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Two Fine Days!

Posted on: Thursday, February 28, 2013

See more photos of my day here

It’s been busy!
Last weekend we were part of One Fine Day, the amazing boutique wedding fair in Sydney.
It was the most beautiful little event and I am so happy we were involved.
I don’t know if all of you know what I do for work, but I am a Makeup Artist.
I work in wedding makeup as well as fashion editorials. The weekend started early by preparing the models for the show in the morning.
Managing our little stall all day long for two days was so much fun and also a lot of work.
We met the loveliest people and so many of the other vendors, which you can check out in One Fine Days Directory on their website.
I hope to collaborate with a lot of them soon! Everyone we met was so inspiring and welcoming. It was the best start I could have ever hoped for.
The whole week beforehand we were busy putting everything together, organizing photos, printing postcards and promo material, and putting together little goodies for the brides and designing the stand itself.
With every booking we gave away little samples of my favorite and highly recommended organic herbal tea,
Cleansing Brew” from Tea Medica, which is really purifying and nourishing for the skin.
I had quite some cups, during the stressful preparations. I love that it’s such a small independent company and everything is locally grown and organic.
For the fair I filled the tea into little glass test tubes, which looked to pretty with the colourful tea, full of red rose petals, yellow calendula flowers and green herbs.
The response from the fair has been great, and it took me all week, to reply to the enquiries and bookings. We met so many lovely brides to be and their friends & families, and it makes me very happy to contribute to such an important and beautiful day in their lives.
Thanks to everyone who booked their makeup with me, I am really looking forward to working with all of you.
Dave has been my super hero, helping me out all weekend at the stand, getting coffees for my makeup artist and hairstyling colleagues and preparing the stand. He designed fantastic forms and
print material and all that at night time after he came home from work.
Yes, I am incredibly grateful for this man.
And now I am having one day off, before I start my next six day week. We might go to the beach.
We might catch up on some sleep, for a long time.
Hope you all had a great week!?

A little bit of Luxury

Posted on: Friday, February 15, 2013

I have written so many posts about hippie bridal looks, it’s about time to show something more
elegant more high fashion, which I love just as much.
Have any of you ever checked out the great website The Lane?
It’s full of great inspiration for Brides who really love fashion, don’t check the side out for the first time if you
are having a busy day ; ) Be warned, you might loose a couple of hours looking at beautiful photos of beautiful weddings,
styled photo shoots and great vendors.
I found it a very great resource for me as a wedding makeup artist as well.
I love my job so much I could easily get lost in making mood boards and pin boards for my work.
There is always something new to discover, more to learn, skills to achieve and products to know about.

I found a wonderful pair of luxury shoes that somewhat match the vibe of the elegant weddings featured on this side.
And we all love a good pair of designer shoes.
These are by Carmen Steffens and I love all the detail: The little gold trimmings, golden buckle and the intricate pattern.
There are many more sparkly gorgeous pairs in their range
The colour makes them just perfect for weddings I think, but you will sure be able to wear these again and again and again.

Some rad little wedding things

Posted on: Friday, December 7, 2012

I have been amazed by the creative wedding culture that I have found in Australia.
Being a makeup artist in Sydney has been amazing in the little time I have spent here.
I already mentioned the great unique wedding fair One Fine Day that is happening in February 2012.
Besides that I have found incredibly inspiring wedding magazines like WHITE, which I just bought and absolutely love.
As well as Hello May Magazine, another magazine with an amazing creative and unique approach to weddings.
I hope to get a chance to collaborate with them and meeting the inspiring people behind them.
If you are going to get married anytime soon, check them out asap.

Being inspired by all this rad magazines and people.
I thought I put together a little post about unique and different wedding flats.
As the temperatures are rising over here, I found flat shoes and comfortable shoes are becoming more important.
How adorable are the little mustard ones from My Suelly?
I hope you enjoy my little selection of cute little shoes that I would totally wear on a summer wedding.

///shoes above from left corner tan/lightblue: Belmondo, above left Blue polkadots: Paul & Joe Sister, right above colourful stripes: Nine West, right corner My Suelly, center tan/pink: Marithé & Francois Girbaud///

Farewell London

Posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of the last makeup jobs I have done before leaving London for our new home Sydney, was this Editorial just published in Papercut Magazine.
I loved working with the super talented photographer Samantha Nandez and although she is based in the USA and I am in Australia, I really hope to get the chance of working together again in the future.
Check out our London Editorial here.

Work lately or Job Love

Posted on: Monday, June 25, 2012

Photo by Claire Huish, Styling Rosie Williams, Make Up & Hair by Liv Lundelius
Photo via Institute Magazine

It is wedding season! And besides doing make up for beautiful brides,
which I love, I have recently done several beauty and fashion editorials.
My make up portfolio is growing and growing and I can’t tell you how much I love my job. The shoot above was with a fabulous team, see more images here.
As much as I love life in London lately I am also very exciting about our move to Sydney.
For me that means making new contacts and start networking again,
but it is exciting. Becoming a Sydney based make up artist, will bring new adventures and challenges.

Sneaky preview of work lately

Posted on: Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!
Though I have mainly been brainstorming new ideas and concepts as well as feeding myself delicious cakes and coffees, I have also been doing a lot of make-up designs and great collaborations lately. And it seems like outdoor location has started too, which is extra exciting.
The sneaky preview below was a project with the great photographer Claire Huish and the fantastic Stylist Rosie Williams. Next to the tall beautiful model I look so very short.
I am looking forward to all the exciting work for this Spring and Summer.

Pastel Spring Pixie

Posted on: Thursday, March 8, 2012

image via Dashing Magazine, Make Up & Hair by Liv Lundelius

This morning I had some Yoga time in the sunshine through our living room window and painted my toe nails in pastels.
Yoga in the morning is a great exercise, and if you’d like to get started, you can use this great coupon for Patagonia gear to help you save.
Someone played the piano in our courtyard that someone has thrown out.
The latest issue of Dashing Magazine has been published this week.
I love the whole magazine and read it today for breakfast.
You can see above some of the shots of the hair and make up I have done for the Spring issue.
Now I am really in Spring mood. The sun tingels and looking at all these pretty pastels get’s me really excited. For Spring.

1,2,3,4…smokey eye!

Posted on: Thursday, December 8, 2011

So here it is, my first tutorial for Dashing Magazine.
In every issue I will let you into a few professional make-up secrets and give advice for a quick wearable make up look.
Feel free to let me know if there are any looks you are particularly interested in or if you have any make up questions.
The Ladies behind the magazine are the best and I really like how the first issue came out.
A really nice smart and inspiring women’s mag without crap.
I can’t wait to work with them again…
I hope you enjoy the mag as well. Check it out here.
(You will find Make Up on page 54/55)

Full On Make Up

Posted on: Friday, December 2, 2011

Recently I have been up a lot of make-up work.
Great and inspiring work, most of the time.
I met interesting people and have been learning and experimenting.
December should now get a little more quiet so I can catch up with blogging and updating my website.
And for Christmas cookies and tea.

I will post a few recent projects within the next weeks.
Have you all checked out the great Dashing Magazine?
I have done a little step by step make up tutorial in their first issue that just launched yesterday.
Happy December, all!

when a fashion editor is getting married…

Posted on: Sunday, August 21, 2011

all pictures via anothermag.com

I just found these stunning photos of a true high fashion wedding.
And yes, this is a real wedding.
The lilac haired bride is fashion editor Katie Shillingford and her gorgeous husband is Alex Dromgoole.

When a fashion editor is getting married her wedding looks like straight out of a magazine.

and finally….SPRING!

Posted on: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Freja Beha Erichsen by Rafael Stahelin for Vogue Korea September 2010

Spring arrived in London:
I can smell it, I can hear it and I can see it, most important I can feel it.
I am no longer freezing.
I want sunglasses and fruit smoothies and bbq’s. I want white.
I want a garden, or at least a balcony of roof terrace.
It is a super busy spring for me with a few exciting shoots coming up, full time job and moving house as well.
I haven’t had a day off in quite a while and it will stay like this a bit longer.
But I am happy. The sun is out and I am learning inspiring things every day.

What makes you happy right now?

I left my heart in NYC, where is yours?

Posted on: Thursday, November 11, 2010

I did leave my heart in NYC
(which doesn’t mean I dislike London or my fab new life here)
Now you can wear your favorite places and memories on your fingers.
The Paris based designer Philippe Tournaire designed an architecture collection of rings, where you can find famous buildings and places from various cities/countries around the globe.

I found this though my new blog project
This is Jane Wayne“, which is mainly written in German, but my blog as well as one of the other girls are writing in English.
Check it out here or go to blogs directly here.

how to overcome hibernation mode

Posted on: Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer is over. My body starts to get into hibernation mood.
When I get up in the morning it’s still really dark outside.
But there is always coffee…
The other good news are that there is an exciting new blog project coming up.
The ladies of Artschoolvets, a cool Berlin based group of artists, designers, musicians etc. are about to launch “this is Jane Wayne” the female counterpart of the main website.
I am more than happy to follow their invitation and join the cool ladies behind it.
I will keep you up to date about the launching date.
I have to push my self now to get out of hibernation mode, to get the print look books done and preparing for sales and production. Get started with the new blog….and finding myself some cozy winter clothes.
I hope to work with lots of great brides this season and I am already really looking forward to create fantastic styles for them!

Green City Wedding Guide for LONDON

Posted on: Friday, September 17, 2010

The online magazine Eco Beautiful Weddings just posted its Fall 2010 Issue
and it includes a Green City Wedding Guide for London featuring a lot of independent and sustainable local wedding businesses.
Blushless is in there as well. (page 29)
If you are a UK bride to be, you should definitely check it out.
(P.S: The article has been written by the fabulous Anna And The Ring)

Liv is Gentle Women

Posted on: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

images via fantasticman.com
Fantastic Man just found his significant other!!!
The makers of the best mens magazin in the world: FANTASTIC MAN, published a womens mag as well.
I am sure you will find more rad (wedding-)fashion inspiration in there than in most bridal mags ; )

Liv is gentlewoman. What about you? What are your favorite magazines?
I can’t wait to be done with all moving hassle and find time for magazines and books.

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