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i just cut my hair off…

Posted on: Tuesday, July 6, 2010


photo found here
…spontaneously at saturday night. Bob. Wild bob.
Serious DIY.
It looks like something in between Paris Texas and The Fifth Element
It feels good and NEW.
Go for it!

how to create your very own happy ending

Posted on: Saturday, March 27, 2010


…or about happy endings part II
Things could be so easy.
Just follow the three steps as shown above.
My dear friend and great artist Kinga Dunikowska created the work
“Happy End” for the Museum of Gelsenkirchen/Germany.

Apparently things are not that easy. But I guess that is
what makes life interesting and beautiful.

liv loves blackboard paint

Posted on: Thursday, January 14, 2010

image via The Selby

Blackboard paint is so much fun…
you can write each other messages , write down notes,
wishlists, shoppinglist, or just draw little sketches.

Liv feels a bit crafty right now.I am really in the mood to create a new home.
I still want this stairs. And a golden bathroom. Don’t ask me why.
At the same time I know that I will be moving several more times, so all this ideas are for : one day

oh la la Berlin Wedding

Posted on: Friday, November 13, 2009

Liv recently interviewed Anne-Laure and Axel about their really cool
and off beat Berlin wedding.
They are living in Berlin and Paris (what a great combination by the way!)
but what made this wedding so special and unforgettable was that
absolutely everyone had an unforgettable time.
I really love the locations they picked: The old swimming pool,
filled with balloons is such a stylish yet playful dancefloor.

The small russian cafe KVARTIRA they had their (homemade!) lunch buffet in after the ceremony, is just so laid back and totally not over the top.
I like the urban street cafe atmosphere they have created.

When I asked them about their favorite moments of the wedding
HE answered THE PLANNING (hear that everyone? Planning is not only stressful, it can be the most fun part of your wedding)
He compared the wedding planning to event and party planning he did before and liked it that much that he even would like to help other couples with their planning.

He added, the best moments were after the ceremony when they looked at each other with the “woohooo now were married” looks.
And thats also what she said: walking out of the townhall, next to each other knowing that your now married, that was the best moment ever.
Suuronuded by all loved ones together to help celebrate this special moment with them was
a wonderful experience they are very thankful of.
They only invited their dearest friends and closest family members.
The invitations were designed by the couple themselves they created a contemporary poster, with an engagement photo, nice love song quotes
and of course the details for their wedding.
And also a rad idea to cut the costs.
It was important to them to plan everything their own and personal way, no matter if its traditional or not. Their one rule was: Nothing kitschy.

Asking Anne-Laure about her great bride style she said she put kind of randomly together!
Her mum found the Georges Rech jacket in a design outlet, she got the Max Azria dress through a friend at a special price and loved it immediately, her golden flats are from a little boutique in her neighbourhood.
Axels suit is by BOSS.

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! And thanks for sharing everything with us.


Posted on: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

image via little lost love
Liv loves mulitcolored nails.
These look like candy, like flowers …just the thing to put you in a good mood.
For Brides and all Gals that are wild at heart.
Great Combinations are also GREY and RED…

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from disco to disco

Posted on: Sunday, August 23, 2009

image via erin ever after
The ultimate feature for a home that knows how to party!
I love the contrast between the dark wood and the playful,
kitschy mirror ball effect…
Just a shame i dont have stairs in my apartment!

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