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Makeup Workshop

Posted on: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Documentary images by JK Blackwell, a portrait photographer specialising in pets and their people © JK Blackwell / www.twoguineapigs.com.au

Saturday was a big day, my first makeup workshop in Australia! It was held at Create Or Die studio in Marrickville.
It was so much fun and I am so grateful to for the wonderful team of supporters and partners that came on board to make it all happen.
I can safely say the long days and short nights leading up to the day were SO worth it.
The day went by so quickly so I was extra excited about the photos and I can’t wait to see the video, once it’s edited as well.

All guests were so lovely and curious. I was blown away by their enthusiasm and passion for makeup.
I really hope everyone took home new tips & tricks and is encouraged to try new products and techniques.
I could have not hoped for a better crowd!
Every time I mentioned a new topic one million more techniques and pieces of advice would come to into my head.
Questions were asked and new solutions demonstrated.

I could have made this workshop last for a whole week and still would have had more to share…
However I think everyone got a good taste and some insider tips during the day.

The workshop was a mix of tutorials shown on our pretty model Jessica and hands-on times, were everyone would have the time to experiment and try new techniques
on their own faces. Of course there was Champagne, drinks and nibbles as well.

I love a good challenge and bringing together an event like this was definitely a good one.
Thank you for all the wonderful people who contacted me already and asked for further workshops and invited me to come to their cities.
As international makeup artist, I love to travel and the Sydney Makeup Workshop was a great start.
I will get onto planning and we will make it happen, eventually!

A huge thanks to our supporters Jane Iredale Australia, Atelier Lumira
,People for Plants, Bionade Australia , West Elm,
De Lorenzo Haircare, Hello May, BloomboxCo, Ihana

The fab Team: Jaclyn from Blog Society, Nat from Eat Read Love, Julianna from twoguineapigs, Carla from Pebble Coast Films, Jessica Ruscoe our model and my man Dave and puppy Dalston who were there for me all along.

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Every Day Makeup Turtorial

Posted on: Friday, July 5, 2013

The other week, just before her beautiful baby girl was born, the gorgeous Gaby from This Little Port was feeling very tired.
Not being able to sleep with that then very big bump and a rather dancing baby inside, she asked me for some simple every day makeup tips to look fresh when you are tired!
Please go over and check it out. Feel free to comment on her blog for any further questions about makeup and I will do my best to answer them for you.
There are also some more makeup tips over here at White Magazine!

I hope you enjoy!

Love Sparkle?

Posted on: Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Glitter inspiration wedding photo shoot was featured over at the great Polka Dot Bride.

Dream team with Allie from The Wedding Weaver, who styled and planned the whole shoot, Photographer Jo Bartholomew & Makeup Artist Liv Lundelius. Floral Headpiece by Liv Lundelius. Compliment the shoot was an incredible floral hairpiece from The Sisters at Engadine Florist.

Check it out for more images! I love my job.

Proudly listed

Posted on: Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey, I got some exciting news!
I am now proudly listed on the HELLO MAY Directory!
Along with some very cool creative Australian vendors of all kinds.
Check it out!

One fabulous bride with Specs

Posted on: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not long ago I was writing about brides with glasses and how to do your bridal makeup accordingly if you choose to wear your specs on your wedding day. Only days ago I came across Amanda’s great blog she has recently been that wonderful unique bride that truly had her wedding in her individual style and totally carried of the glasses.
I just wanted to share this with you, since I think she is rather fabulous! Check out her wedding here.

One Fine Day- An amazing Wedding fair in Sydney

Posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am really exciting to be part of the next One Fine Day in Sydney in February.
They just featured a lovely blog post about my work too, check it out here.
I love working over here, and even though I have just landed I have immediately started doing bridal makeup for all the wonderful Sydney brides. Amazing!
Of course One Fine Day is also on Twitter and Facebook, if you want to keep up to date about the latest vendors and events.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to see everyone at ‘One Fine Day’
Stop by my stand and say hello!”

What I will bring to “One Fine Day”

1kg of Sunshine
500g of Relaxation soaked overnight
A big handful of Love
One large bag of home grown Ideas and Inspiration.
A good dash of Fun
1 cup of Friendship and Trust
Garnished with a warm smile
Always served fresh with a sprinkle of magic.

Beauty tip of the month

Posted on: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emailed to me by my Dad! Thanks Dad. (source unknown)

I think this is very true. My yoga teacher in NYC taught me to watch my thoughts whenever I leave the house.
Like we always check our image in the mirror, which is fine, but wouldn’t help if we leave with miserable thoughts.
Good thoughts will make you look beautiful! Inside and out.

I am surprised how often I hear women I work with say things like: “I hate my skin.” Or “My skin looks awful/terrible…” etc.
Everyone has bad skin days, stressful days, or a flu from time to time, but there is no need to be that tough on yourself.
Have you ever noticed how your skin changes, when you are stressed, or ill?
I can tell the difference in my own skin straight away.

You can enhance your skin with makeup and enjoy and experiment with it.
Makeup can transform you, and of course you can cover uneven skin tone, blemishes and dark circles
with the right products and techniques.
I love makeup, I love my job. It’s so creative and versatile, and constantly inspiring.
I see makeup as a fun celebration of your own beauty, an artistic tool that can enhance your unique beauty.
I wish I could teach women in my makeup classes and makeovers how to love their skin more.
And to understand what an important and fantastic organ it really is.

Watch your thoughts! Love the skin you live in.

The coolest wedding invite OR how to end the war

Posted on: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

…Or how to see things differently. This speech inspired me a lot!
How see things in a different way, how to question things in a creative way and how to do the most amazing wedding invite EVER as well as how to end the war. This girl does it all.

Pastel Spring Pixie

Posted on: Thursday, March 8, 2012

image via Dashing Magazine, Make Up & Hair by Liv Lundelius

This morning I had some Yoga time in the sunshine through our living room window and painted my toe nails in pastels.
Yoga in the morning is a great exercise, and if you’d like to get started, you can use this great coupon for Patagonia gear to help you save.
Someone played the piano in our courtyard that someone has thrown out.
The latest issue of Dashing Magazine has been published this week.
I love the whole magazine and read it today for breakfast.
You can see above some of the shots of the hair and make up I have done for the Spring issue.
Now I am really in Spring mood. The sun tingels and looking at all these pretty pastels get’s me really excited. For Spring.

more orange lips, new year, new career

Posted on: Friday, December 17, 2010

photos of Alice + Olivia Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear via thefashionspot.com

I am still trying to ignore the winter and snow outside.
That’s why I am digging orange lips right now they remind me to focus on the upcoming holiday.
If you like the orange “let’s-escape-winter-look” as well, you can find a make-up tutorial for this look here.
Through my new day job beside Blushless I decided to listen to my passion and the direction that life is pushing me through.
That means I am about to start a new career as make up artist.
It’s not a completely new field for me but I will built a brand new portfolio and keep learning.

livs golden skull minibar

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo by Liv

Last sunday while wandering around Broadway Market after breakfast at
l’eau a La Bouche (highly recommended!)
we discoverd in a magical little furniture & antique shop
full of cool little things, from issey miyake catwalk sunglasses, to the most amazing teapot set…
I could have bought the whole shop (but the price tags didn’t allow me to do so)
At least Liv found loads of inspiration- for free!

The golden skull mini home bar arrangement really got me.
The white painted wood table with a mirror table top decorated with golden paint, a shiny skull candle and a set of different antique cocktail glasses with golden rim:
I am a sucker for almost everthing golden anyway.
And I wanted to share it with you because of it’s weddingy festiveness.
So? Who’s is gonna rock something like that on their wedding?

go and get your sketchbook out

Posted on: Saturday, July 31, 2010

picture found here.
Dave said the other day he would love to design the engagement ring for his
one-day fiancee himself. He is a designer, so that would probably end up in a pretty fantastic piece of jewelry.
I saw that a lot of jewellery designers offer a bespoke service, which is really
cool if you have this stunning idea in your head and another plus is:
A ring like that will really be one of a kind.

Some girls do not think diamonds are their best friends. We are generally those sorts of girls. We don’t dismiss the humble rocks, we just think that jewelry can be pushed further than the boundaries of a single solitaire perched on a band. We’re very smart, you see. Ah, but see how smart we are when you swing this ring slowly in our line of vision. We drool, we covet, we get wobbly in the knees. Quote from Catbird NYC

Here are some awesome designers that could help you realise your ideas:
ORIA in London works with ethical sourced gold, silver and diamonds.
BITTERSWEETS in New York do rad custom designs as well.
Thomas Bartussek in Berlin is always open for new ideas!

And now: Go and get your sketchbook out!

For great inspiration go and check out the COOLEST selection of wedding and engagement rings in the whole world at Catbird NYC,
that East Side Bride introduced me to.

jar junk

Posted on: Sunday, July 25, 2010

pictures in the collage via fallfoundations, Midwest Girl and Oh Lovely Day
It’s probably not the latest idea to use jars as environmental- and budget friendly wedding deco items. But I still like them. As laterns, picture frames, drink glasses…

picture showing a chandelier made from joghurt jars via homeqn.com
Dave* has an obsessive jar collector. So this post is dedicated to his little obsession.
He is even enjoying the process of getting the labels off and has purchased a special cleaning liquid to do that.
They quite handy for all the sewing accessories in my studio!

*If you want to check out what I am up to when not designing wedding gowns or blogging about weedings: Visit our private blog journey: Liv + Dave =

Origami Snack Bowls

Posted on: Sunday, July 18, 2010

snapshop from my phone
On Friday I have been to a stunning art opening.
This was where I spotted a really cool and easy DIY decoration idea for weddings.
All you need is a few big sheets of strong paper!
And I guess everyone knows back from primary school days how to fold this shape ; )
Just flip it over and fill with crisps, nuts or candy : Voilà!

My DIY haircut part II

Posted on: Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Upon request here photos of Liv and the new cut!
After a party on saturday I spontanously decided to cut my hair off.
We did. Straight away! Now I rock a wild wild bob.

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