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Dress hunting inspiration- The different bridal POP UP shop

Posted on: Friday, March 28, 2014


A little while ago I have received an email from the genius behind a totally new bridal store concept from San Francisco I was smitten by her enthusiasm about independent, up and coming designers from around the world and her style. This is my kinda shop…only that I am not in the USA nor am I in need of a wedding dress right now. Otherwise I would possibly hop in the next plane.
While I can’t be there in person I felt I really wanted to share the LOVE and hopefully inspire some of you lovely readers.
In case any of you are around California, I had to share her Pop Up Invitation with you and hope you can make it.
Otherwise do check out her website and stay tuned for updates! I am sure it will be worth it and I would love to see this for myself.
This looks like fun and totally different to the conventional dusty and sometimes intimidating bridal stores out there.

Good luck with your dress hunt!

Liv as wedding guest

Posted on: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Via My-Wardrobe.com
this dress is by Acne, shoes by Sam Edelman

In the unlikely event of Liv attending Dave’s brothers wedding in Australia in August this is what I would wear.
With smoky eyes and nude lips.
Sadly I am stuck with loads of work in London and couldn’t get the time off, so he will have to go on his own.
I can only dream- If I were going to attend, let’s say my work for August will be getting cancelled and I will be able to take holidays, at the same time I will be able to get a free flight and I will have only 1 day to get my outfit together online and uhm, while we are at it, I wouldn’t have to pay for my outfit either….
…Then I would prob. wear the outfit above. All found at My-Wardrobe.com

I would love to make it happen. Weddings are so magical.
I only need to find the time to go. The fabulous evening dress I can do myself.

catching up with u!

Posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011

photos by Clare-Louise for Tiarama, Dresses, Make Up & Hair by Liv Lundelius

I have been busy lately.
So I really feel I have to catch up with you guys.
I have recently worked a great photo-shoot for the great accessories label TIARAMA.
I have done Make-Up, Hair and the dresses for the shoot.
The talented founder Suzanne does all her unique pieces by hand and for her latest pieces she organized a fantastic photo-shoot with a magical team including the incredible photographer was Clare Louise.
We headed out far into the English country side to shoot in an amazing old mansion that was half refurbished half falling apart.
Thanks again to the whole team!

A bridal make over with Josie

Posted on: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last week on a sunny day I met up with the fabulous Josie from Savoir Weddings. She just featured the first part of our bridal make up session
and interview on my work with brides on her blog here.
There is more to come… ; )

The stunning pictures of us were taken by the talented Gaelle of
Oh La La weddings.
Summer is almost here and I am really looking forward to all the wonderful brides I will work with this season.

makeing up brides

Posted on: Thursday, March 10, 2011

photo calvin klein via handbag.com

The answer is: YES!
I am doing bridal make up as well.
Since many of you asked about my other creative career part: make up artistry, lately I decided to tell you a little bit more about that.
Since I have not only done a lot of my friends and families weddings as a make up artist,
now that I am officially and fully trained I do offer an extraordinary and bespoke service to all brides.
I love to work with “real” beautiful women as much as I love working with models in fashion shoots.
It is a different way of working in many ways from look to product and lasting ability but I am just as passionate about enhancing the individual brides unique features and giving her an all day lasting, glowing look based on her skin type, style and personal preferences.

photo via daily makeover by © Kevin Mazur/WireImage
How it works:
During a first trial and consultation meeting we’ll decide on the look and I will suggest products.
We will be creating the full look, as you wish to wear on your wedding day.
l am able to give professional skin care tips, so you can prepare and treat your skin the right way before your big day.
On the actual wedding day, I will be pampering you and will create your all day worry free make up.
If you wish I will design a customized colour palette for you, so you that you can carry the professional make up with you as well.
No matter if you want to go for a glam vintage bride style or a very natural make up I will be up for it.
So if you are interested feel free to contact me at liv(at)blushless.com or give me a call: +44(0)7716354466

back to reality

Posted on: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liv in Melbourne photo by Dave
After a wonderful holiday the usual London stress has fully kicked in,
and hardly left me any time for Blushless projects.
It’s still pretty rough winter weather over here and I am hardly spending anytime outdoors.
I hope that Dave and me soon get to update our private blog with all the wonderful holiday pictures.
But for now we don’t even meet each other at home.
We are both fully engaged in work and work projects.
Lots of exciting engagement and pregnancy news among my friends kicked in and I feel slightly out of touch.
My new day job is taking up all my time, which is ok, because I really have to work loads and for my new make-up artist career there is lots of training and projects coming up as well.
It seems like I have to structure my time a bit differently and becoming clear of my focus.
It’s a new year and I really have to work on a career that allows me to survive on it.
That’s my big goal for 2011.

The Wedding Journal Show, Dublin

Posted on: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blushless dresses available here

My dresses have been on a trip as well…
While I have been in Australia, my dresses have been on the catwalk in Ireland.
Ireland’s Wedding Magazine “The Wedding Journal” is hosting weddings shows in different locations.
They have been so kind and just sent me a few photos of the presentation.
Babysteps for my label. Tiny steps.
I always knew that fashion design is not the easiest business, but without a partner it’s almost impossible.
Something needs to happen, I am looking for advice.
Life surprises me all the time with good things as well as not so good ones.

A truly Blushless Bride

Posted on: Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A wonderful bride just sent me photos of her wedding in her Blushless dress.
They make a such a stunning couple and it always makes me happy to see my dresses on real people.
Unfortunately some of their guests didn’t agree with publishing photos of them in the web, that’s why I can share just a small selection of this truly fun German summer wedding. But this photo is my favorite anyway.
Thank you Sandy for sharing! And all the best for the future.

a week full of surprises!

Posted on: Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liv loves surprises. Most of the time they are good ones and keep life exciting.
This week has been a tough one, I lost my dayjob a little earlier than I had planned.
That created a panic attack and major mind chaos.
I also lost my favorite ring, that my grandma gave to me: A real golden beauty with a timeless art deco appeal and a diamond.
But then there are good surprises, like that my man stays calm and strong in shitty situations and proved to be a proper rock.
The holiday plans are screwed, and I just got an amazing beach bikini, but with the job situation it looks like we have to cancel the holiday, I was so excited about.
I couldn’t find time for my new writing project either.
So: My dear readers, whoever knows a contact for any suitable job for me in London,
please feel free to email me!

how to overcome hibernation mode

Posted on: Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer is over. My body starts to get into hibernation mood.
When I get up in the morning it’s still really dark outside.
But there is always coffee…
The other good news are that there is an exciting new blog project coming up.
The ladies of Artschoolvets, a cool Berlin based group of artists, designers, musicians etc. are about to launch “this is Jane Wayne” the female counterpart of the main website.
I am more than happy to follow their invitation and join the cool ladies behind it.
I will keep you up to date about the launching date.
I have to push my self now to get out of hibernation mode, to get the print look books done and preparing for sales and production. Get started with the new blog….and finding myself some cozy winter clothes.
I hope to work with lots of great brides this season and I am already really looking forward to create fantastic styles for them!

Blushless 2011 Transformation_ The Video

Posted on: Saturday, September 25, 2010

The new Blushless collection takes its inspiration from the spirit of transformation.
Fascinated by the dynamic nature of supernovae and the composed and structured form of butterflies, I have fallen in love with the idea of giving the Blushless bride wings.
The new collection is able to portray these ideas through the use of dynamic silhouettes, transformable lengths and aspiring shapes that change seamlessly when viewed from different angles.

Three pieces have been created to each represent the three states of time:
The Past, The Present, and The Future.

“Life is only what is lived, moment to moment and place to place and space to space and time to time
because you are always you.” Yogi Bhajan

Blushless 2011 -behind the scenes

Posted on: Saturday, September 25, 2010

The fantastic people involved into the realisation of the Blushless 2011 Transformation collection shoot are:
Photographer: Graham Turner
Model:Lily Silverton
Make-Up:Joanna Banach
Hair:Haruhide Ishizaki
Shoes:Nina Grabmeir in collaboration with Natalia Shand

Special thanks to David Mansueto for backstage photography, graphics and the photo editing.

Green City Wedding Guide for LONDON

Posted on: Friday, September 17, 2010

The online magazine Eco Beautiful Weddings just posted its Fall 2010 Issue
and it includes a Green City Wedding Guide for London featuring a lot of independent and sustainable local wedding businesses.
Blushless is in there as well. (page 29)
If you are a UK bride to be, you should definitely check it out.
(P.S: The article has been written by the fabulous Anna And The Ring)

Thanks to a fabulous team!

Posted on: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The BLUSHLESS video-/photoshoot went great.
It was magical to see the dresses worn and in movement and suddenly I remembered what all the sleepless nights are for, and why I have to keep going.
This is what I love. It will always be worth to give everything for it.

Thanks again to all the wonderful people that were involved and made it happen.
Everyone has been fabulous, so was the location and even the sun was shining. I can’t wait to see the results!
I will have to wait for the photos a few more days and the video will need quite a lot of post production,
so it will still be a busy week before the official dress revealing.
But Liv will be back to full blog posting speed soon.
!!!More backstage photos as well as credits to come!!!

1, 2, 3 !!!

Posted on: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo courtesy of Yelena Yemchuk Photography

Liv is organising the upcoming photo/video shoot for the
new Blushless styles,
finishing dresses, puzzling the concept together.
Psssssssssssst, it will be 1,2,3! new styles-
And you had a little sneak-peak already.
Time is going superfast right now.
Can’t believe August is already over.
2010 is on speed. I have to go back to work.
See ya soon.

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