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Holistic Bridal Beauty Prep : Beauty Boosting Nutrition

Posted on: Monday, July 27, 2015

liv lundelius Hum review supplements

Everyone that knows me how much I love healthy food and nutrition,
I might sometimes annoy my friends with my words of wisdom and also always healthy food choices.
So why would I take supplements?

Why Supplements?
I believe that if you work in a demanding job or go through periods of stress or high workloads,
sometimes your food intake just can’t offer enough nutrients. There are so many different situations
in life, where your body can do with a little help including for us women pregnancy, conceiving and menopause.
Just to maintain a healthy regular cycle and balanced hormones it’s important to look after your nutrition.
Our skin, hair and nails also shows us pretty quickly if we are lacking something. Pay attention and listen to your body.
Even though I am overall healthy and free of any serious illness, I take little warning signs of my body very seriously.
If my digestion is not as usual, if I get breakouts and pimples, dry skin, mood swings or simply feel tired, I know it’s time
to change something.
It’s a great idea to give the body a little boost and help it out with some supplements and I have always seen great results.
Sleep, good nutrition, enough fresh water and regular exercise are all important and supplements can only work as part of a healthy lifestyle.
There is no shortcut to good health!
I recommend seeing a Nutritionist or seeking advice in your local health food store, they can often be very knowledgeable.

My Beauty Boosters:
Right now I am doing a detox with HUM Daily Cleanse & HUM Runway Ready.
It is a four week course and I will make sure to continue until I run out.
HUM actually offers an online consultation and a professional Nutritionist will contact you to recommend products.
I thought the consultation was pretty fun and the Daily Cleanse sounded like something that could do me good.
All their products are sustainably sourced, premium quality, non GMO, pure and also clinically proven to work!

Isle Ready
The Runway Ready is a fun beauty supplement for everyone, it will help with healthy nails, shiny hair and glowing skin
and is also vegetarian and vegan. Which is great as many supplements contain animal products, and are not suitable for everyone.
It comes in a pretty dispenser box with daily packs which contain 3 capsules. Super easy peasy! The whole box is a one month course.
I just throw one sachet into my handbag in the morning and then take them with my lunch.
Each sachet contains 2 “Red Carpet” Pills and 1 “Killer Nails” Pill. They contain Black Currant Seed Oil: Perfect Source of ALA & GLA
Sunflower Seed Oil: Great Source of Vitamin E and Vegan Biotin which Strengthens the nails.
I thought this could be an excellent idea to get ready for the wedding.

Skin Cleanse
Within a week of the Daily Cleanse I saw my skin being more clear and I also felt I had great energy throughout the day.
I take 2 capsules per day without food, it’s super quick and easy even if my schedule is packed.
These are meant to cleanse your skin, liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs with Organic Algae, Cleansing Minerals and a unique blend of 15 Detox Herbs.
I will complete the course and possibly do a second one closer to the wedding.

glow inner beauty powder review liv lundelius natural beauty expert

I have also been trying The Beauty Chef Inner Glow Powder, which is from a different brand.
Inner Glow has really helped my skin and digestion. It’s a delicious natural berry flavoured powder to be taken with water and it’s basically made from fermented super foods.
They help making your gut happy by providing pre- and probiotics, but it’s also naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins.
Did I mention, it tastes delicious? I first thought it’s a little pricey but it seems to last a while, as you only need to take a teaspoon per day.
I am planning on keep on going with this one until the big day.

Before I started the Hum Daily Cleanse I just started taking a Magnesium Supplement for better sleep and less stress as well as a Super Green Powder, which is very powerful and was recommended
to my by a independent Nutritionist. I loved both and will probably use it again if needed.
As always do your research and ask a professional before buying supplements.
It’s important to make sure your supplements are free from cheap fillers or nasty ingredients, there are big differences in quality, many of the cheap vitamins from the supermarket won’t cut it!

Have you tried supplements? What are your experiences? Feel free to share.

One Fine Day Sydney Roundup- Favourite Vendors

Posted on: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

one fine day makeup artist Liv Lundelius Sydney 01

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.31.26 pm

One Fine Day Wedding Fair Sydney Makeupartist makeup Liv Lundelius

one fine day wedding fair makeup artist Liv Lundelius Sydney 02
One fun weekend this was! At the One Fine Day in Sydney.
While my inbox is overflowing and I am trying my best to get through the wonderful and overwhelming response of the last few days,
I wanted to share a few of my favourite vendors with you.
The One Fine Day girls where one of the very first people I got in touch with when I moved to Sydney and I have been part of the
magical fair right from the humble beginnings at Sun Studios. I can not thank the founders enough, I met so many wonderful people through
this event, even new friendships and of course a lot of business.
Now that we are getting married ourselves, we didn’t only exhibit but were also for the first time on the other side.
We were actually shopping around and locking in some vendors ourselves!

People often ask me which part of my work I enjoy more: wedding makeup or editorial makeup, but to be honest, I can’t quite decide.
I love both and I do both. That’s the short and sweet answer.
Of course all One Fine Day handpicked vendors are great in their own ways, but here are a few that I found are really worth mentioning and recommending to you,
if you are currently planning your own wedding as I had personally amazing experiences with them.

Hello May magazine! Be sure to check out their new “Real Wedding Special” a print book full of the most amazing real weddings.
All We Need Is Love -Celebrant Victoria Eustace is just super lovely all around.
Bridal trousseau – Luxurious Bridal Lingerie and also the most inspiring Instagram account
Natalija The Label – Lovely gowns to make getting ready even more fun!
Tillee Music -Ohhhh this voice. listen for yourself, these guys are amazing.
In An Instant photo booth – Incredibly Fun Polaroid Photobooth being silly in front of their camera was my highlight of the weekend
Bondi Lashes – The best experience in lash extensions
Moira Hughes Couture– bridal dresses exuding luxury and couture skill. If you can’t find the right style in her collection, Moira also creates bespoke pieces.
Grew & Co Some serious jewelry design by the loveliest and most creative husband & wife team based in Sydney.

Jo Bartholomew Jo recently shot our very own engagement photos- nuff said!
Milton Gan – Finely Crafted Wedding Photography I met these guys right at the very first OFD and am always impressed by their big smiles and positive nature paired with professionalism.
Anna Turner Very artistic Lady with a good sense of Humor and Style.

Bali Makeup Artist, and some engagement shots of us

Posted on: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

bali makeup artist liv lundelius engagement photoshoot
Destination wedding makeup artist bali liv lundelius
bali makeup artist wedding makeup bali liv lundelius

My work as destination wedding makeup artist took me recently to Bali, I packed Dave into my suitcase and we stayed a for a few days after the wedding.
We were in luck when sydney wedding photographer extraordinaire Jo Bartholomew who also flew in from Australia was up to take some shots of us!
I love her work.
Not only did we have a blast on this shoot, we might have booked them to be our wedding photographers too…

Bali was nothing short of spectacular and I will share our personal travel photos on my personal blog here real soon!

One fine weekend filled with fantastic people, inspiration & weddings

Posted on: Thursday, September 19, 2013















I am still recovering from the weekend, 2 fine days at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair in the Sun Studios in Alexandria.
It was so much fun, so busy, meeting so many great people.
Meeting new brides face to face and already booked ones coming by to say hello, meeting new vendors and catching up with the familiar ones.
Making new friends, and celebrating. It was great.
Dave was helping me big time with the stand and made coffee runs for everyone.
Maybe we got a little bit inspired by all the great vendors too and were talking a bit more about getting married…

The work afterwards in answering all the emails, is a little overwhelming. But so great too.
I am so happy grateful for the many bookings and great responds and trying my best to get back to everyone ASAP.

It’s Thursday night now and I am a little tired.
I will try and take half a day off tomorrow to relax and recharge before heading to an early morning wedding up the coast on Saturday.

I love my job. So much.
Thanks for everyone that came by!

Preparations Preparations

Posted on: Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The next OFD in Sydney is just around the corner.
3 more sleeps, eeek!
Looking forward to seeing all the other vendor crowd again.
I have been preparing in between makeup jobs all week.
The printer is running to finsih all the latest photos of my work and all the little decorations and planning are coming together.
The exciting news are that there will be a fashion show, that I am teaming up with some of the other great artists, to do the makeup for the models in the morning.
Can’t wait!

I better go back to work…I will be back with more news soon.

Win A Double Pass For OFD Sydney

Posted on: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Fine Day 2013 Recap from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

I told you already how excited I am about the upcoming ONE FINE DAY
To celebrate the launch of their brand new website, they are giving away tickets to the next Sydney event!
I thought I share the video of the last event in Sydney, to get you in the mood!
If you are bride to be and looking for some amazing inspiration and a fun weekend go over here to my facebook page and enter!


Proudly listed

Posted on: Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey, I got some exciting news!
I am now proudly listed on the HELLO MAY Directory!
Along with some very cool creative Australian vendors of all kinds.
Check it out!

One Fine Day- An amazing Wedding fair in Sydney

Posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am really exciting to be part of the next One Fine Day in Sydney in February.
They just featured a lovely blog post about my work too, check it out here.
I love working over here, and even though I have just landed I have immediately started doing bridal makeup for all the wonderful Sydney brides. Amazing!
Of course One Fine Day is also on Twitter and Facebook, if you want to keep up to date about the latest vendors and events.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to see everyone at ‘One Fine Day’
Stop by my stand and say hello!”

What I will bring to “One Fine Day”

1kg of Sunshine
500g of Relaxation soaked overnight
A big handful of Love
One large bag of home grown Ideas and Inspiration.
A good dash of Fun
1 cup of Friendship and Trust
Garnished with a warm smile
Always served fresh with a sprinkle of magic.

who needs an engagement ring?

Posted on: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

image via le love

This week I actually happened to have a conversation about engagement rings and the question was, if I’d even want an engagement ring.
My initial reaction was: OF COURSE! Then I had to defend my point of view a little, which made me feel like a silly cow that is obsessed with diamonds. Hello?
I started realizing that in my hippie-esque family an engagement ring is fairly uncommon, my mum only wears a wedding band.
In Germany we don’t have such a big fuss about weddings in general.
Everything is more practical than fashionable.
Maybe that’s why I like it. For me it’s exotic and special.
When I did research on this topic in the web I was surprised how many people even questioned that an engagement without a ring isn’t an engagement at all. Of course it is.
Remember the engagement guitar, here?
If I want to marry someone, a ring is obviously the least important thing.
But it is pretty. That’s all.

If I were to propose to myself…

Posted on: Tuesday, September 20, 2011

image via Macha

If I were propose to myself I would be rather stupid.
I mean not that I don’t like myself but you know what I mean…
My point is, if I had to choose an engagement ring for myself I would probably go for a vintage one. In GOLD.
I am wearing my grandmas jewelry all the time and always feel that old jewelry has a story to tell and seems to be somewhat magical. The other day when we walked around the antique market I saw so many gorgeous pieces.
Every weekend in Islington/Angel at Camden Passage you can go on a treasure hunt.
And don’t miss the great breakfast at the The Elk In The Woods.
If you don’t have a market like that nearby, check out the great East Side Brides Blog and her Sponsor that knows it all about vintage rings here.
I adore the big and bold ones just as much as the tiny delicate ones.

one piece of rock

Posted on: Thursday, January 20, 2011

ring by Andrea & Joen
This agate ring was carved out of one single piece of rock.
All natural stone, not dyed or otherwise artificially manipulated.
Carved stone rings are supposed to be very comfortable and light weight.
I wanna rock one.

Jewelry for generations

Posted on: Sunday, January 2, 2011

image found here
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all celebrated well. I had a bad flu over the whole Christmas period so I haven’t been up for much. Now we are off to Australia for 3 weeks. I am so excited.
Pete Doherty and Rose Forde join Hannah Martin in designing a jewellery collection inspired by aspects of history and the future. I will try and prepare a few wedding posts for you. The latest I really liked:
The idea was to design durable and timeless pieces that could be handed down through the generations.
The collections consists of 15pieces including rings and cufflinks.
Read more here.
I like.

dreaming about: heavy metal from down under

Posted on: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

all images courtesy of Stolen Girlfriends ClubI do feel like I am posting way too much about rings.
But I had share the heavy metal collection by the hip designers of
Stolen Girlfriends Club from New Zealand.
From golden bows over cool heart shapes to rebellious punk stud styles, their collection is definitely worth checking out.

Not only is the economy down under doing well and the weather is fantastic, now there are also more&more interesting labels, musicians and artists coming out.

I will be traveling to Australia in January for the first time and I am so curious and excited. I have a feeling I might want to stay.

I left my heart in NYC, where is yours?

Posted on: Thursday, November 11, 2010

I did leave my heart in NYC
(which doesn’t mean I dislike London or my fab new life here)
Now you can wear your favorite places and memories on your fingers.
The Paris based designer Philippe Tournaire designed an architecture collection of rings, where you can find famous buildings and places from various cities/countries around the globe.

I found this though my new blog project
This is Jane Wayne“, which is mainly written in German, but my blog as well as one of the other girls are writing in English.
Check it out here or go to blogs directly here.

The wedding without a dress

Posted on: Saturday, October 30, 2010

photo via Green Wedding Shoes

One of my good friends from Berlin just got engaged.
The best news of the week.
When she told me I was smiling all day long.
I met up with them a week ago and it was soooo good so see them.
Since I moved to London I hardly had contact with my friends over there.
Just a email, here and there, facebook messages…
But to meet friends in real life feels so good. They were super happy (obvsly) and I loved hearing their whole messed up proposal story

I got a bit excited to create a dress for her and was slightly disappointed but also impressed by her decision to marry without a wedding dress.
Yes that’s right. She said she never had this princess vision of herself as a bride anyway,they don’t have the budget to buy a real cool designers dress and would love to spent more on the event, and good food, so all their friends will have a good time. Fair enough.
The plan:
Her fiancés is from London with a Spanish background.
They tried to find a location that combines the German, English and Spanish culture:MALLORCA!
So they are planning to rent a finca over there and are going to have a beach and pool wedding.
The bride will wear a white one-piece swim with a beachy little something on top.

P.S: I didn’t ask about the groom outfit.
PPS: Maybe I should finally move somewhere sunny and design swimwear!?

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