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How to wear a bikini in winter

Posted on: Monday, October 18, 2010

I just received this stunning Quilted Bandeau Set by Mouille. The talented designer of Mouille that I featured on my blog before here sponsored this glamourous piece for me to review.

It’s rad. As a designer myself I can tell that the quality of the fabric as well as the production is excellent. It’s been ethically made in India and I love to support extraordinary emerging designers. This item is from the brand new 2011 collection. I totally dig the nude color.
The only problem: I want to wear it straight away. (and the current temperature in London is about 12degrees)
Maybe I should match it with my new vintage camel coat? And fake fur hat?

Bauhaus, Baby!

Posted on: Thursday, September 23, 2010

image via Magpie & Rye

I just spotted this fantastic little thing at Magpie & Rye and thought it’s worth sharing.
No rock, but a really cool and simple design.
The New Yorker designer Caitlin Mociun studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.
Mociun brings the Bauhaus notion of combining art and craft to her design work in textiles, clothing and jewelry. Her prints themselves are Bauhaus-inspired, and she draws inspiration from the plant photography of Karl Blossfeldt, a prominent artist from the Bauhaus movement.

Mociun continues to explore and integrate the ever-emerging technologies and critical conceptions of sustainability, environmentally healthy production and the role of the individual consumer in society at large.
Now that rocks!

1, 2, 3 !!!

Posted on: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo courtesy of Yelena Yemchuk Photography

Liv is organising the upcoming photo/video shoot for the
new Blushless styles,
finishing dresses, puzzling the concept together.
Psssssssssssst, it will be 1,2,3! new styles-
And you had a little sneak-peak already.
Time is going superfast right now.
Can’t believe August is already over.
2010 is on speed. I have to go back to work.
See ya soon.

My heart My soul

Posted on: Sunday, August 29, 2010

found on brutal.jp
Liv loves hearts!
This pendant is just incredibly cool.
An extremely realistic heart pendant, molded using a 3D biological model of a human heart- the intangible kind, life, and feeling.
Wrapped around the heart is a ribbon, on which can request us to engrave any words that you wish.
The design is themed on the human desire to express a message; you can lay to words to rest, express your personal intentions, or express anything else from the heart.

P.S: How cool are these wedding bands? I would totally get them straight away.
Has everyone checked out my Blushless avant-garde wedding dresses?
New styles coming soon

Highend Engagement Rings

Posted on: Monday, August 16, 2010

top left by DIOR, top right by BOUCHERON, 2nd row left by SOLANGE AZAGURY-PARTRIDGE and 2nd row right by RODARTE

ENGAGEMENTRINGS somehow became the topic of the month,
We had a post about my love for vintage/family jewelry,
contemporary edgy designers, a DESIGN-IT-YOURSELF-Post,
a special on my current obsession for grey diamonds and now here is my top selection of high fashion designer/luxury brand engagement rings.

grey diamonds for great chicks

Posted on: Monday, August 9, 2010

First two above via Melissa Joy Manning, below 2 styles by Katrina Lapenne via Catbird
I am really obsessed with grey diamonds!
GREY and also RAW diamond rings, seem to be so much cooler.
You can see my favorites above.

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livs golden skull minibar

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo by Liv

Last sunday while wandering around Broadway Market after breakfast at
l’eau a La Bouche (highly recommended!)
we discoverd in a magical little furniture & antique shop
full of cool little things, from issey miyake catwalk sunglasses, to the most amazing teapot set…
I could have bought the whole shop (but the price tags didn’t allow me to do so)
At least Liv found loads of inspiration- for free!

The golden skull mini home bar arrangement really got me.
The white painted wood table with a mirror table top decorated with golden paint, a shiny skull candle and a set of different antique cocktail glasses with golden rim:
I am a sucker for almost everthing golden anyway.
And I wanted to share it with you because of it’s weddingy festiveness.
So? Who’s is gonna rock something like that on their wedding?

go and get your sketchbook out

Posted on: Saturday, July 31, 2010

picture found here.
Dave said the other day he would love to design the engagement ring for his
one-day fiancee himself. He is a designer, so that would probably end up in a pretty fantastic piece of jewelry.
I saw that a lot of jewellery designers offer a bespoke service, which is really
cool if you have this stunning idea in your head and another plus is:
A ring like that will really be one of a kind.

Some girls do not think diamonds are their best friends. We are generally those sorts of girls. We don’t dismiss the humble rocks, we just think that jewelry can be pushed further than the boundaries of a single solitaire perched on a band. We’re very smart, you see. Ah, but see how smart we are when you swing this ring slowly in our line of vision. We drool, we covet, we get wobbly in the knees. Quote from Catbird NYC

Here are some awesome designers that could help you realise your ideas:
ORIA in London works with ethical sourced gold, silver and diamonds.
BITTERSWEETS in New York do rad custom designs as well.
Thomas Bartussek in Berlin is always open for new ideas!

And now: Go and get your sketchbook out!

For great inspiration go and check out the COOLEST selection of wedding and engagement rings in the whole world at Catbird NYC,
that East Side Bride introduced me to.

jar junk

Posted on: Sunday, July 25, 2010

pictures in the collage via fallfoundations, Midwest Girl and Oh Lovely Day
It’s probably not the latest idea to use jars as environmental- and budget friendly wedding deco items. But I still like them. As laterns, picture frames, drink glasses…

picture showing a chandelier made from joghurt jars via homeqn.com
Dave* has an obsessive jar collector. So this post is dedicated to his little obsession.
He is even enjoying the process of getting the labels off and has purchased a special cleaning liquid to do that.
They quite handy for all the sewing accessories in my studio!

*If you want to check out what I am up to when not designing wedding gowns or blogging about weedings: Visit our private blog journey: Liv + Dave =

golden girls and grooms

Posted on: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shoes AMALIE by Sophie Gittins
Liv is a golden girl.
She just fell for this hot heels by Sophie Gittins.
This design drew from the rules applied by the Wiener Werkstätte – Graphic simplification of architectural shapes. The palette derives from the heavy use of black/gold by the movement.
Are there any golden guys/grooms to be out there?
The Gold Hexagon Printed Shoes is a Collaboration piece between Koji Horigome and creator Himbad.
These shoes of art are printed &made by hand in Shoreditch, London.

P.S: Did I mention I wanna have an all golden bathroom?

coffee & home

Posted on: Sunday, May 9, 2010

image shows Coffee Light lamp by Bernhard Stellmacher via connox

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.
And even if I am living in London now, I will NEVER switch to tea.
High on caffeine, I will always create the best dresses.
As much as I love grabbing my coffee to go in the morning:
The most important item on my ONE-DAY-WHEN-I-AM-GROWN-UP-WISHLIST is my very own espresso maschine.
(Maybe with a few packages of David Lynch Organic Espresso.)

Is there anything you always wanted for your home?

P.S: I start to ask myself when this “one day” will be.
Will Liv ever settle down and start to build a nest?
Will this restless feeling ever stop?
And will there be someone waiting for me with a coffeemaschine?

LeBlas: Lovely London Bling!

Posted on: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Leblas Sequin ring in 18ct gold

Alright: This is another jewellery post…but Liv just came across this great company:
Le Blas is ethical handmade jewelry from London.
Their wide range covers everything from classical engagement rings and
wedding bands to very cool weird shaped contemporary pieces like the
Dali collection. Another plus: They are even offering bespoke service.
So if you are currently ring hunting you should definitely check them out.

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Stylish Nesting

Posted on: Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today (via woolgathering and miscellany) I found out about the fabulous London based jewellery website KABIRI.
They feature emerging designers and
offer a unique selection of their greatest pieces.
Their wide range covers minimal engagement rings, mens jewelry and all kinds of unique bling.
You should definitely check them out here.
How rad is this Bird Nest Ring?

everlasting bouquets or no flowers for my 26th

Posted on: Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emma of Vintage Magpie designs stunning sparkling bouquets made from vintage jewelry and fabrics.
The great thing is you will have it forever.
Check out all her unique creations here.
(Last year for my 25th birthday I got the most beautiful bouquet of real flowers that I have saved and even moved with.
I love them so much! It has been a smart decision to keep it because I didn’t get any flowers this year for my 26th birthday.)

Anyways this girl is turning jewelry into flowers. How rad is that?

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drama, baby! drama!

Posted on: Thursday, February 25, 2010


all images courtesy of Staatsoper Berlin

The dress above is one of many great costumes by Christian Lacroix for the Agrippina Opera currently shown at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin

What a stunning dramatic wedding dress this piece would make!?

I haven’t seen this opera live but I am in love with the photos and I really feel
like going to the theater soon.(it has been a while)
This one will be a great fashion inspiration. So: If you are planning a Berlin trip soon: GO!

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