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Holistic Bridal Beauty Prep : Beauty Boosting Nutrition

Posted on: Monday, July 27, 2015

liv lundelius Hum review supplements

Everyone that knows me how much I love healthy food and nutrition,
I might sometimes annoy my friends with my words of wisdom and also always healthy food choices.
So why would I take supplements?

Why Supplements?
I believe that if you work in a demanding job or go through periods of stress or high workloads,
sometimes your food intake just can’t offer enough nutrients. There are so many different situations
in life, where your body can do with a little help including for us women pregnancy, conceiving and menopause.
Just to maintain a healthy regular cycle and balanced hormones it’s important to look after your nutrition.
Our skin, hair and nails also shows us pretty quickly if we are lacking something. Pay attention and listen to your body.
Even though I am overall healthy and free of any serious illness, I take little warning signs of my body very seriously.
If my digestion is not as usual, if I get breakouts and pimples, dry skin, mood swings or simply feel tired, I know it’s time
to change something.
It’s a great idea to give the body a little boost and help it out with some supplements and I have always seen great results.
Sleep, good nutrition, enough fresh water and regular exercise are all important and supplements can only work as part of a healthy lifestyle.
There is no shortcut to good health!
I recommend seeing a Nutritionist or seeking advice in your local health food store, they can often be very knowledgeable.

My Beauty Boosters:
Right now I am doing a detox with HUM Daily Cleanse & HUM Runway Ready.
It is a four week course and I will make sure to continue until I run out.
HUM actually offers an online consultation and a professional Nutritionist will contact you to recommend products.
I thought the consultation was pretty fun and the Daily Cleanse sounded like something that could do me good.
All their products are sustainably sourced, premium quality, non GMO, pure and also clinically proven to work!

Isle Ready
The Runway Ready is a fun beauty supplement for everyone, it will help with healthy nails, shiny hair and glowing skin
and is also vegetarian and vegan. Which is great as many supplements contain animal products, and are not suitable for everyone.
It comes in a pretty dispenser box with daily packs which contain 3 capsules. Super easy peasy! The whole box is a one month course.
I just throw one sachet into my handbag in the morning and then take them with my lunch.
Each sachet contains 2 “Red Carpet” Pills and 1 “Killer Nails” Pill. They contain Black Currant Seed Oil: Perfect Source of ALA & GLA
Sunflower Seed Oil: Great Source of Vitamin E and Vegan Biotin which Strengthens the nails.
I thought this could be an excellent idea to get ready for the wedding.

Skin Cleanse
Within a week of the Daily Cleanse I saw my skin being more clear and I also felt I had great energy throughout the day.
I take 2 capsules per day without food, it’s super quick and easy even if my schedule is packed.
These are meant to cleanse your skin, liver, bowel, kidneys and lungs with Organic Algae, Cleansing Minerals and a unique blend of 15 Detox Herbs.
I will complete the course and possibly do a second one closer to the wedding.

glow inner beauty powder review liv lundelius natural beauty expert

I have also been trying The Beauty Chef Inner Glow Powder, which is from a different brand.
Inner Glow has really helped my skin and digestion. It’s a delicious natural berry flavoured powder to be taken with water and it’s basically made from fermented super foods.
They help making your gut happy by providing pre- and probiotics, but it’s also naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins.
Did I mention, it tastes delicious? I first thought it’s a little pricey but it seems to last a while, as you only need to take a teaspoon per day.
I am planning on keep on going with this one until the big day.

Before I started the Hum Daily Cleanse I just started taking a Magnesium Supplement for better sleep and less stress as well as a Super Green Powder, which is very powerful and was recommended
to my by a independent Nutritionist. I loved both and will probably use it again if needed.
As always do your research and ask a professional before buying supplements.
It’s important to make sure your supplements are free from cheap fillers or nasty ingredients, there are big differences in quality, many of the cheap vitamins from the supermarket won’t cut it!

Have you tried supplements? What are your experiences? Feel free to share.

Expert Advice: Best Beauty Foods For Healthy Skin

Posted on: Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pear Avo Smoothie Bowl
I am very excited to have health food expert, nutritionist and food blogger Monique Cormack, sharing er expertise.
I met Monique a little over a year ago when she booked me as makeup artist for her wedding.
Her knowledge blew my mind, so I feel grateful that she took my invitation to write a guest post for my blog.
In her post she mentioned about how to get an amanda cerny body through her diet routine, I tried it and I think it’s good! I am very thankful that she gets to be my guest on my blog.

Having radiant, clear skin makes you feel great and is really a beauty feature in itself.  While I take care of my skin externally by using simple, natural skin care products, I also make sure to nourish my skin from within by eating an abundance of foods that support skin health and regeneration. On top of that, I always read product reviews at skinhelpers.com before deciding to buy it.

So, what foods are good for healthy skin? A fun and helpful way to look at this answer is to think of the qualities we would like in our skin, and see them reflected in what we choose to consume.

Clear. This one is a bit of a no-brainer; I am talking about water! It is so important to stay hydrated, this will keep your skin looking brighter and fuller. Dehydration will be reflected in sallow, dry skin and tired-looking eyes. You can help to hydrate with liquids such as water, coconut water, herbal tea and vegetable juices. Also try to consume water-rich, hydrating whole fruits and vegetables e.g. watermelon, grapefruit, oranges, berries, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and lettuce varieties.

Clean.  It’s a bit of an overused term at the moment, but by eating “clean” I simply mean to cut back on processed foods and focus on eating as many foods as close to nature as possible. Fresh produce, lean meat, fish, eggs, raw nuts and seeds, smart carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat can be flavoured with herbs, spices, homemade sauces and dips without any chemical additives.  By removing processed foods you will also eliminate a lot of excess sugar from your diet, which can be a key trigger for bad skin.

Fresh. Making sure that the majority of the food you eat is actually fresh food, as opposed to pre-packaged convenience food, will help you on your way to having great skin.  Add a handful of fresh spinach to your scrambled eggs or breakfast smoothie.  Enjoy an orange or an apple together with a handful of raw nuts for afternoon tea.  Make sure that your lunch and dinner includes your favourite veggies, trying to include 2-3 different varieties (aim for 2 cups of veg) for a colourful plate; by eating the rainbow, you canvass a larger number of nutrients.

Vibrant.  Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables contain various micro nutrients which help to support healthy skin. Citrus, kiwi and berries are rich in Vitamin C, essential for collagen production (collagen is a major structural protein of the skin). Dark leafy greens are packed with fibre, minerals and antioxidant compounds which will improve digestion and help eliminate toxins from the body. Orange foods like carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A, an antioxidant which is also essential for skin health.

Glowing.  What helps you glisten and glow? Healthy, shiny FATS. I cannot stress enough the importance of including good quality fats if you want great skin. A number of nutrients needed for skin health, including Vitamins A, E and K, are all “fat-soluble”. This means that our digestive system absorbs them via a molecule of fat.  Include quality fats such as a few tablespoons of cold-pressed coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil and/or organic butter. Chia seeds, raw nuts and seeds, oily fish, whole eggs, avocado and tahini are also excellent healthy-fat items to regularly include in your meals.

Toned. Protein! This is used in the construction of every tissue in your body. Skin cells are constantly regenerating, so we need to make sure we regularly consume adequate protein. This might be 2 whole eggs or approximately a 150 gram serve of meat or fish; plant-based sources include nuts and seeds, legumes and protein-rich “grains” such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth.  If you wish to use a protein powder, choose an additive-free one (I like Sunwarrior for a vegan protein, and the Bare Blends range is also very good).


Pear Avo Smoothie Bowl 2
Nourish Everyday Recipe: Skin Food Smoothie Bowl

This meal is so easy to throw together very quickly and makes a great breakfast, lunch or even a light dinner if you get home late and want to eat something that’s not too heavy before you go to sleep. I have chosen to blend together a selection of ingredients that are especially great for skin health. Avocado and chia seeds for essential healthy fats and a little protein boost.  Hydrating cucumber.  Cleansing, antioxidant-rich spinach for some essential leafy greens.  Pear for sweetness and an excellent fibre hit.  Top it with berries for your Vitamin C and also a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds, which are rich in zinc (great for skin and nails) and also magnesium (great for stress management – brides-to-be this is an important mineral for you!)

You need:
1 small pear (ripe or even overripe will work best)
¾ cup cucumber chunks
1 big handful baby spinach
½ avocado
2 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 scoop vanilla protein (I use Sunwarrior Vanilla in this)
½ cup almond/rice/coconut/oat milk
½ cup coconut water or water
½ cup berries (fresh or frozen)
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

What to do:
Core and chop the pear up into chunks. Place the pear chunks and all the other ingredients, except the berries and pumpkin seeds, into your blender and process until nice and smooth. You can thin it out with a little more liquid if you prefer. Top with berries and pumpkin seeds.  (For a more indulgent smoothie you can also add some coconut flakes and cacao nibs as shown in the picture!)


You can find Monique for even more great recipes and services over here at Nourish Everyday

Monique Cormack
Contact her via her directly via her contact form or follow her on social media for her latest foodie adventures:
Instagram: @nourish_everyday
Facebook: Nourisheveryday
Pinterest: Nourisheveryday

Brigitte Bardot Shoot in the Hunter Valley

Posted on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini dress-6

{I am Brigitte} from Simon Phinith on Vimeo.

October was Hunter Valley month, I went up there for weddings every single week and then one week even twice,
as we had a beautiful collaboration happening up there. The shoot was brought together by the talented Headpiece designer Yummii & I,
being inspired by Brigitte Bardot. Showcasing her work and the stunning Hunter Valley Weddign Venues: Roberts Circa 1876 and The Convent,
this shoot was pure fun to work on and we also had the most wonderful luxury accomodation and yummiest catering, a dream job! Thanks again to everyone involved.

Credits of an amazing Team: Red wine-1

Model: Carolyn Armistead
Photographer: Anna Wareham
Make-up: Liv Lundelius
Hair Stylist: Melissa Cauchi Hairdressing
Fashion Stylist: Karlie May Cowley
Set Styling: Styled by Linda
Headpieces: Yummii & I
Location: The Convent Hunter Valley and Roberts Circa 1876

My wonderful Christmas Boots

Posted on: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Image via BBC Good Food

I am celebrating Christmas in Summer this year. It is my first time.
I am beyond excited about reinventing all new traditions and I have written about it here
on my personal lifestyle blog Liv+Dave=
I am dreaming about a homemade Pavlova and some cool Champagne.
We are doing a little Secret Santa as well, and I am really looking forward to buying and wrapping gifts.

My Mum just sent me those wonderful new shoes by Betty London, red ankle boots that look so festive in red with little golden zip.
I really want to wear them for Christmas.
Thanks for sending Mum, I love them, it’s just…uhm…Christmas here in Sydney might be a little bit warmer than where you are in Germany.
But I am sure I will get to wear them a lot, regardless.
And now I am looking for a recipe to make the perfect Pavlova!
Happy Christmas time everyone!

Rosemary Instead Of Roses

Posted on: Monday, June 13, 2011

image via vitality-centre.com

I haven’t done a world wedding traditions post in a while.
While looking something up on a yoga website I came across some traditional love herbs and I found the following fact:
Rosemary – Represents love and faithfulness. Many cultures have used this herb as an aphrodisiac and to keep love strong.
In days of yore, women carried Rosemary for their bridal bouquet in lieu of flowers!
I didn’t know that. I love rosemary on potatoes and roasts.
But as bouquet? Not quite sure.
It would look great for sure together with flowers.
Keep your love strong- with rosemary ; )

one of these days

Posted on: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo via Une Vie De La Chute

I have to say I haven’t had one of this days in ages.
But today it fully kicked in. I started to question every little dust corn in my life.
Just everything went wrong. I kept making the most ridiculous mistakes 3 times in a row.
My train was delayed ….I had a headache-my brain felt like mash:
Small things really.
But enough to realise I NEED A LITTLE BREAK,
just this one night without work. The evening off, at least.
And I am already feeling better!
I had a delicious dinner at Busaba Eathai in Shoreditch.
I needed some people watching I had to leave the house, and my work for some time.
Thank you Dave for fabulous company and motivation.
And now I snuggle up EARLY and listen to the storm and rain outside.

What do you do if you have one of those days? What brings you back on track?

livs golden skull minibar

Posted on: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo by Liv

Last sunday while wandering around Broadway Market after breakfast at
l’eau a La Bouche (highly recommended!)
we discoverd in a magical little furniture & antique shop
full of cool little things, from issey miyake catwalk sunglasses, to the most amazing teapot set…
I could have bought the whole shop (but the price tags didn’t allow me to do so)
At least Liv found loads of inspiration- for free!

The golden skull mini home bar arrangement really got me.
The white painted wood table with a mirror table top decorated with golden paint, a shiny skull candle and a set of different antique cocktail glasses with golden rim:
I am a sucker for almost everthing golden anyway.
And I wanted to share it with you because of it’s weddingy festiveness.
So? Who’s is gonna rock something like that on their wedding?

jar junk

Posted on: Sunday, July 25, 2010

pictures in the collage via fallfoundations, Midwest Girl and Oh Lovely Day
It’s probably not the latest idea to use jars as environmental- and budget friendly wedding deco items. But I still like them. As laterns, picture frames, drink glasses…

picture showing a chandelier made from joghurt jars via homeqn.com
Dave* has an obsessive jar collector. So this post is dedicated to his little obsession.
He is even enjoying the process of getting the labels off and has purchased a special cleaning liquid to do that.
They quite handy for all the sewing accessories in my studio!

*If you want to check out what I am up to when not designing wedding gowns or blogging about weedings: Visit our private blog journey: Liv + Dave =

Origami Snack Bowls

Posted on: Sunday, July 18, 2010

snapshop from my phone
On Friday I have been to a stunning art opening.
This was where I spotted a really cool and easy DIY decoration idea for weddings.
All you need is a few big sheets of strong paper!
And I guess everyone knows back from primary school days how to fold this shape ; )
Just flip it over and fill with crisps, nuts or candy : Voilà!

crazy cake

Posted on: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

image via Whisk Kid

The smooth white exterior makes the cake look completely normal, but once you slice into it you realize…
This girl made it for her friends farewell party. Read the whole story and the original recipe here.
I think this one would make for a stunning wedding cake.
I love the frivolous design but im not too sure about the taste, all the food colorings and all the frosting.
Maybe its worth trying to work on that before making one, anyone willing to try a vegan version for Liv?

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golden macaroons

Posted on: Monday, December 7, 2009

image via 00o00 blog

The fashion industry’s favourite sweet treat Laduree, has collaborated with Marni – producing a limited edition box of macaroons.
These are chocolate filled, layered with gold sheets, and will be available from December, 1st in all Laduree shops in Paris, London, Dublin, Tokyo and Switzerland. Yay its Christmas time!

I know someone would be happy ; )

mhmmmmerry chocolate mood!

Posted on: Tuesday, December 1, 2009

amazing chocolate wedding cakes from Patisserie Valerie.

These stunning weding cakes remind me of christmas trees.
Its the time of year when it starts to get really cold and dark.
Christmas time always gets me into a candy, cookies, and chocolate mood!

Liv and Lav already had their private little Christmas at the weekend, as we wont be seeing each other til mid January.
We had an amazing dinner at saf, highly recommended place to eat in London!!!

What about you? Are you already in a festive mood?

delicious dress

Posted on: Thursday, October 22, 2009

image via Chic’n Cheap Living

This dress is made from white chocolate (and not a Blushless creation)
I am still using vegan leathers, fantastic silks and hightech microfibres…
This one is delicious though!
Its the time of year in Berlin when its cold and rainy and freeeeeeeeezin’,
perfect to stay in and indulge in chocolate and candy!

make a wish before you take a bite…

Posted on: Monday, June 15, 2009

image via drikadocesecia
Ola Brazil!!
I noticed last week that there are quite a few of you reading this from sunny Brazil! This got me thinking and after a little
Bem Casodos or Well-Marrieds!
Its the most traditional sought-after dessert at weddings in Brazil.
Each Bem Casado is artfully made and is light, soft, airy and filled with smooth, home-made caramel bathed in a special sweet sauce.
I can’t wait to attend an brazilian (inspired) wedding, sounds delicious!
The packaging is also incredible.
They come in all colors and materials you can imagine:
Little baskests,napkins, paperboxes, wrapped in lace and beautiful fabircs, with bows, little cards or flowers. Many shops offer them custom-made to the theme or colorscheme of the wedding. Some are kitschy some very very nice.
Each treat represents two united parts sealed by sweet love, support and mutual respect.
According to legend, everyone who tastes them will be blessed with the happiness of newlyweds, Abraços!
so make a wish before you take a bite.

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