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Hello May Issue Five rocks!

Posted on: Friday, June 13, 2014

Pedal to the Metal // Hello May // Behind the Scenes from Light Noise Films on Vimeo.

They say that if you love what you do for a living you will never have to work a single day in your life ever again.

I love what I do and I am grateful everyday that I am living my dream.
What this quote doesn’t tell you is that you will still need time for yourself, holidays and quiet time to rest, which is too easy to forget,
when just being so happy about being busy and all the wonderful opportunities.
Being a professional makeup artist, I sometimes have to poke myself, that this is all real.
So many amazing have happened and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to travel to Bali as destination wedding makeup artist and can’t wait to work again in Europe and the USA.
It’s always important to remember how far you have come rather on how far there still is to go.
As beauty expert and beauty editor, I have had the chance to work with exciting brands lately and I have many more ideas.
Of course there are always new challenges, dreams & goals to achieve, but in the meantime I am very happy to be well on my way.
I am trying my best to find the balance, as I think I am a little bit of a workaholic, but heh, back to the topic:

HM05 Instagram promo

Photo shoots like the recent Hello May Editorial in Issue Five (go and grab your copy now!!!) are just a dream to work on
with an incredible team of creatives and just simply amazing, inspiring, funny and lovable people the final images of a
shoot like this will always mean a lot to me. The hairstyling & makeup for this was more out there then the usual clean fresh bridal look, and it was exciting to create this wild & powerful look.
Also this is one of my favourite and in my opinion the best wedding & lifestyle magazine there is.
To see my work in print is a very special moment and makes me warm & fuzzy inside.
And then after all that excitement, the behind the scenes video got released and reminded me once more of how much fun we had working on this.

Check out all those amazing people who made this possible:
Creative direction: hellomay.com.au
Photography: larahotz.com
Hair & Make-up: www.livlundelius.com
Videography: lightnoisefilms.com.au

un petit french wedding

Posted on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.43.11 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.39.06 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 7.40.55 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.19.48 PM
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.19.39 PM

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to once more being part of a wedding with the incredible Tim Coulson as photographer.
I adore his work, it’s simply beautiful and has a certain honesty about it, he manages to capture people in a very different and beautiful way.
This wedding was really special in many ways. The bride & groom were from France, and had a small number of family & friends coming over from Europe to celebrate with them.
Somehow french always manage to keep everything especially tasteful, and while Eve the beautiful bride was pregnant and had a gorgeous little bump, she looked effortless and fashionable in her chic and sleek dress,
and only a french woman could carry of those big ruffles and still look elegant and timeless. Congratulations Eve & Guillaume!
Thanks Tim for sharing the pictures with me!

Ever involving, traveling and makeup-ing

Posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.04.54 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.52.15 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.52.45 PM

Lately I was lucky to travel to many many beautiful locations for weddings,
from Whale Beach to the Southern Highlands over the Hunter Valley (where I am somehow going every week at the moment) up north even further all the way to wonderful beaches near Forster.
I have seen Kangaroos with their young in the pouch, I have watched whales, really close up near the coast, I have had wonderful dinners and have met
inspiring and warm people along the way. Even after having done so many weddings, each bride is unique to work with.
My beautiful bride Marli, has already send through a little preview for me of her beautiful bohemian beach wedding (photographer James Billing) and
the loved up couple Kaitlyn & Viktor (will show you a peak soon!) have only been some of my recent highlights.
Marli is actually the owner and mastermind behind her own brow bar where you can get THE best brows in Syndey, check it out!
I might do a little interview with her soon here on the blog! Didn’t she look stunning on her wedding day?

I appreciate my work and all the great opportunities I am getting every day.
I can’t wait to see where it takes me next. The next editorials, private clients and travels…the upcoming weddings,
master classes and collaborations. Ever involving, ever interesting. I love my job.

Wonderful Weddings Lately

Posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013





The above photos are a mixture of beautiful professional photos by Studiosomething and iPhone Pics of beautiful locations of recent weddings.

I am so grateful how rewarding my job is.
Lately I was lucky enough to always be able to work on the most wonderful weddings, meeting inspiring couples and families.
Hearing their love stories and get to know their own styles and unique personalities is what makes my job so special.
After a large and often very early wedding, I am usually very tired. The full concentration and giving everything for hours
and hours, I usually really need some rest afterwards. Even nicer when I then receive an email, text message or note from a bride.
These little Testimonials really make my day every time I receive one.
They make me want to do my very best each and every time, they want me to get better and better in what I do.
They want me to study on, learn more, keep practicing, coming up with new ideas, and always committing fully to every person that trusts to book me.

I have some exciting projects & collaborations lined up and am full of energy and new ideas.
Finally I feel I got a bit of a routine here in my new Australian life.

The latest heartwarming testimonials:


Hi Liv,
I can’t thank you enough for setting us up for the perfect day on Saturday. We appreciate that you came over so early to work your magic on us. Both you and Sonia did a wonderful job with the hair and make-up – the girls looked natural and beautiful and my mum was glowing! I couldn’t be happier. It has been such a pleasure working with you this past year, for my trial, my photo shoot and especially on the big day. Your relaxed nature and enthusiasm for what you do has made it a really enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for your huge contribution to our wedding day.
I will send you some professional photos when we get them!
Kind Regards,

Love The Look for White Magazine

Posted on: Thursday, August 29, 2013

photography by Stephanie Alcaino for White Magazine

Today the latest issue of White Magazine has been published.
I was so excited to see the Spring issue and my hair & makeup editorial work in print.
It totally made my day.
Beside the the big editorial spread, we decided to publish a little “How To”
explaining tips&tricks to achieve the makeup look
of the main story.
Grab yourself the latest issue, if you can, it’s full of amazing real weddings & inspiration.
Hope you enjoy! x

Editorial For White Magazine

Posted on: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just a little peek out of the wedding editorial for White Magazine .
It was such a lovely team to work with and we had the best time putting these together.
It such a wonderful honest magazine, that I always enjoy flicking through.
So grab the current issue, which you can get online or Australia wide at the newsagent.
There is also a feature of my must have makeup products in there!

And psssst…..we did another super exciting editorial for the next issue, which is coming out in August.
I will keep you up to date.

Little Winter Bride

Posted on: Saturday, June 1, 2013

I had recently had the honor to be part of Dunja and Veteran’s beautiful winter wedding in Bowral.
Doing the wedding hair and makeup.
I shot a little sneak peek with my phone of the bride and cute little flowergirls.

Happy Winter-season you all!

happy change of seasons

Posted on: Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspired by all the beautiful coloured leaves here in Sydney I have recently teamed up with Gentlemen Take Pictures for a male fashion editorial. See some more on my website here, if you like.
It’s time for soups and hot water bottles now, and I no longer go swimming at the beach.
The seasons have changed, and I love Sydney for it’s blue skies and sunny afternoons.
We also finally ordered a couch and settling up for general coziness.
I am somehow looking forward to my first Winter over here.
Happy change of seasons, where ever you are.

Grooming and Gentlemen

Posted on: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I have lately collaborated with Gentlemen Take Pictures for a couple of shoots, with some great results.
It was a great change to be able to some professional male grooming and male hairstyling work in between
all the gorgeous brides and bridesmaids in the peek of the wedding season over the last months.
These studio shoots were great fun and those aspiring male supermodels were a dream to work with.
Check out more of my male editorial work on my website here.

Sydney Sunrise Street Style

Posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The other day I got up way before sunrise, for an early morning photoshoot by the beach. It was lovely being able to see the sun peeking up above the water and while I was doing the makeup on location in the dark, (with some work lights obvsly) it turned out to be a great shoot. More on the edgy street style side as opposed to my romantic, dreamy wedding shoots.
The model was a great talent Shana who is signed with The Agency Models in Sydney. The photos are by the aspiring fashion photographer Jack Grayson.
There is something magical about working in Sydney, while I am as super busy and working the early and the long hours it feels like the sun recharges me in the meantime.

A laid back garden wedding

Posted on: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It was such a pleasure being part of this super cool couples wedding.
Vicky & Warren and their cheeky pup Pancho the dachshound had a super laid back wedding
in the park round the corner from their house. They were just the kind of people you want to hang out with!
Plenty of DIY, fun games and a artsy vibe made this wedding really stand out.
The gorgeous photos were taken by the uber-talented Jo Bartholomew
The bride was after a super natural no-makeup makeup look, as she usually doesn’t wear makeup, she just wanted
her skin to look even and nice in the photographs and a simple loose side bun for the hair.
And so we did! In these photos you don’t even notice any makeup at all, exactly what she was after.
Can you spot me in the first photo?
Congratulations to this gorgeous couple. And check out even more photos of this wedding at Jo’s blog you will see all the super fun shots over there!

Hello Autumn,Hello May,Hello White!

Posted on: Thursday, March 7, 2013

It’s just the beginning of March, which is the beginning of Autumn here in Australia!
So why Hello May? Hello May is a lovely new wedding Magazine based in Sydney!
Definitely check them out you will find some very different unique inspiration.
They have just featured my latest work over there as well. I was lucky enough to to the makeup for the gorgeous bride to be Amelia and her Fiance John.
The photos were taken by the talented Gentlemen Take Pictures.
So go and have a look here for some more photos.
I have been living and breathing weddings lately and am so loving my work here in Sydney. I have worked with so many wonderful brides and feel incredibly blessed for my job. Autumn still seems busy and it’s great to see so many people getting hitched.

Another favorite Magazine of mine, full of incredible writing, inspiration and wedding gorgeousness is WHITE magazine based in Newcastle.
They just updated their website too and it’s looking fantastic!
Click over here to see more. You can thank me later ;)
I am so loved up with their work! And feeling delighted and excited about upcoming projects with them.

Proudly listed

Posted on: Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey, I got some exciting news!
I am now proudly listed on the HELLO MAY Directory!
Along with some very cool creative Australian vendors of all kinds.
Check it out!

One Fine Day- An amazing Wedding fair in Sydney

Posted on: Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am really exciting to be part of the next One Fine Day in Sydney in February.
They just featured a lovely blog post about my work too, check it out here.
I love working over here, and even though I have just landed I have immediately started doing bridal makeup for all the wonderful Sydney brides. Amazing!
Of course One Fine Day is also on Twitter and Facebook, if you want to keep up to date about the latest vendors and events.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to see everyone at ‘One Fine Day’
Stop by my stand and say hello!”

What I will bring to “One Fine Day”

1kg of Sunshine
500g of Relaxation soaked overnight
A big handful of Love
One large bag of home grown Ideas and Inspiration.
A good dash of Fun
1 cup of Friendship and Trust
Garnished with a warm smile
Always served fresh with a sprinkle of magic.

Vintage Markets & Vintage Brides in Sydney

Posted on: Friday, October 26, 2012

I am having a true love for good vintage style and have done several vintage style weddings,I enjoy every single vintage bridal makeup and vintage hairstyling job that I do.
It’s so much fun and makes people looks so classy.
I am looking forward to work with some Sydney vintage brides soon especially after I heard from Jessica about all the great vintage events that are happening down under.
While I am buzzing around between moving boxes right now, I asked the great Sydney based blogger Jessica from Little Henry Lee about her favourite spots in her city and she came back with a great post about vintage markets in Sydney:

Hi everyone, I’m Jessica from Little Henry Lee!
As you all might know, Liv is moving to Sydney, and being a local I thought I’d share some of my favourite second hand and vintage markets that I think are worth paying a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.

1. Sydney Alternative & Rock N Roll Markets

When: every second month, the next one is on Sunday, 2nd December

Times: 10:30am – 5:30pm

Where: Manning Bar, Sydney University, Camperdown

What You’ll Find: some vintage and a lot of vintage inspired new clothing and jewellery, as well as live music

My Thoughts: this is a great little event that I’ve been to several times in the last couple of years. It’s very much geared towards rockabilly and 1950s fashion and because there’s live music and a bar it makes for a really great day out.

2. Glebe Markets

When: every Saturday

Times: 10:00am-4:00pm

Where: Glebe Public School, corner of Derby Place & Glebe Pt. Road

What Youíll Find: new and second hand clothing, records, books and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: I’ve only been to these markets once before but they’re in a great location, right on the edge of the city. Bonus points for having a large Salvation Army store a few minutes walk away, and I highly recommend brunch at Badde Manors CafÈ on the same street as well as a general wander down Glebe Pt Road.

3. Rozelle Markets

When: every Saturday & Sunday

Times: 9:00am-4:00pm

Where: Rozelle Public School, 663 Darling St, Rozelle

What Youíll Find: second hand clothing, records, books and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: these markets are deceptively large as they actually spread all the way to the back of the school grounds and you can’t see most of the stalls from the outside. Rozelle and the neighbouring suburb of Balmain are really lovely for walk around in the sun, and while you’re there it’s definitely worth popping into either of the two Adriano Zumbo patisseries for some of his famous macarons.

4. Gordon Markets

When: the 2nd Sunday of every month

Times: 8:30am-3:00pm

Where: Wade Lane, Gordon

What Youíll Find: second hand books, records, bric-a-brac, clothing and fresh baked goods

My Thoughts: My local markets! They’re about a 30-40minute train ride from city but perfectly easy to get to if you’re willing to travel (you can see the markets from the train station) and dead easy for me as I live a 5 minute drive away. I’ve found so many great things here over the years, though I’ll admit I don’t think I’ve ever bought clothes here. It’s mostly people’s second hand things with one or two dedicated book sellers and a fresh cake stall or two, but itís also undercover so you can count on these markets going ahead rain, hail or shine!

5. 50s Fair

When: Annually, next year’s date hasn’t been announced yet

Times: from 10:00am

Where: Rose Seidler House, 71 Clissold Road Wahroonga

What You’ll Find: live music, vintage fashion shows/modelling, vintage and vintage inspired clothes and bric-a-brac

My Thoughts: I’ve been to the fair the past two years and it’s definitely worth a visit! There’s quite an expensive entry fee and it’s more of an event than just markets, and you also have to wait a full year for it to come around again, but it really is a wonderful day out. Everyone is dressed up so beautifully and it’s the perfect excuse to do the same yourself! It’s also in my local area so it’s super easy for me to get to, but people come from far and wide for this fair and they bring their vintage cars with them.

6. Love Vintage Show

When: Twice a year, next year’s dates not announced yet

Where: Cantebury Racecourse Function Centre, King St, Cantebury

What You’ll Find: vintage and some vintage inspired fashion, jewellery and bric-a-brac, live fashion shows and tips

My Thoughts: a fantastic vintage event that I went to for the first time this year. There are so many beautiful things to look through and prices range from the very cheap to the very expensive. I went expecting everything to be out of my price range but I did manage to come away with a few things and enjoyed just looking at the rest of it.

Thanks Jessica! It’s great to have you as a guest over here. x

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