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One Fine Day Sydney Roundup- Favourite Vendors

Posted on: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

one fine day makeup artist Liv Lundelius Sydney 01

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.31.26 pm

One Fine Day Wedding Fair Sydney Makeupartist makeup Liv Lundelius

one fine day wedding fair makeup artist Liv Lundelius Sydney 02
One fun weekend this was! At the One Fine Day in Sydney.
While my inbox is overflowing and I am trying my best to get through the wonderful and overwhelming response of the last few days,
I wanted to share a few of my favourite vendors with you.
The One Fine Day girls where one of the very first people I got in touch with when I moved to Sydney and I have been part of the
magical fair right from the humble beginnings at Sun Studios. I can not thank the founders enough, I met so many wonderful people through
this event, even new friendships and of course a lot of business.
Now that we are getting married ourselves, we didn’t only exhibit but were also for the first time on the other side.
We were actually shopping around and locking in some vendors ourselves!

People often ask me which part of my work I enjoy more: wedding makeup or editorial makeup, but to be honest, I can’t quite decide.
I love both and I do both. That’s the short and sweet answer.
Of course all One Fine Day handpicked vendors are great in their own ways, but here are a few that I found are really worth mentioning and recommending to you,
if you are currently planning your own wedding as I had personally amazing experiences with them.

Hello May magazine! Be sure to check out their new “Real Wedding Special” a print book full of the most amazing real weddings.
All We Need Is Love -Celebrant Victoria Eustace is just super lovely all around.
Bridal trousseau – Luxurious Bridal Lingerie and also the most inspiring Instagram account
Natalija The Label – Lovely gowns to make getting ready even more fun!
Tillee Music -Ohhhh this voice. listen for yourself, these guys are amazing.
In An Instant photo booth – Incredibly Fun Polaroid Photobooth being silly in front of their camera was my highlight of the weekend
Bondi Lashes – The best experience in lash extensions
Moira Hughes Couture– bridal dresses exuding luxury and couture skill. If you can’t find the right style in her collection, Moira also creates bespoke pieces.
Grew & Co Some serious jewelry design by the loveliest and most creative husband & wife team based in Sydney.

Jo Bartholomew Jo recently shot our very own engagement photos- nuff said!
Milton Gan – Finely Crafted Wedding Photography I met these guys right at the very first OFD and am always impressed by their big smiles and positive nature paired with professionalism.
Anna Turner Very artistic Lady with a good sense of Humor and Style.

My wonderful Christmas Boots

Posted on: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Image via BBC Good Food

I am celebrating Christmas in Summer this year. It is my first time.
I am beyond excited about reinventing all new traditions and I have written about it here
on my personal lifestyle blog Liv+Dave=
I am dreaming about a homemade Pavlova and some cool Champagne.
We are doing a little Secret Santa as well, and I am really looking forward to buying and wrapping gifts.

My Mum just sent me those wonderful new shoes by Betty London, red ankle boots that look so festive in red with little golden zip.
I really want to wear them for Christmas.
Thanks for sending Mum, I love them, it’s just…uhm…Christmas here in Sydney might be a little bit warmer than where you are in Germany.
But I am sure I will get to wear them a lot, regardless.
And now I am looking for a recipe to make the perfect Pavlova!
Happy Christmas time everyone!

My dream home

Posted on: Monday, May 23, 2011

image found here

My first dream house was the “VILLA KUNTERBUNT” which is the house of Pippi Longstocking.
When I was 4 years old I was obsessed by her, she had it all.
A big house without parents, cool pets, cake for breakfast, a huge box of gold coins and good friends.

Today most inspiration for my dream home comes from The Selby, where most houses actually do have a lot in common with the Villa Kunterbunt.
The site is so addictive and always creates big house-envy.
But I am getting closer to my dream home, step by step.
Our living situation will improve drastically next month.
We are moving house and just found a fabulous BIG flat
in the same fantastic old factory building.
We will be sharing with a couple from Paris, très chic.
And guess what? My new flatmate is a vegan baker! YAY & YUM.
What does your dream home look like? And is it a long way to go?

I’ve found a cake for you, in Sydney

Posted on: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

photos by Liv cake by Sweet Art
Hey! I am back, safe and sound.
I got myself a tan and had the best holiday of my life.
I loved Australia, every part that I have visited.
Mostly the weather and all the fresh fruit.
I really like it warm. Now I know more than ever within a few years time,
I want to live in the sun.

mhmmm meringue rings

Posted on: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

photo and rings via charlesandmarie.com

Designed to look just like a little meringue, these rings look absolutely uber-delish.
The German designer Tanja Hartmann used silicone to create those sweet rings. (No- this is not an engagement ring suggestion…)
The last time I had meringues was here. And they were addictive.
Are meringues the new cupcakes?

golden cake and fresh fruit

Posted on: Thursday, August 12, 2010

image via 100 Layer Cake

WOAH! Now: That’s a GOLDEN cake!
And the little fruit cakes are not bad either.
They remind me of the ones we served at our housewarming.

weddings and trees part II

Posted on: Sunday, December 27, 2009

still inspired by the wonderful tree photograph I put together a
forest inspired (wedding-) mood board. (yeah I know this is not art! )
You know already that Liv and Lav are living in a imaginery treehouse
far up in the Positivity Tree? And we are close to finally living together in London!

But back to the topic: Treeeeees.
And forest wedding- and home inspiration.
I am sure this bed (via anthropologie) with bedding (via can’t remember) like above could give you the full treehouse feeling, even in the city.
We had forest jewelry already here and I recently saw a few great pieces for men and women here at DEANNA COCHRAN
Dresses theLELALAMBone and theLALAone would be great for a forest wedding. Find out more here.

crazy cake

Posted on: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

image via Whisk Kid

The smooth white exterior makes the cake look completely normal, but once you slice into it you realize…
This girl made it for her friends farewell party. Read the whole story and the original recipe here.
I think this one would make for a stunning wedding cake.
I love the frivolous design but im not too sure about the taste, all the food colorings and all the frosting.
Maybe its worth trying to work on that before making one, anyone willing to try a vegan version for Liv?

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mhmmmmerry chocolate mood!

Posted on: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

amazing chocolate wedding cakes from Patisserie Valerie.

These stunning weding cakes remind me of christmas trees.
Its the time of year when it starts to get really cold and dark.
Christmas time always gets me into a candy, cookies, and chocolate mood!

Liv and Lav already had their private little Christmas at the weekend, as we wont be seeing each other til mid January.
We had an amazing dinner at saf, highly recommended place to eat in London!!!

What about you? Are you already in a festive mood?

make your cupcakes rock

Posted on: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumne from Our Punk Rock Wedding shared her DIY cupake decoration on her blog:
“This may sound kind of ridiculous but we couldn’t afford the colorful frosting for our vegan cupcakes. I have no idea why colorful frosting costs more. It just does. Instead, I decided to print out 120 tiny little album covers that have been meaningful to Graham and I, glue them on popsicle sticks, and put them in each cupcake.
We also didn’t want to spend $40 on a cardboard cupcake stand so Graham made one out of records.
Yeah, we’re kind of music nerds. Don’t judge.”

Of course not! I love the idea and it looks really fun. Extra points for all the great ideas and for the VEGAN cupcakes
and for being cool.

about cake

Posted on: Wednesday, September 9, 2009

image via little miss wedding

This cake looks so very delicious, I love the homemade not perfect shape.
Plus I am a fruit addict and the berries on top really turn me on.

Liv dislikes cakes that look like design objects, have weird colors or look
clean and boring. Liv likes cakes that look like food and yummy and they
make you eat them with a big spoon or even hands.
I am not a big cake fan in general, I would prefer tons of fresh ripe fruit.
But I like the image of having a huge cake at a wedding for fun.
I like black cake and fruit pies better than classic fancy cakes filled with cream. The one on the picture above could change my mind.

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black cake- rum rum hooray!

Posted on: Thursday, July 23, 2009

rum_thStill dreaming about sunshine and beaches Liv did a little reserch on
Caribbean wedding traditions and found something delicious.
An Island wedding cake is unique to all the world.

Tradition calls for a BLACK CAKE, with the recipe handed down from mother to daughter and improved upon by each succeeding generation.
Isn’t this great? I am totally into this kind of traditions that includes the magic of a secret, even if its just a cake recipe!

The basic ingredients of an Island wedding cake include a pound of flour, a pound of brown sugar, a pound of butter, and a pound of glazed cherries, raisins, prunes, currants, and a dozen fresh eggs.
The cake is traditionally served with a HARD RUM SAUCE and all of the dried fruits are soaked in rum in a crock pot for anywhere from two weeks to one year.

That sounds delicoius.
I am addicted to many black food & drinks like coffee, licorice and cola light (yeah I know its discusting!)
After the reception the new couple often spend a week in seclusion in a home provided by the groom, or they may travel to a nearby island and spend a glorious week together before returning to their home to start their new life together.

Island weddings are known as very up-beat celebrations. Who can listen to the melodious and haunting sound of the steel drum without the romance of the tropics washing over their soul?

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image via Die Runde Ecke

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