and finding myself some cozy winter clothes.
I hope to work with lots of great brides this season and I am already really looking forward to create fantastic styles for them!

how to create your very own happy ending

Posted on: Saturday, March 27, 2010


…or about happy endings part II
Things could be so easy.
Just follow the three steps as shown above.
My dear friend and great artist Kinga Dunikowska created the work
“Happy End” for the Museum of Gelsenkirchen/Germany.

Apparently things are not that easy. But I guess that is
what makes life interesting and beautiful.

drama, baby! drama!

Posted on: Thursday, February 25, 2010


all images courtesy of Staatsoper Berlin

The dress above is one of many great costumes by Christian Lacroix for the Agrippina Opera currently shown at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin

What a stunning dramatic wedding dress this piece would make!?

I haven’t seen this opera live but I am in love with the photos and I really feel
like going to the theater soon.(it has been a while)
This one will be a great fashion inspiration. So: If you are planning a Berlin trip soon: GO!

chi sing

Posted on: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you are in Berlin and looking for a place to eat and at the same time
want to get some great home/interiour/ wedding decoration inspiration:
Don’t miss Chi Sing!
Liv loves this place and just took Lav there the other week.
The origami pieces hanging from the ceiling, would be great wedding decoration.
The mis-matching chairs: LOVE!
Food: Incredible!

Drinks: Even better (if thats possible)

Fresh and healthy dishes, decorated with love and peace. The interior theme is obviously inspired by the challenging Origami technique.
Huê is the capital city of Thua Thiên in Vietnam. Between 1802 and 1945, it was the imperial capital of the Nguyên Dynasty. As such, it is well known for its monuments and architecture.
The cuisine of Huê draws from throughout Vietnam, but one of the most striking differences is the prominence of vegetarianism in the city.

Alright, now Im really getting hungry!

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